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Developer Interviews - AuctionSage

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Started by Andy,
19 Sep 2005
Please post your feedback to the AuctionSage interview here.

Top Level Volume Data

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Latest: 12 Sep 2005
Started by noodle,
12 Sep 2005
Is there an application providing Top Level and Second Level EBay volume data? HammerTap provides this data on low level categories only, due to EBay data licensing restrictions. Any input much appreciated. Thanks

Auction software that supports CSV

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Latest: 8 Sep 2005
Started by rednels,
7 Sep 2005
Hello all, I am new to this forum, and I am glad I found it. I run an online store and I am looking to start running hundreads of auctions per month on eBay. I have been researching some of the auction managment software avalable and I am sort of overwhelmed by all of the choices. I am looking for recommendations for an auction software that will allow me to set up my products using the same CSV files I use for my website. does a software like this exist? Thanks in advance, Eddie

Developer Interviews - AuctionTamer

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Started by Andy,
5 Sep 2005
Please post feedback to the AuctionTamer interview here.

Developer Interviews - AuctionWagon

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Started by Andy,
5 Sep 2005
Please post feedback to the AuctionWagon interview here.

Auction Chief or equivalent recommendation?

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Latest: 30 Aug 2005
Started by comicart,
30 Jul 2005
I have been using Auction Chief for years to make ebay searches, save them, have automatic interval searching and then saving the results. You could then create a snipe or just watch them. I set mine to refresh every hour or so. But I think they are no longer in business....I can't get them to respond and the s/w needs to be updated to match some changes on eBay. Anybody have an recommendations for a similar product?

Software that automatically relist eBay items

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Latest: 26 Aug 2005
Khoo Poe Chye
Started by Khoo Poe Chye,
19 Aug 2005
Does anyone know of any ebay software (pc based verses server based) that will automatically submit a new auction listing when one closes? I know that Vendio and others do it (server based), but they charge a fee on top of the eBay and PayPal fees and the margins are so thin, there really isn't room for another set of fees.

Free trial on market analysis software?

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Latest: 26 Aug 2005
Started by delongz,
21 Aug 2005
I downloaded Deep analysis and Auction intelligence. both of them stated free trial period here. but not work. both programs ask me to pay now. so the truth is there is no free trial time on them?

Mail multiple bidders of past auctions

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Latest: 17 Aug 2005
Started by marcdrijver,
15 Aug 2005
Hello, I'd like to mail multiple bidders of past auctions through eBay. I know that Hammertap has removed its BayMail from their collection. Do you or does your company have any adequate solutions? Rgds, Marc

Need Help finding the best software / website

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Latest: 15 Aug 2005
Started by cherie,
10 Aug 2005
We are currently starting up larger auctions (around 300+ a month or more) And doing Templates / editing it can be rather tedious, there's only two - four lines of code that needs editing per is there a way to auto save templates and able to edit just those 4 lines via website/software then automatically launch it to auction ? Auto Launch by inventory is also a plus, as we deal with magic the gathering cards (10,000+++ cards) any helps towards this is real appreciated. tha

Auction Private Eye

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Latest: 14 Aug 2005
Started by pbradjr,
14 Aug 2005
Trying to purchase the software but keeps getting an error message when clicking on purchase button. What should I do?

Selling on eBay and personal Taxes

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Latest: 14 Aug 2005
Started by haberdine,
5 Jul 2005
Hi, I wonder if anybody knows a good software for filing personal taxes. I am from Canada and there is none on the market. I realize that there are some differences between UK and US, but I think basics should be the same. So far I found only 1 seller on eBay from US who sells Accounting software (US$25). Anybody tried it? What they offer is to download the data from PayPal and transfer it to Excel or similar program. I probably can do it myself, but I don't want to spend my valuable time tryi

Developer Interviews - MyStoreCredit

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Started by Andy,
8 Aug 2005
Please post feedback to the MyStoreCredit interview here. MyStoreCredit also develop the Personalized Shipping Maps service.

Website to perform automatic auction searches

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Latest: 30 Jul 2005
Started by travelprograms,
30 Jun 2005
Is there a website that allows an E*bayer to save extra searches and receive the finds by email (more than the 100 alotted by E*bay)? I'm an International buyer so I need a save search function across various E*bay websites with "Any Country" or "Worldwide".

Need help finding perfect Auction Management Serv.

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Latest: 29 Jul 2005
Started by Lalla,
29 Jul 2005
Ok, I KNOW there aren't any perfect ones out there! ::) But I need to find something that is as close to what we need as possible! I spent 2 weeks looking for a service a little while ago and finally ended up with InkFrog, but I'm afraid they just don' t handle things the way that I need them to be handled. I can't even sort my open auctions by number or hits or anything as "simple" as that, which isn't all that important, but I"m just trying to make a point here ::???. I am constantly havin

AuctionHelper not accepting new users

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Started by SWhitlock,
28 Jul 2005
Now you can't even sign up as a new user unless you have an e-mail from a reseller. What's up with that??? I did a lot of research and decided to give it a try. Boy, was I dissapointed when I tried to sign up. Does anyone know a reseller? I really don't want to wait until "some time this summer" before they start accepting new users. Thanks

Any eBay software for the Mac?

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Latest: 23 Jul 2005
Started by Anonymous,
11 Sep 2004
I have a Macintosh and have not found ANY Auction Searching software of note (Timeblaster is probably the best I have seen of all of them) which operates on a Mac. :( I'm using an iMAC running OS-X. I also use Safari as my web browser. Is there other software for me?

New eBay Stats - 2nd Quarter 2005

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Started by Andy,
21 Jul 2005
eBay have just announced their second quarter 2005 financial results. Some excerpts: eBay reported record revenues of $1.086 billion, up 40% year over year; record profit of $379.0 million, up 49% year over year, representing a 35% operating margin. :O “eBay achieved remarkable results in Q2,” said Meg Whitman, President and CEO of eBay. “Excellent momentum in the US and Germany, as well as at PayPal, all helped deliver an impressive jump in revenues and profit.” U.S. Market


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Latest: 18 Jul 2005
Started by POPS,
18 Jul 2005
Anyone have any insight to selling configurable items on ebay without having to be a powerseller and paying the $299 a month + $1500 startup fee for solutions like Infopia?? Not sure why they selling configurable items like PC's is a holy grail that requires 300 a month to do.

anybody experienced Learnkey"s ebay courses?

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Latest: 14 Jul 2005
Started by nate55,
2 Jul 2005
hi i was just wondering if anyone here has experienced the Learnkey's ebay training dvds. how are they? and what do yo think of ?????? thanks

Free testing of Video for Auctions

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Started by,
30 Jun 2005
HI please take us up on our offer to test for free our online recording of auction items using your webcam and microphone. Register and send an email to to request the trial
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