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BULQ sells pallets of liquidation goods. Full manifests are included with brand name, product name, category, UPC, quantity and estimated retail price. BULQ takes payment online and handles all shipping logistics (flat-rate shipping of $150 per pallet, to anywhere in the U.S.) View BULQ.
Direct Liquidation
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Direct Liquidation is a wholesale marketplace for surplus merchandise, including customer returns, overstock and end-of-life products. Merchandise is sorted, tested, refurbished and re-packaged ready to be resold. Direct Liquidation has six locations throughout the US and Canada, ships internationally, and provides 90-day warranties on refurbished products. Smaller test loads are available. View Direct Liquidation.
888 Lots offers more than 100,000 brand new products in over 30 categories. There are no auctions, lots are fixed price and buyers can negotiate t
BoxFox is a merchandise valuation algorithm and B2B marketplace connecting buyers and sellers of excess inventory. BoxFox equips buyers with a consoli
Worldwide Brands locates genuine wholesalers who will work with online retailers. Only suppliers who pass a verification process are allowed into thei
Large liquidation marketplace. Registration includes option to join sister site Government Liquidation.
AML buys and sells distressed inventory including customer returns, overstocks and stock from business closures.
Directory of liquidation stock suppliers and catalog of available lots
GENCO Marketplace is a supplier of liquidation merchandise from returns, closeouts, refurbished products and other sources. GENCO has warehouses in
Miami Lots is a wholesaler that offers inventory, from Amazon's Lost & Found, at below wholesale prices. A large variety of items from electronics
SaleHoo is an online wholesale directory and community for online traders, eBay sellers, and traditional retailers. The directory lists verified whole

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