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Attractive and user-friendly searching tool. Each "sieve" consists of a category or keyword search, which is refined by choosing words to find or excl
The free service is designed for resellers and collectors who buy the same items over and over, with free email and text message search alerts. Th
Free web-based tool which generates common typing errors (and an eBay search link) for the search terms you enter.
eBay search tool with "Hot Auctions", "Buy It Now", "Find a Deal" and "Bulk Deal" search options. Hot Auctions searches for the most relevant and
Search manager, item tracker, and bid sniper with an extensive feature set. Version 2.0 includes 3rd-party plug-in support and a free sniper.
Finds auctions with zero bids that are ending within 5 to 60 minutes. It is possible to search all of eBay or by top-level category.
Searches for new Buy-It-Now listings and low-priced ending-soon auctions every 5 minutes.
BAM Tracker is software for eBay buyers who purchase a lot of items each month. It allows buyers to manage eBay purchases from the time the item is pu
BargainChecker is a free web based tool that enables you to find eBay items that contain misspellings and typos. Advanced search options enable you to
Buy Now Search saves searches and send emails within minutes of a matching item appearing on eBay.
eBay searching and bidding application for the Mac. GarageBuy can save searches, display a gallery view of search results, and place bids. It uses
Searches for eBay auction-style items with zero (or fewest) bids that are ending within minutes or hours, potentially uncovering auctions that are ove
uBuyFirst finds newly listed Buy-It-Now items on eBay. Features cover three main areas of buying: A) Finding First - Utilizing RSS and API feeds wi
Search tool which sorts eBay items by popularity, measured by number of watchers (not shown on the eBay site). Shoppers can also view the 500 most wat

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