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Control inventory and sales channels, with an integrated channel management system.

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Manage selling on multiple major marketplaces with a single tool. View Multichannel.

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Handle the selling process on one major marketplace. View Single Channel.

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Manage selling in product categories with specific software requirements. View Media, Vehicles or Tickets.

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Hand over marketplace management to a company which handles the entire process. View Outsourcing.


The Volo service is a complete combination of technology and people. It brings together the entire online sales process, and helps simplify...
SixBit's eCommerce Solution is an eBay business management solution. Since 1998, our team has been developing selling tools for eBay...
plentymarkets Cloud
plentymarkets is an all-in-one ecommerce solution that combines stock management, online stores and multi-channel sales.

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The Volo service is a complete combination of technology and people. It brings together the entire online sales process, and helps simplify and automate core tasks from inventory management and product scheduling through to payment and dispatch. Sellers can streamline processes and control costs with a mix of technology, guidance, experience and support. View Volo.
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SixBit's eCommerce Solution is an eBay business management solution. Since 1998, our team has been developing selling tools for eBay sellers. Our rich history and vast knowledge of how eBay sellers work have all been poured into this latest software offering, commonly referred to as SixBit. We manage all tasks associated with selling items on eBay and will soon be expanding to other eCommerce sites. View SixBit.
plentymarkets Cloud
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plentymarkets is an all-in-one ecommerce solution that combines stock management, online stores and multi-channel sales. View plentymarkets Cloud.
2nd Office
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2nd Office is an outsourcing company in the Philippines that specializes in eCommerce. Services provided include listing creation and optimization, eBay store design, competitor analysis, market research, customer support and web development. View 2nd Office.
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Intuitive auction manager which downloads data from eBay to which you add your own information. Includes invoicing, labels, emailing, feedback, and special eBay functions such as second chance offers and non-paying bidder reports. View AuctionSage.
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Ecomdash is a web-based tool that automatically syncs ecommerce data across multiple sales channels, suppliers, warehouses, vendors, partners, marketplaces, websites, dropshipping services and more. Features include automatic inventory sync, shipping, orders and purchasing management across channels. Includes a product list-for-sale tool. Inventory app supports kitting and bundling, built products for manufacturing, catalog sync, dropshipping automation and FTP integrations. View Ecomdash.
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eBay listing tool for the Mac. Features FTP image upload, support for auction attributes and multiple eBay accounts, and image import from iPhoto, iSight and digital cameras. Templates can be shared with other GarageSale users. View GarageSale.
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Sellbrite is a multi-channel ecommerce solution that enables sellers to list and sell products on several marketplaces and shopping cart platforms, as well as manage and sync inventory all in one place. View Sellbrite.
Seller Cloud
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SellerCloud is a multi channel management system that streamlines inventory, product catalogs, order fulfillment, shipping, tracking, automated emails and customer feedback. Users can also generate reports including customer ordering trends, sales performance by product and marketplace, and all accounting reports. All reports can be exported for review in a variety of popular accounting software programs. View Seller Cloud.
Seller Dynamics
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Seller Dynamics allows retailers to sell more and sell more profitably across multiple marketplaces from a single dashboard. Marketplace management features include repricing; unified inventory management to avoid overselling; simplified listing; streamlined goods-in and fulfilment; and best price reordering. No limit on SKUs, telephone support included. View Seller Dynamics.
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Multichannel platform for listing across eBay, Amazon and Etsy. List once across multiple marketplaces, manage orders, sync inventory, and plug-in an eCommerce storefront from Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, 3DCart or Woocommerce; or use a customizable eCommerce storefront included. View SureDone.
Valigara Online Jewelry Manager is an ecommerce solution for the jewelry and diamond industry. It is an extensive jewelry-related multichannel marketing platform with support for eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Bonanza, Sears, Alibaba, Rapnet and more. Stock and inventory management are customized for jewelry. Order management, customer management, social marketing and advanced reporting are included. View Valigara Online Jewelry Manager.
