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Learn what sells and how to sell it, with marketplace research tools and expert advice.

Marketplace Research (11)

Research products, pricing, keywords and competitors using data from marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. View Marketplace Research.

Product Research (10)

Discover profitable new inventory, and find pricing and sales data for products by searching, scanning or uploading a stock list. View Product Research.

Competitor Research (6)

Research competitors' products, pricing, promotions and more. View Competitor Research.

Ecommerce Consultants (13)

Improve efficiency and identify growth opportunities with help from ecommerce experts. View Ecommerce Consultants.


Terapeak provides comprehensive information and analytical data that helps eBay and Amazon sellers make decisions on inventory, pricing,...

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Terapeak provides comprehensive information and analytical data that helps eBay and Amazon sellers make decisions on inventory, pricing, listing tactics and more. The MySales feature displays all disparate business data in a single view, which makes it easier for customers to measure sales performance. View Terapeak.
2nd Office
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2nd Office is an outsourcing company in the Philippines that specializes in eCommerce. Services provided include listing creation and optimization, eBay store design, competitor analysis, market research, customer support and web development. View 2nd Office.
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Competera is an automatic monitoring service for prices, promotions and product availability in online stores. It helps online retailers research competitors' pricing, helping them to be more sensitive to market fluctuations and make daily price changes. View Competera.
Competitor Monitor
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Competitor Monitor tracks price, promotions and customer reviews, giving sellers a single dashboard for market data and actionable insights. View Competitor Monitor.
Competitor Price Watch is a B2B price monitoring solution for online retailers. The service uses humans, rather than a generic web scraper, to improve accuracy and flexibility. Every client is provided with a UK-based personal account manager. View Competitor Price Watch.
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Marmalead is an Etsy SEO and market research tool for serious sellers. Unique software that enables Etsy sellers to be most competitive in an ever changing ecommerce landscape through better market research and SEO analysis. View Marmalead.
WatchCount's "eBay keywords tool" reveals most popular search terms on eBay, like the former eBay Pulse pages. See top eBay searches, by keyword or category, most frequently used by eBay shoppers. View Most Popular eBay Searches.
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Trendosaur was developed for online retail buyers to make as much money as possible from their particular sales markets. The subscription based service scans hundreds of retail websites around the world to show retail buyers which products are trending, so they can stock the right products. View Trendosaur.
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Provides detailed eBay market analysis using official licensed data. Statistics include total sales, sell-through rates and more. HammerTap can help find the optimal ending day, listing duration and listing features for your auction. Formerly DeepAnalysis. Also available under the AuctionOptimizer label. View HammerTap.
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ListingsHistory is a free site that contains the history of eBay collectible item listings starting from April 1st, 2014. View ListingsHistory.
eCommerce Coach
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eCommerce Coach helps online retailers sell smarter though automation and the use of virtual assistants. Training can be provided on subjects such as product sourcing, branding, building your website sales, merchandising, operation automation and increasing your conversion. View eCommerce Coach.
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Ecommplish helps clients improve their on-line marketing and multi-channel presence on marketplaces like eBay, Amazon and Play. They charge by the hour, and fit the hours per week or month to suit the client's budget. Ecommplish charges £40 per hour plus VAT to do data optimisation, and can offer a full managed service. There is no minimum contract term. View Ecommplish.
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FBAScan is a barcode-scanning inventory scouting tool offering both live and locally cached product databases. View FBAScan.
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get4it helps online retailers identify which of their products need to be repriced, to help them sell more, in a simple to understand format. get4it imports inventory data from online stores or marketplace listings, compares prices to competitors, then calculates the optimal selling price. The pricing algorithm takes into account feedback and other factors so pricing decisions are based on all of the available data. View get4it.
ICE is a service that helps clients to expand internationally and manage cross-border sales. ICE can advise clients on which marketplaces and countries are most suited to their needs. Services include: native-speaker translations (including foreign language customer emails), localization advice (including legal and tax issues), a returns collection service and marketplace visibility optimization. View InterCultural Elements.
