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Looking for the buyers?

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Latest: 28 Jun 2017
Started by oasisshirts,
15 Jun 2017
Hey All, Can any one suggest me that which type of buyers are good and more active in USA, actually i have decided to open up my new business line in wholesale and i have already a business about wholesale shirt supplier but i want to extent my business. Please suggest me,it will help me for take the decision. Thank you in advance.

Amazon Prime Day

Replies: 2
Latest: 28 Jun 2017
Started by ingrid,
27 Jun 2017
I'm hoping to gain some insight into what prime day has looked like for any Amazon sellers in the past? Did you notice an influx in sales? Prime shipping is currently turned on for some of our higher priced items, ones we know the sales margin is worth the extra cost, but not our average to lower priced items. Does anyone have any experience using the regional shipping tool? Wondering if it would be worth turning on to have the ability to ship prime on cheaper items to the areas around us. Th

Why do sellers do this on Amazon

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Latest: 28 Jun 2017
Started by ktmventures,
23 Jun 2017
I've noticed that sellers will send in products to Amazon for FBA but, they are competing against Amazon and their prices are significantly Higher. For Example ASIN #B003TN6FSG Amazon has this item for $14.99 (one time purchase) Yet 2 other sellers have for sale FBA 1 @ $22.00 1 @ 23.04 My assumption and and my findings are that Amazon always gets the buy box. So, what is the motivation of these sellers to drop in products when they aren't going to get any sales? Unless Amazon h

Price tracking/comparison tool beta testers needed

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Started by ant.listopad,
23 Jun 2017
Recently I developed the application for price tracking and comparison (+ inventory tracking, price dynamics reports and so on). I need feedback on its functionality and usability. Please post here if you`re interested and I will send you the installer.

Amazon Seller Pricing

Replies: 5
Latest: 17 Jun 2017
Started by lsomaha,
14 Jun 2017
Hi everyone! As a seller on Amazon, I've been looking further into some "do's and don'ts" to try to gain a better understanding of the overall system as well as avoid any future problems. I came across something saying you are not able to sell the same product at a lower price than what you have it listed on Amazon on any other channels/ your own site. Is this something anyone has heard about or dealt with? I'm curious to know if this is applies to sale prices on other channels/ personal eco

Reinstating Amazon Products

Replies: 6
Latest: 16 Jun 2017
Started by ingrid,
25 May 2017
As a seller on Amazon, what are the required forms to fill out when products have been unlisted in error to reinstate quickly?

help with

Replies: 7
Latest: 15 Jun 2017
Started by wredgirl,
28 Apr 2017
Does anyone have a telephone number for It used to be listlabelship, but has apparently changed names again. I have not been able to print labels on my Dymo 450 Turbo since yesterday. Their software does not recognize my Dymo, for some reason. We have done everything under the sun to get it to work, but no dice. Please help, someone!

Amazon Representative?

Replies: 4
Latest: 15 Jun 2017
Started by ingrid,
25 May 2017
As a seller on Amazon, is there a way to get a dedicated rep from Amazon to speak to when there are issues?

Customer Complaints

Replies: 1
Latest: 15 Jun 2017
Started by ingrid,
25 May 2017
As a seller on Amazon, how do you handle inaccurate customer complaints that affect product you sell? Also, what is the most expedient way to reinstate products that were pulled in error due to inaccurate complaints?

selling to retailer and my source

Replies: 3
Latest: 14 Jun 2017
Started by tombolinos,
7 Jun 2017
Hi there community, Im wondering..... if I buy a product from a Chinese wholesaler and sell it to a small/medium US retailer (no big chain stores) this is rookie paranoid thinking: "What if the retailer decides to look around online for my source and discover they can get it cheaper?" Thoughts? :) Thank you Seb

Good places to advertise in

Replies: 2
Latest: 13 Jun 2017
Started by gcfarri,
12 Jun 2017
Hi everyone Can you advertise a business on sites like Craigslist , Kijiji , used everywhere or other similar sites ? Other places that have just come to mind are eBay etc. Years ago I tried to make a website work for me but I cannot get Any Good traffic or a good ranking. So now I am going to try Clickbank . If anyone has any good suggestions of places to advertise or any other suggestions please let me know.

