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horrible drop rank!!!

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Latest: 8 Aug 2017
Bryan Vali
Started by Bryan Vali,
4 Aug 2017
woooowww :O:O:O:O Hey guys sometimes in some category of Amazon, we see a big drop on all ranks of products, like "rug pad" category about 2 weeks ago. plz see these links!! what happened? do you know reasons? did you see sth like that?!

Looking for a mutichannel Management Platform

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Latest: 8 Aug 2017
Started by garrisongrip,
5 Aug 2017
I am currently living in a nightmare with a Multichannel Management Company. I Need to change. Any suggestions for a company that offers the simplest process, has good support and will not want my 3rd born grandchild.

Are Fake Amazon Sellers Hitting Your Sales ?

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Latest: 8 Aug 2017
Started by Bigian13,
6 Aug 2017
There is currently a serious rash of fake sellers appearing on Amazon UK at the moment. Are they affecting your sales ? They are usually from Ohio or Wisconsin in the USA. They started off using a random string as their user name, but have now started using 'proper' names. Until recently reports were in different categories to ours, however we noticed a severe drop in sales in the last week. After further investigation

looking for a system support on listing on bulk on ebay

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Latest: 6 Aug 2017
Started by mbouhmam,
12 Jul 2017
Hi, could anyone inform about how to list in bulk on eBay? Thanks,

New to selling on Ebay

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Latest: 4 Aug 2017
Started by gtmc,
3 Aug 2017
Hi I have products to sell on ebay but need to know how I can get them noticed. As I think the price i have set is good.

I have 7 thousand books but selling only 10 a day

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Latest: 2 Aug 2017
Started by misterno,
21 Jul 2017
I have a repricer with which I make sure I am always the 2nd cheapest and my minimum price is set to 8.99+3.99 =12.98 but for some reason my churning rate is extremely low. Selling on average 10 a day with 7K books on inventory. I am thinking of FBA but fees are scaring me. Currently all my items are Buy box eligible and my price competitiveness above 80% and buy box percentage is around 1-2 %. Feedback rating 94% What am I doing wrong?

Recommendations for ecomm education/mentoring programs?

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Latest: 1 Aug 2017
Started by LNC4,
24 Jul 2017
Hello all, I am new here so first off I'd like to say HELLO! While I'm not new to selling online, I am wanting to venture off into an area I've not tried before. I've been reading tons & watching YT videos for quite some time, sometimes 6-8 hrs a day. My problem is now that I've learned some about what I'd like to do, it seems there is sooo much regurgitated info from everyone now. Not only that but they all put their own spin on things, say you need this or that which seems silly w

Amazon UK Keyword Research - Equivalent to "Scope" extension

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Latest: 30 Jul 2017
Started by dhtoron,
29 Jul 2017
Hi, Is anyone familiar with a Amazon tool called "Scope" created by SellerLabs? It is a keyword research tool which currently only works on the US Amazon Marketplace. I have searched around for a similar tool which will work on Amazon UK, but I have not managed to find anything suitable yet. Does anyone know of anything which may do the trick? Thanks

Getting started with FBA - how to remove restrictions

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Latest: 30 Jul 2017
Started by obifavor,
16 Jul 2017
My name is Peter. I am new and want to learn how to get started shopping for cheap price. I hit some stores yesterday looking for items to sell on FBA, but were mostly restricted items. How can i remove those restrictions?

Getting Access to Topicals Subcategory

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Latest: 28 Jul 2017
Started by ingrid,
28 Jul 2017
Hi! Kind of a specific question, has anyone had experience gaining access to the topical sub category under beauty? There's a lot out there right now about the difficulties of getting approved, a lot of paper work and communication with Amazon is involved. We have all of the necessary info from the manufacturers, as well as documentation that we are authorized resellers but aren't having any luck with Amazon moving forward un-gating the products we have issued requests for. Any advice on next st

Anyone using ElasticSearch

Replies: 1
Latest: 24 Jul 2017
Started by anders,
28 Jun 2017
Is there anyone in the forum using Elasticsearch? I want to use it but cant have it locally so I wanted a hosted solution. But huuh so expensive. Any cheaper alternatives around Anders

Magento Hosting

Replies: 2
Latest: 24 Jul 2017
Started by alexmarcxyz,
12 Jul 2017
Where i can find the best cloud hosting for my magento store?

