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Does not work and Horrible customer service

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A review of Sku Grid by alenajones44,
Today at 3:46am
What was good about this product or service overall? Not good. Items kept going out of stock and still selling. Before I used them for years had above standard and 100% feedback. Now I am at below standard and less than 100% Could anything have been better? Many things. Maybe they could actually try and answer some messages. How was the support? Pretty much non existent. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Empty promises, broken marketplaces, no help

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A review of SellerActive by drenee,
Yesterday at 8:27pm
They pitch a hard sale in the beginning about all of the great things seller active can do. We have many channels, and were mostly needing their listing tools, which ultimately did not work. We were attempting to list to Jet, and they ended up creating a bunch of wrong listings that just sat in the account and no live listings ever created. I had to research on my own how to create the listings and was able to get them through by using ANOTHER application. I went back and forth with their suppor

They get it.

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Charles H
A review of SELLER SNAP by Charles H,
16 Jan 2018
What was good about this product or service overall? Simply they get it. I tried higher priced. I tried lower priced. This is what works. Selling on Amazon is a game. They know it. They know how to play the game. Lower repricers simply create a race down even if you set to reprice above (someone else wont). The prices simply drop. Even the higher one I tried did this. It had some more advanced fancy reports and a "coach" but was simply not worth the fees. Strip away all that

No response & stealing money

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A review of FeedbackFive by narret83,
16 Jan 2018
What was good about this product or service overall? Nothing! Signed up for trial period on the 15th of January 2018 and was charged twice the same day. Now trying to sort things out through my bank as no help from Feedback5 customer services at all. On their chat it says they respond within 10 minutes when I've been waiting for 5 hours still nothing (see attached print screen) This is just a joke. I believe this service is dead. Could anything have been better? How was the support?

Not what I expected

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A review of Guided Imports by ashleywilkes1862670,
15 Jan 2018
What was good about this product or service overall? Could anything have been better? How was the support? I listen to The Amazing Seller and I've been using this company based off of his recommendation now for about 8 months and it's been nothing but a total hassle. Back and forth emails where I do most of the work and research and all they do is tell you what you need to do. In addition to that, there are ADDITIONAL FEES, so don't think that the sourcing fee is all you pay. You also hav

Never use this shipping company !!

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A review of wnDirect by romanw2000,
13 Jan 2018
WN direct is the worst shipping company I have ever dealt with. Avoid at all costs. It is not possible to contact US representative or locations, only the UK office. My shipment from the UK to the USA was likely stolen at the transfer office in Carol Stream, IL, no follow up , no tracking, nothing. No way to contact the local office. wnDirect does not acknowledge any phone contact. Ebay can refunded my purchase, but the item is more valued than my purchase price. Again, avoid WNdirect at all cos

very glitchy

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David Yu
A review of eSnipe by David Yu,
12 Jan 2018
Doesn't always work properly. Glitches and misses the end of auction or more often the program believes that you are outbid when you are not. It's possible that eBay is interfering somehow. Either way...YOU LOSE webretailer really wants 500 characters. jdskldsjklfhjkfldshfdsjfkldsfbjdskfldsfbjsdkfldsfbjdskfldsbfjdsklfsdfbhjsdkfldsfhbdsjfkldsffjkdlsfhdjsklfbdsjfkdslfhbsdjkf;dsfhdjskfldshbfjkdsffdsjfksdfbhdsjfk;dsfhdsjfk;sdfhfjdsk;flhdsjfkds;f 500 characters...there you go webretailer!!!

Best shipping software.

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Milo Enterprises
A review of ShipWorks by Milo Enterprises,
12 Jan 2018
Nice easy to use. Packing slips can be customized. Works with Walmart like magic. UPS Worldship integration trough SQL works perfectly. Efficiency of our employees raised dramatically. They are now capable of much higher volumes. One thing they could add to Walmart integration is to pull Order status from Walmart. (store status) Support is one of the best I ever experienced. I wish all the companies had support like this one. Not a single outsourced individual. Professional and ready

A pain to get set up, 100% worth it in the end

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Morgans Direct Limited
A review of Cloud Commerce Pro by Morgans Direct Limited,
12 Jan 2018
Cloud Commerce Pro is an expensive software to get installed. £2,000 pound set up fee and months of back and forth sorting out little technical issue in the set up process. It meant we had to run two different back office programmes for about 6 months, very costly indeed Now it is finally over, I can say it is the best decision our company has ever made. It saves hours a day in adminstration, and we are not even using all the features yet. The monthly subscription fee is a fraction of what th

Great auction tool-works for me!

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Claire Beecroft
A review of Gixen by Claire Beecroft,
11 Jan 2018
What was good about this product or service overall? Very easy to use and has not failed me so far! Setting up bids is easy and you can change them any time you need too. I have won numerous auctions using Gixen that I couldn't possibly have monitored myself. It also helps you set a price you are willing to pay and sticking to it! Could anything have been better? NO! How was the support? There is good information on the website about the service and how it works- they are very honest an

Given: easy to use & it works!