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WorldLister is a free web application for desktop and mobile devices that guides users step-by-step to auto-generate dynamic, responsive layout listings. View WorldLister.
starstarstarstarhalf star (12 reviews)
Brightpearl business management software ties together your sales channels with your back end business processes, reducing admin, increasing efficiency and enabling you to sell more. Synchronise your sales and inventory across EPOS and Ecommerce sales channels including eBay marketplace and Magento ecommerce platform with CRM and accounting in one system. View Brightpearl.
Seller Sourcebook
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List directly to eBay and Bonanza. Free scheduling, product showcase, image hosting over 3000 professionally designed templates. Multiple eBay & Bonanza IDs are supported through a single SSB account. View Seller Sourcebook.
starstarstarstarhalf star (9 reviews)
Inventory management solution for consignment stores and retail shops. Consignment features include: commission plans, consignor email notifications, consignor lookup tool, generate checks and reports. Inventory features include: bulk inventory import, concurrent quantity management across multiple channels, barcode labeling, cycle count auditing and inventory reporting. View SellerVantage.
starstarstarstarhalf star (6 reviews)
Teapplix multi-channel order and inventory management software automates, organizes and manages shipping and fulfillment, inventory, and stock level updates for online sellers. Features include automated batch shipping, cross-channel quantity updates to prevent overselling, and QuickBooks integration to help manage finances. Teapplix is a web-based application so can be used from anywhere. View Teapplix.
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Service which translates eBay listings and submits localized versions to international eBay sites. View WebInterpret.
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AuctionTamer supports several different auction sites and includes a tabbed web browser. Includes watch lists, searching, sniping, auction posting and management. View AuctionTamer.
starstarstarstardim star (12 reviews)
Management solution with innovative pricing. Most services are free, but commission is taken on eBay relisting credits and fees are charged for add-on services. Features include eBay relist credit maximization, automatic Amazon re-pricing, and a desktop application for printing shipping labels etc. View ChannelMAX.
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Sales management solution specifically for book sellers. Includes barcode reader support, add to inventory using ISBN or UPC, automatic emails, shipping management, and support for over 15 book marketplaces. View Indaba.
starstarstarstardim star (18 reviews)
System for fulfilling online orders and controlling stock. Covers order processing, postage management, stock control, reorders, customer returns/refunds, stock scrapping, stock purchases, purchase life cycle. Automatically downloads orders from eBay, Amazon, osCommerce and many others, including your own website. Synchronizes stock levels beween all channels. View Linnworks.
Auction management solution for businesses selling on multiple international eBay sites. Allows you to manage inventory, submit listings, schedule listings for free, bulk edit live listings, and use listing automation rules - all across multiple eBay sites. Supports multiple eBay seller accounts and has English translations of international eBay categories. View MerchantRun GlobalLink.
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All-in-one multichannel ecommerce solution. Manage stock, orders and auto repricing. SellerExpress helps sellers sell across multiple online marketplaces as well as ecommerce webstores, exposing a wide market of online shoppers. It synchronises inventory and brings stock management, order processing and auto repricing for multiple channels into one solution. Features include rapid data entry, bulk data importing, stock synchronisation, inventory splitter, auto and virtual repricing, currency conversion, automated order processing tasks, picking options and advanced reporting. SellerExpress offers a trial and managed setup to help customers get up and running as quickly and easily as possible. View SellerExpress.
Auction Wizard 2000
starstarstarhalf stardim star (11 reviews)
Auction Wizard 2000 is a full-featured auction management solution. View Auction Wizard 2000.
starstarstarhalf stardim star (5 reviews) offers a listing management solution for eBay sellers. You can use our HTML templates to create your item listings and embed up to 18 images per listing. Features include scheduler, image hosting, multi-file uploader, scrolling gallery, auto feedback processing, auto re-listing, SMS notifications, and post-sales management. View AuctionLinc.
starstarstarhalf stardim star (2 reviews)
comosale manages eBay selling activity, controlling active, sold and unsold items, and managing communication with buyers. Listings can use comosale design templates, and add YouTube videos, a scrolling gallery, and up to 24 images. comosale includes auto-relist and auto-feedback features, and supports multiple eBay accounts View comosale.
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Hosted auction management solution including support for auction, web-based, and retail sales. Also includes inventory management, multiple user support, listing management, and customer relationship management. View Kyozou.
Listing Factory
starstarstarhalf stardim star (10 reviews)
Creates eBay listings from pre-designed templates. Unlimited images can be prepared and uploaded automatically. No image size restrictions, free image hosting. View Listing Factory.
starstarstarhalf stardim star (2 reviews)