eBay research tool with statistics including sell-through rate, average price, title keywords, and a breakdown by day of the week. View MarkSight eBay Research Tool.
Discover the most watched eBay items, and learn which listings capture the highest number of "Watch This Item" clicks. Advanced Search options allow searching by keyword and category. A WordPress Plugin is available to display the most popular or most watched eBay items within a blog. View Most Watched on eBay.
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Neatopricer is a mobile inventory scouting tool which downloads Amazon data in advance to enable fast barcode lookups. View Neatopricer.
Neatoscan Inventory Evaluator looks up Amazon price information for large lists of product codes, for example from auction manifests. Price data is cached to enable fast queries, rather than using live Amazon data. View Neatoscan Inventory Evaluator.
Neil Waterhouse
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Neil Waterhouse is a global eBay consultant based in Australia. He provides telephone consultations to both established eBay sellers and new start-ups. View Neil Waterhouse.
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Market analysis service using official data from eBay, TIAS, and GoAntiques. PriceMiner presents price ranges, graphs and charts, and a current price estimate for item searches. View PriceMiner.
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Prisync is a competitor price tracking software for ecommerce companies of all sizes from around the world. View Prisync.
Profit Bandit
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Profit Bandit is a mobile scanning app for Amazon sellers. Scan any barcode and see estimated Amazon profit. Customize the calculation to include shipping, Amazon fees, sales tax and ten other factors. Profit Bandit also shows Sales Rank, whether Amazon is selling the item, who has the Buy Box and more. View Profit Bandit.
ScanPower Mobile
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ScanPower Mobile is an app for Android and iOS devices, which scans product barcodes and provides detailed Amazon pricing information. Features include a "buy button" for building a list of items for purchase, keyword searching, and a list of pre-built links to research items on other sites. View ScanPower Mobile.
Not rated
Scope is an Amazon marketplace research tool. Users can upload product lists in bulk, and receive back detailed reports with sales and competition data. Scope can also track products, and search for products with high sales and low competition. View Scope.
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ScoutPal is a barcode-scanning tool for mobile devices. It identifies products and displays prices, sales rank, item condition, seller feedback and more. ScoutPalDB works with PDAs and provides instant lookups from downloaded data. ScoutPal Live works on smartphones and provides live data over the internet. View ScoutPal.
SellerEngine Services provides hands-on help from experienced Amazon sellers. Services include assistance to start selling internationally by opening a new international Amazon account, global customer service and more. SellerEngine Services also rescues accounts that have been suspended by Amazon and offers account performance maintenance. View SellerEngine Services.
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Swank is an arbitrage app that helps eBay resellers source items faster from thrift stores, garage sales, and flea markets. Swank takes an item search and returns sold listing data along with average turnover rate, average pricing and a Swank Score which ranks profitability. View Swank.
Amazon marketplace research tool which helps identify profitable new product lines. Potential product opportunities can be filtered by gross margin, profit, sales rank and whether the product is offered by Amazon. A competitor research tool enables users to identify a competitor's matching products, and track products offered over time. View Teikametrics Product Scout.
Title Builder
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Title Builder is a free tool for creating eBay product titles, suggesting keywords ranked by search popularity. View Title Builder.
Waterhouse Research is a product information alert service. Purchased "arbitrages" includes product description, cost and supplier contact details, average eBay sale price and estimated profit over 90 days. Each arbitrage is sold to only one buyer. View Waterhouse Research.
WebSmith is a web design and business consulting agency based in Florida. Services include face to face consulting and marketplace automation and integration. View WebSmith eBay Consulting.
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View and analyze competitors' inventory in real time. View overlapping products and identify gaps in assortment. View WiseAssortment.
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WiseTrends examines millions of data points to provide an in-depth analysis of competitors' performance, providing actionable insights. Identify how the biggest competitors are performing and discover data on the largest traffic referrers, the most viewed product pages, estimated site conversion rate, and more. View WiseTrends.

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