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A review of Gixen by sherthebrave,
11 Jan 2018
Gixen is user friendly, just login, enter the eBay item number and the maximum bid. Gixen does the rest! And, it's free to use! The last item I won was a an iPad. ;) I reviewed the bids following the auction and there is no way I could have won this on my own. Nearly all of the bids were in the final seconds. On top of this, I live in an area with dodgy Internet and data signals. Gixen saves me a lot of frustration! I noticed someone complain because they are offered an upgraded ser

Great Service

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A review of FBA Warehousing by kelseyle,
11 Jan 2018
Have been shipping 3,000+ units/month with FBA Warehousing without any problems. If there are any missing units, weather delays, etc. Yildiz will be sure to let you know right away. He really cares about your business and won't be hesitant to offer custom services, which suits my business very well. Aside from that, pricing is reasonable. I'm glad I could just focus on managing my business and leave the work to these guys. Pleasure to work with

Such a poor customer service

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Latest: 11 Jan 2018
A review of PriceYak by BMall,
18 Sep 2017
Guys don't waste your money. Customer service is very poor. i been contacting with the company for the last 2 months and still haven't heard anything from them. such a waste. i had two accounts and i requested them to remove one of my accounts but it's been 2 months now they did not bother to reply me. When i request them the only thing i get was a computer generated the reply in which they said we will contact you shortly and never heard anything from them. Don't waste your money and effort

ChannelReply is Perfect

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A review of ChannelReply by JeffC,
10 Jan 2018
Was using Zendesk and made the switch over to freshdesk which was recently released as a connection to ebay and amazon. Works perfectly cheaper than I would have been paying with Zendesk Xsellco or anyone else. Love the connection and the app which displays all my customer info. Set up auto-responders, filters, and folders for all of my amazon and ebay accounts. Love these guys helped me set it up and make the switch and they are awesome. Highly recommend them and the product will be a cust

Worst Customer Services

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A review of ShipHero by Building18,
9 Jan 2018
Product is good, but system run very very slow at least twice a week. When you contact customer services they have no idea of whats going on, its a complete waist of time. they just continue asking same thing you told them from the beginning follow it by a "I will report it with a technician" and then nothing else happens. They are very unprofessional , they don't listen to the client request or Issue in order to solve the problem, they don't follow up the issue and do not notify you when prob

Superb product

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A review of ShipWorks by glaspak,
9 Jan 2018
What was good about this product or service overall? It saves time, provides a great history and adapts to changes in weight and dimensional weights.reports are easy to compile. Could anything have been better? Always ...but it is the best product we have used so far. How was the support? They are responsive to any problems we have encountered. Worked through a computer crash we had and got us up and running in less than an hour. We have tried other programs .... by far this is a super

Great Bit Of Software

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Latest: 9 Jan 2018
A review of Feedback Express by Bigian13,
5 Jan 2018
Okay, if you have the time you could do what this software does, email your customers and ask them to leave you feedback either as a seller or for a product review. Why waste your time though ? Set up takes around five minutes and after that you can virtually forget it and do more important stuff instead. Sellers that I deal with that use this software have reported seller feedback increase from 3% or 4% of sales to around 25% or more. Increased feedback often leads to more sales. If y

Efficient, easy and quick service!

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A review of FreeeUp by dank,
9 Jan 2018
I am running a few online stores that require managing a variety of daily ongoing tasks. A friend told me the Freeeup is suitable for ecommerce so I tried it. The experience was very good. I received 3 workers to choose from. I selected the first one on the list and within 48 hours we were already working together (until this day). The worker is independent and, updates me on all necessary information and changes. The worker's experience with online stores is very notable! I recommend this!!! I

APP Looks Great!

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A review of amz4seller by Tedd.Spina46,
9 Jan 2018
What was good about this product or service overall? It is so great for Amz4seller to provide App support. I can check Amazon shop sales and reply to customers' questions simplly via my phone. Meanwhile, the App can timely remind me of products being out of stock or being listing hijack. Could anything have been better? It would be great if the App can have sharing function. I can share daily sales in holiday seasons with my colleagues. How was the support? We can submit the product fe

BE CAREFUL! they charge over agreed monthly plan

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Michael Ami
A review of Kibly by Michael Ami,
9 Jan 2018
What was good about this product or service overall? They send e-mails, but... I subscribed for $7/month for 100 e-mails starter plan but been extra charged $146 for e-mails exceeded number included in plan. I could not receive my money back! I contacted them telling that it is not that i agreed to pay for. They responded that they already sent those e-mails and they will not refund me. This is ridiculous. Why then the payment plans exist if they going overcharge? If you subscribe this se

I will forever be a client of yours!

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A review of FreeeUp by yisrcoh,
8 Jan 2018
If you haven't used FreeeUp in the past, you should start. Honestly, I was nervous to trust individuals that I didn't even know with my business, but I sure was wrong. My business is growing faster than I thought and I was lucky enough to find this company and Nathan. Every worker that has been sent my way has been a blessing. The quality of workers and the work ethic is impeccable. Not to mention, the entire process of on-boarding is extremely easy. I am beyond thrilled that I followed through
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