eBay lister with unlimited images, image supersizing, templates, and scheduling. Revise live listings; edit, crop, and rotate photos. Supports Custom Item Specifics and International Site Visibility. Listomax saves all previous listings and supports multiple users. View Listomax.
Solid Commerce
starstarstarhalf stardim star (12 reviews)
Solid Commerce is a cloud-based solution that allows online sellers to manage inventory across multiple marketplaces, covering shipping, fulfillment, inventory, packing, repricing, and listing. With this SaaS platform, sellers can manage inventory and automate their business. View Solid Commerce.
AMan Pro
starstarstardim stardim star (8 reviews)
Handles inventory, listing and fulfillment for Amazon sellers. Pricing can be set automatically based on cost, or the price position of other sellers. Supports importing of order emails, can create packing lists, and print postage. View AMan Pro.
starstarstardim stardim star (2 reviews)
Cascade integrates the process of online selling into one system, controllable from a single user interface. It also automates tasks such as stock management, product listing, re-pricing etc. Bespoke marketplace integration available on request. View Cascade.
ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces
New Review
starstarstardim stardim star (37 reviews)
ChannelAdvisor's Premium Marketplaces solution enables retailers to sell more online by automating time-consuming tasks such as inventory management, ad creation and order fulfilment. The ChannelAdvisor platform supports eBay, Amazon and Pixmania as well as Comparison Shopping sites such as Shopzilla and Paid Search sites such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Visit for UK information. View ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces.
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Inventory, repricing & order management system for book, movie, music and video game sellers. Load inventory once and list on multiple marketplaces; when an item sells on one market it's removed from all others. Includes printable pick lists, packing slips, postage and more. Fully customizable competitive repricing strategies available - tailored to suit specific needs. Supports more than 20 fixed-price marketplaces. View FillZ.
Selling Manager
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eBay Selling Manager is an online tool that helps you manage your listings throughout the sales cycle. It provides customizable email templates, relisting tools, and professional label and invoice printing. Selling Manager is free for and users. View Selling Manager.
Selro Multi Channel
starstarstardim stardim star (2 reviews)
Multi channel solution including marketplace listing, integrated eCommerce store (based on Magento), and inventory synchronization across all selling channels. View Selro Multi Channel.
Supreme Lister
starstarstardim stardim star (2 reviews)
eBay listing solution with free auction designs, picture hosting, and scheduling. Guided user interface, appropriate for beginners. View Supreme Lister.
starstarhalf stardim stardim star (26 reviews)
Auctiva is a service with a one-page lister, unlimited image hosting, templates, scheduling, and Auctiva Showcase in-auction gallery. View Auctiva.
starstarhalf stardim stardim star (26 reviews)
inkFrog's ad creation and listing service includes bulk listing, automatic emails and relisting, image hosting, counters and more. View inkFrog.
Turbo Lister
starstarhalf stardim stardim star (12 reviews)
eBay Turbo Lister is eBay's bulk listing tool for creating auction listings on your home computer. View Turbo Lister.
New Review
starstarhalf stardim stardim star (16 reviews)
The new Vendio Platform enables online sellers to quickly sell products across multiple online sales channels including eBay, Amazon,, Shopzilla, Google, and their own store. Merchants manage inventory and sales from these different channels from one integrated user interface. The Platform includes a free online web store with no listing fees, no set-up fees, no image fees, no final value fees and no hosting fees. View Vendio.
starstarhalf stardim stardim star (17 reviews)
Zoovy's auction management service includes auction management (bulk and scheduled listings), customer management (automatic emails, customer history) and order management (online tracking, invoicing and shipping). View Zoovy.
Web-based retail software that integrates point of sale, multi-channel retailing, customer relationship management (CRM), merchandising, order management, inventory and supplier management for small and medium-sized retailers. Retailers can promote and sell merchandise through in-store point of sale (POS); ecommerce web sites; online marketplaces; a variety of Comparison Shopping Engines (e.g. Nextag,; and catalog and phone sales channels. View CORESense Integrated Retail.
Monsoon Pro
starstardim stardim stardim star (1 review)
Listing and management solution for high volume sellers Features include selling on multiple marketplaces simultaneously, dynamic pricing, inventory handling, order management, and integration with Endicia shipping tools. View Monsoon Pro.
stardim stardim stardim stardim star (5 reviews)
Ad design, posting, and auction monitoring application for the Mac. Includes eBay fee calculation prior to submission, and image capture using the iSight webcam. View iSale.
stardim stardim stardim stardim star (1 review)
SalesWarp is an ERP and ecommerce management software that helps retailers manage ecommerce operations from one system. SalesWarp's automation and integration tools help retailers manage products, orders and customer data and supplier and inventory management. SalesWarp offers an enterprise solution and a cloud solution, SalesWarp SPARK. View SalesWarp.

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