Ebay Stores

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Latest: 19 Jul 2017
Started by xhockybro,
9 Jul 2017
Wondering how effective Ebay Stores (Brick & Mortar) are in selling items. Delray Bch Florida

eBay want me to break the law to keep scammer happy.

Replies: 4
Latest: 18 Jul 2017
Started by webacc001,
17 Jul 2017
We all know how near impossible it is to win a "Not as described" case against a buyer, but eBay sink to a new low - if that's possible. New buyer based in the USA, with zero feedback, buys a mobile phone from us here in the UK. After a couple of weeks he opens a "Not Received" case. Tracking shows that he has received it, so with no further comment from him he closes the case a couple of days later. He then opens a "Not as described" case with the comment, "Royal Mail opened it and repa

Replies: 4
Latest: 18 Jul 2017
Started by mike634,
10 Jul 2017
I received an e-mail from this company today regarding feedback - anybody use them?

New Site, and order fulfillment / quote / pricing hangups

Replies: 1
Latest: 17 Jul 2017
Started by Acheron,
17 Jul 2017
Hello all, I'm new here, but have found this site to be very useful. Apologies in advance for the long post! I'm in the process of wading through the order management options that work well with Shopify, and considering combinations of options that meet our business needs. I'm hopeful someone in this community community has experience with similar operations, and can assist. Our company integrates electronic systems and accessories, and isn't extremely well suited to the traditional o

A System to manage Purchase Orders and Amazon FBA Shipments?

Replies: 2
Latest: 15 Jul 2017
Started by nalpazah,
11 Jul 2017
I am seeking a system that can manage Purchase Orders as well as Amazon FBA Inventory shipments. Ideally, it would manage a few other fulfillment channels too such as CDiscount (France). The difficulty we face is having lots of PO's with suppliers where the order is split in many ways, some by sea, some by air, and also to different FBA marketplaces. I ended up designing a google sheet to do it all but it's certainly not ideal. Can anyone point me in the right direction? So far I have fo

Using live chat for sales

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Started by Victor-Nice.Chat,
13 Jul 2017
Hi, everyone. I want to ask the owners of online stores, marketers and sales people 2 questions about live chats (if you use them): 1) What features of live chats do you consider the most useful for sales? 2) Do you configure the sales funnel for your online store? Is a live chat part of the funnel?

Conversation E-Commerce for sales

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Latest: 12 Jul 2017
Started by we8m457er,
8 Dec 2016
Hello all, I was wondering if any of you have ever had any experience with "Conversational E-Commerce". This being sales via chat. The customer sees a product on the store or on facebook (or wherever) Messages the seller (Whatsapp, Messenger, Messages, Line, WeChat, Whatever it may be). Asks questions if necessary and orders. The seller places the order (either manually or into a system or wherever they keep track of orders) Then an invoice is sent via the same chat, which can be payed i

Does Amazon's Enhanced Brand Content increase conversion?

Replies: 3
Latest: 10 Jul 2017
Started by ScarfKing,
25 Jun 2017
We're thinking about making the plunge, since we have a very visual product with an interesting story. EBC seems like a good way to leverage our assets. Does anyone have any experience with EBC to report?

University of Michigan students look to connect with sellers

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Latest: 7 Jul 2017
Started by ndewey,
10 Apr 2017
Hi All, I work at the University of Michigan Stephen M. Ross School of Business. On May 5-6, some of our part-time MBA students will be participating in a business challenge aimed at rethinking the way online marketplaces interface with sellers. We very much want to hear from sellers like you and and get your input as part of the event. There are 3 ways for you to get involved: 1. Phone interviews. If you agree to be interviewed, a business student will contact you on May 5. Interviews
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