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Introduce yourself here

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Started by Andy,
22 Jun 2015
Today I'm starting up a new introductions thread. Please say who you are, what you do, and what you'd like to talk about in the forum... and if there's anything you would like other members to contact you about. To get things started, I'm Andy, the founder of Web Retailer. This is my full-time business. Happy to talk about anything to do with selling through online marketplaces. :D PM me if you have a story to tell about your ecommerce business, or if you are a marketplaces expert a

Amazon Variations - What is the best approach.

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Latest: 17 Oct 2017
Started by simonthepieman,
13 Oct 2017
I have been repeating my description text and most of my keywords in each child on my variation amazon listings I have read that this isn't a good approach. I have read its better to just have the text keywords in one add - maybe the parent can anyone advise? simon

Looking for a inventory and shipping software management

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Latest: 10 Feb 2016
Started by kwunhanghk,
19 Aug 2015
I am currently looking for a inventory and shipping software for management. wants it support bar-code, excel or CVS for import and export, muti channal, live inventory, FedEx and USPS. Any suggestions? Plx Help

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Started by Andy,
7 Jun 2005
Please keep the conversation helpful and positive, and follow our policies below: Policy for all posts: Do not start more than one post on the same topic. Stay on-topic when replying to posts. Do not use offensive or inflammatory language. Do not link to offensive or fraudulent sites. Don't use link shorteners. Be honest. If you have something to promote, say so. We reserve the right to delete posts, including reviews. Additional policy for r

Does anyone use WooCommerce?

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Latest: 20 Oct 2017
Started by Woorefugee,
7 Jul 2017
Hey guys, hope you are all well. Last week I got a bill from WooCommerce kindly letting me know I was due to pay $10,000+ for the extensions I own. At first I thought it was an accounting mistake, turned out it wasn't and they had just doubled their renewal prices (without telling anyone). I thought that was pretty nice of them (Yeah right! **sarcasm**). So anyway, I paid the price and will continue to do so (I need my updates!!!), but I am now giving all of my extensions away for free in pr

Webgility Unify

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Started by matt320,
5 Oct 2017
Is any one using Webgility unify, we are considering switching from T-Hub to a platform that can help us with inventory management. (adjust quantity in multiple stores) before committing would love to hear some pros and cons from existing users.

Amazon Listing Expert or Guru

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Latest: 3 Oct 2017
Started by simonthepieman,
22 Sep 2017
I am looking for a listings expert for Amazon Catalog Can anybody recommend anyone? Not just someone that's going to to tell me what I already know. But with a real understanding of how the keyword, campaign, listing and variations process works. Simon

Young. Looking for advice on getting started with OA

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Latest: 3 Oct 2017
Started by oren.elkaim.student,
17 Sep 2017
Hey I'm trying to get as much info as I can as to how to finally get started with Online Arbitrage. I've been researching for countless hours and still haven't been able to source my own product. I know how to identify one and I just don't seem to able to find my own. A couple questions that, when answered could be a help me out: Is it even possible to source without online paid product lists? If so, tips and tricks would be appreciated Is it just more worth it to use the lists? Wher

Best practices for uploading and managing inventory online

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Latest: 27 Sep 2017
Started by TreatYoursTruly,
20 Sep 2017
Hi, I am looking to find a consultant who can setup a system to make uploading inventory easier and can consult about shipping prices and companies etc. (from UK). My site is using BigCommerce. Does anyone know of anyone please? Nikki

SEO help for eBay

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Latest: 26 Sep 2017
Started by halfabum,
2 Sep 2017
Is there a reasonably priced company to help me with SEO on eBay. I've read a lot of the blogs, but still have specific questions.


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Started by amazonsellers,
26 Sep 2017
This company is completely shady. I suggest to stay away from them. I was tricked by their material and ad, thought it was something that was promoted by or sponsored by Amazon. It was not. would not recommend them at all. I am filing complaint with BBB against them. their auto emails did not work for me at all. and the open rate was zero after 3 weeks. I have requested to cancel, there is not one to response. asked for manger's name and contact information and no response. Stay away from this

Dropship Automation help

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Latest: 24 Sep 2017
Started by Galwesh,
4 Sep 2014
is there is anyway for 100% automation for retailer?? my online store running based on OpenCart!! i need a dropshipper with API, where i can display all PRoducts, Photos, SKUs, Quantities, Etc... in real time on my estore INCLUDING ORDER PROCESSING! meaning: client pays on my store (PayPal, 2CO, Visa, etc...) , cost price goes automatically to wholesaler, profit margin automatically goes to my account. and of course the Shipping, Tracking Code and everything is autogenerated under my nam

Will OnBuy be the Holy Grail for UK sellers ? (Part III)

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Latest: 22 Sep 2017
Started by Bigian13,
28 Feb 2017
After my previous post about OnBuy and a posting on the Linnworks forum I received an email from Cas Paton the MD of OnBuy outlining concerns he had about me being so negative about OnBuy. I was not exactly being negative, merely pointing out the promises that had previously been made and not kept from this (forever up and coming) marketplace. Anyway, they have now decided that £49 pe

Where to find cheaper products to sell on amazon?

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Latest: 19 Sep 2017
Started by rrjbpoint,
22 Aug 2017
Where to find cheaper products to sell on amazon?

Recommendations for Amazon FBA courses?

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Latest: 19 Sep 2017
Started by jaynebray22,
11 Aug 2017
Hi Everyone! I'm a newbie just starting out on my Amazon journey and looking to go the private label path. There is soooo much content online that I've been sifting through, but now considering a course for more structure that covers all the necessary steps. Are there any long term Amazon sellers that can recommend any courses? Also, any thoughts on these Just a Dime, Proven Amazon Course, Reliable Income, Bootcamp? Thank you in advance.


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Started by Jane1,
15 Sep 2017
Anyone know much about the parts compatibility function in BreakerPRO? My main requirement is to know if Eng or Electrical parts will fit other models. Also would be handy to know if body parts doors, seats, tailgates etc will fit different models?

How to find products to buy

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Latest: 11 Sep 2017
Started by,
29 Apr 2017
Interested in catalog of items to buy and resell in USA

software to catch ebay newly listing

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Latest: 9 Sep 2017
Started by vhtl,
22 Nov 2016
I am using a software to scan for newly listing on eBay to buy networking stuff. But it took me about 35 second since seller submit the listing on ebay database. Is there any solution for me to catch the newly listing under 20 seconds. I am willing to pay for it. Thanks!

Amazon Search Terms character limit

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Latest: 9 Sep 2017
Started by daytodayebay,
8 Sep 2017
Has anyone done some test with latest 250 character Amazon search term changes ?

online store

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Latest: 8 Sep 2017
Started by png2011,
18 Aug 2017
Hello. I'm about to set up an online store & would like to know what problems established store owners encounter. Thank you

How to gain visibility while selling on Etsy?

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Latest: 8 Sep 2017
Started by denniesbright,
30 Jan 2016
Are you an Etsy seller? Please help me to gain visibility on Etsy search.
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