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I am a newbie to e-commerce...

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A review of Payability by brimsgoods,
Yesterday at 8:47pm
I am a newbie to e-commerce, but have enjoyed quick success with it. Payability opened a new door for me and my business by giving me access to my sales proceeds sooner. I love the quick access to my money and their great - human person - customer service! As a newbie to their service I've had a few questions that I called them about and each time I've had an actual human answer the phone and address my questions. Aside from calling and speaking with customer service, they are very thorough with

Excellent feedback Tool!!!

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A review of XSellco High5 by Vaeneta,
Yesterday at 3:59pm
I love this software because now I know which customers I need to target to get positive feedback. Before XSellco Feedback I didn’t have a clue how to get positive feedback - I was reaching out blindly to all my customers for reviews no matter what their experience was, and that’s why I was getting a mixed bag of reviews. The few negative reviews I had started affecting my sales and my reputation, and that’s when I realized I needed to find software that would help me reach out to the right cust

Sellbrite Review

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A review of Sellbrite by dvha31,
Yesterday at 8:40am
Before Sellbrite I was manually updated my inventory from Amazon and eBay. That was a pain and time consuming. As a small business I had a budget but I knew in order to grow I had to employ a sync software. I looked at a few and read tons of reviews. Ultimately I chose sellbrite and year half later it's been one of the better investments I have done. Sellbrite is easy to use for non tech guy like me. Loaded with features for any size company. Customer service is also amazing and always

Absolutely the VIP of our business

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A review of Skubana by sharktank8811,
Yesterday at 2:52am
After trying every other similar service on the market, we tried Skubana and haven't looked back. It's without a doubt the most essential tool in our business. If you're a $1M+ ecommerce seller on multi channels, you NEED skubana. It can look intimidating, but the on boarding process was by far the smoothest i've ever seen. It was incredible. The shipping area took a bit to master, but after a week or so, we're pro's at it now. If you're not using skubana, you're missing out on revenue

Fantastic operation

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A review of Guided Imports by sharktank8811,
Yesterday at 2:27am
Started using Guided Imports in 2016 since I wanted to scale my business. They are essentially my purchasing office in Asia and act as my overseas satellite location. Very impressive so far, in that It's been mostly hands off for me and my team. They have their processes down and they execute them. Having done business in Asia for a decade Im familiar with the pitfalls and expect some setbacks whenever I'm dealing with china, and to a lesser extent Vietnam. Surprisingly, not a single one so

Simply awesome

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A review of XSellco Fusion by madisonbrown1542,
23 May 2017
XSellco has saved me an incredible amount of time. I have a small team of 3 support agents and I used to spend most of the day stressing over customer emails. Now we get customer support done for the day in under 2 hours. We’ve cut down on our support time by over 80% which is amazing. XSellco also lets us work together as a team. I can see which agent is working on each query, and I can assign different queries to particular agents. Finally, an inbox where I can see all my different marketplace

Excellent experience

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Joseph Bonacia
A review of Miami Lots by Joseph Bonacia,
23 May 2017
I have made several purchases from Miami Lots. They have an enormous selection that is constantly being updated as new items are added. My rep is extremely helpful when it comes to assisting me in putting my orders together. They ship fast and the items come in great shape due to their meticulous packing. For Amazon sellers, they list the ASINs so you can check the listing. I find this feature very helpful and speeds up the buying process. They also list other pertinent information like sale

Doesn't Work & No Customer Service

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A review of Social Streamer by danasff,
23 May 2017
Was really excited to use this product that was recommended by Web retailer. I filled out information, uploaded all the listings in my ebay store, then I can't create a stream for Twitter. I have contacted customer service 3 separate times for help through Social Streamer's contact board. No answer ever. The only information they post is that Facebook quota has been met for the month & more will come Monday. This message has been posted on their site for 2 months. Don't waste your time. Ve

The only feedback tool for both Amazon and eBay I found

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A review of XSellco High5 by ray113,
22 May 2017
This is a pretty straightforward tool to help get your customers to fill reviews on Amazon and eBay. It's pretty straightforward to set up - just connect your accounts and off you go. I like the way it allows me send mails to buyers of some products but not others as customers who buy some products frequently rated us down, even though the service was fine - it was the product that wasn't up to the mark. So I send mails to buyers of fairly simple products only and I've seen my ratings r

A must have? Yes. But be prepared....

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Latest: 21 May 2017
A review of M2E Pro by magentoman,
23 Dec 2016
It's not feasible to manage a website catalog, eBay catalog, and Amazon catalog these days. M2E Pro is the solution to manage all of these channels on pretty much an automated basis. That in itself is amazing. It is feature rich, you can customize whatever you want, and it works...most of the time. That said, this software is resource heavy and can be complex. I've been using it for 2 years and while I have a good handle on it, I occasionally run into issues. For example, every time we

Terrible Experience-- Took back my business 3-4 months in 1!