Which ecommerce platform is suitable for a small store?

Replies: 5
Latest: 8 Jun 2017
Started by oliverusselldev,
17 May 2017
I am an ecommerce store to sell apparel items. To start with, I will have 200 SKUs. Right now, I have two options: WooCommerce and Magento. I am more concerned about performance, features and customization. WooCommerce is easy to use and running cost is not really that high since it is not really resource intensive. However, I have heard it may have some performance issues. Magento, on the other hand, has great performance, but I have heard it has high server requirement, which could mean more o

Multiple Ebay items showing Out of Stock

Replies: 2
Latest: 6 Jun 2017
Started by mcandt,
4 Jun 2017
Hi: I source from Amazon and sell on Ebay. I have 200 items listed on Ebay but 100 items are showing out of stock. Have been trying for weeks to figure out why. Can't determine if it's an Amazon or Ebay issue. Has this occurred to anyone? I am fairly new this so there may be a simple solution but it just doesn't seem possible for this may items to be OOS at once. Thanks

Amazon Page Auditing Tool

Replies: 1
Latest: 5 Jun 2017
Started by paul1adams,
24 May 2017
Hi all, I would really appreciate your advice on which tools are available and you would recommend to audit and analyze the performance of my ASIN pages on Amazon (i.e. heading, description, images etc..). Thanks Paul

Help needed with ebay store

Replies: 4
Latest: 5 Jun 2017
Started by iflairview,
5 May 2017
Looking for an Ebay guru who would be able to help to improve sales, store and traffic. Looking forward to your offers. Thanks

Dropshipping companies - what are some of the better

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Started by gcfarri,
5 Jun 2017
Dropshipping companies - what are some of the better that are honest & reliable ones ??? Hi I am new to the world of drop shipping and would like a straightforward and simple method of operating one. I am hoping to sell on Amazon. I would like to ask you if you know of any good and reliable drop shippers who will provide various incentives such as a website to sell products from, (I have been told that some do) I am looking for a drop shipping company that will

Low Cost Budget Solution Channel Order Manager Test Partners

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Started by simonthepieman,
31 May 2017
Dear community, being somewhat unsatisfied with my current order management system after the hike in prices, poor functionality and many bugs. I have decided to write my own budget solution with a view to selling after completion as basic / budget solution. I only need 20% of my current applications functionality. So I don't see why I should pay for a load of stuff i don't use. I am looking for partners to help with the testing. In return you can keep your own version completely free.

how to list my inventory from amazon on ebay?

Replies: 9
Latest: 30 May 2017
Started by Jozef,
4 Oct 2013
I am selling on as 3th parthy seller and i would like to expend to ebay. i found some services what can do it for me but i think they are too expensive. what i am interested is just action done once and not some additional software what will manage my inventory long term. Is there some way that the listings file from amazon could be somehow modified and uploaded to Please if somebody knows i would really appreciate if can share it with me. thank you

Have you been used third party inspection for FBA shipment?

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Started by AQIservice,
27 May 2017
Hi Just check if anyone is using third party product inspection service in China for FBA shipment, are they satisfied with inspections? what else you think they should to improve, like Inspection technique? Inspection Reports? Booking, Communication or inspection fee? Thanks

afilliate marketing platform issue

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Started by oferno10,
21 May 2017
Hi If I want to establish an affiliate marketing business with a local manufacturer, is there any recommended platform that can monitor the clicks, sales, payments, and communication between me and the manufacturer?

market share information by feature for ebay software

Replies: 1
Latest: 19 May 2017
Started by david.stevens,
16 May 2017
Hi, i'm trying to understand who are the largest suppliers for each of the different features that we use for selling on ebay i.e. listing, inventory management etc etc. has any one got any info like this or can point me in any direction please? thanks dave
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