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A review of Bobsled Marketing by amzseller101,
21 May 2017
My experience with Bobsled Marketing was spectacularly awful! We brought them in to manage our Amazon Sponsored Ads and Amazon Marketing Services ads for our product line. Bobsled might be good for those who like to "set it and leave it" and don't understand the intricacies of how products sell on Amazon, but if you do and have success in highly competitive and saturated areas, Bobsled will be there to screw you! When we brought them in, we were selling around $47k a month in revenue with

Clean, Easy app for shipping...

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A review of Shippo by,
19 May 2017
We ship handmade positive coffee mugs. Shippo made everything VERY easy for us. This is a simple, no nonsense app for our store. Orders come in, label is printed and confirmation emails sent. It's that simple. We also had questions and received responses within an hour. We only wish they would have phone support like Bigcommerce and Weebly. It's too bad many app providers are "hiding" in emails and not offering swift phone support. It could ONLY INCREASE their reviews and business. Th

You will get, the BEST service over and over again

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Dekel Dave
A review of FBA Warehousing by Dekel Dave,
19 May 2017
:) I needed warehouse services, luckily I found FBA WAREHOUSING. Yildiz responds very fast, always offering help, good advice and professional service. I used their labeling service, shipping, repacking.. The parcels were sent with thick bubble protection, zero items got damaged (unlike other services i used). I have confidence, they will manage every request, checking in and out solutions to Amazon sellers needs. Understanding sellers and Amazon special requests for shipments is

Nonexistent Customer Service

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A review of inkFrog by Theyreallyarethatbad,
19 May 2017
I have 5000 profiles on inkfrog classic built up over years of using them to facilitate my eBay listings. I have watched them go through more than one version of inkfrog. In the past, when they moved from one version of inkfrog into another at least they made sure you could migrate your profiles from the old version to the new one. About 6 months ago we were told we would need to begin using a new version of inkfrog, Open, due to eBay no longer accepting active contact. We were also told

Customer Service is Poor

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Latest: 19 May 2017
A review of CrazyLister by SNCali,
17 May 2017
They have great templates, but their customer support is not as good anymore. I fear they grew too fast. It seems like they just hired a bunch of new employees who do not seem to understand your question. You have to wait at least 24-48 hours and sometimes they still do not help you. This is when you wish they had 24/7 staff or a phone number to call. I wish they were based in the US so I can get a hold of someone sooner than 24 hours, as it affects our business sales. I do miss when Vic (the

Average at best

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Latest: 19 May 2017
A review of Kenta Arbitrage by g_morris_24,
27 Apr 2017
unfortunately 99% of the "results" do not match. Be very careful if trying to use this source. The results they get from Wal-Mart, ebay (especially ebay), Target, and Best Buy rarely match the product they are comparing sales to. But you get what you pay for, right? Even when the results seem to match, the sales figures are usually off, or the product being compared is a multi-pack. I have yet to find a single profitable product from using Kentaarbitrage. I wouldn't really bother looking at t


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Latest: 18 May 2017
A review of ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces by Star99,
10 May 2017
VERY STRESSFUL EXPERIENCE: They only cared about one thing and that was making us sign a contract. Once signed, they created multiple errors mapping our products to the marketplaces. Error after error. Support ticket after support ticket to fix their errors. Getting a hold of the salesman before signing the contract, he responded in minutes. After signed, we were lucky to get him to return an email or call and when he did, he was annoyed. They think it was acceptable to go months and pr

ChannelAdvisor Corp 1 Star Review!

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Latest: 18 May 2017
A review of ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces by Tightrope,
10 May 2017
Dear Readers: Run, do not walk from these guys. The one star ratings given so far are accurate. It is a circus at ChannelAdvisor and they are EXPENSIVE...EXPENSIVE! They start out making you feel important but soon after you end up in their corporate black hole. Lots of mistakes that we had to figure out. Wait till you sit through one of their training sessions! Almost a year with ChannelAdvisor Corp and sorry to report folks that we have found a better company at 1/5 their price, availabl

Waste Money, didn't do what they advertise.

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Latest: 18 May 2017
A review of ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces by Myexperience,
5 May 2017
Channel Advisor said they will do everything for you and the system can help you so much on posting listing and making more sales. that's the not case. After you paid for the service, their representative push you around on fixing the issue yourself and give you some link to read and train yourself. Start charging you the first date without knowing what to do with their system. Takes a long time to finish the training because it takes times for them to respond your issue and help you with your i

Helpful in Many Ways

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A review of Floship by dallkenhermans,
17 May 2017
And for the first time, I am finally satisfied with the company that we have hired. We were a small company that needs effective shipping services that's why we hired Floship to do the job. They are well prepared, everything that went in was successfully delivered. Every issue that was asked was answered promptly. They know their weaknesses that's why they know how everything should go. They have amazing stuff that would make sure that you are satisfied with their service. Thank you. Will surely


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A review of by JamesL,
16 May 2017 assisted me in appealing to Amazon for my selling account to be reinstated. I made the effort to give a conclusive overview of the reasons for suspension (which I'd strongly advise) and from that David was able to create a strong plan of action. The turnaround was pretty good, in line with the expectation and submission to Amazon promptly followed. After an immediate response from Amazon confirming the receipt of my appeal, I allowed Amazon a further 10 days before sending a
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