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saves you a lot of time

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A review of ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces by michael.anderson125,
Yesterday at 9:33pm
We are currently using Channel Advisor to manage approximately 10,000 SKUs across eBay, TradeMe, Amazon, and Libre accounts. CA saves us so much of our time and I'm not quite sure what we would do without it. One of my most favourite features of ChannelAdvisor has got to be without a doubt the Amazon Repricer tool. This allows you to stay competitive on Amazon based on pre set parameters! it really is fantastic! However, i think its very important to keep in mind that channel advisor would no

Versatile and easy to navigate

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A review of ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces by debbiefisher1,
Yesterday at 9:19pm
Being apart of Channel Advisor means we can easily manage our inventory catalogue and really scale up our business way beyond what a small team of us can do manually. The versatility and the ease of the platform makes it some of the best e-commerce support software that we use on a daily basis. Actually learning the software has been a bit of a challenge but once you know what you are doing it becomes second nature. There is a very good customer support system if you do hit some stumbling b

Cost me $1200 in books that didn't sell

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A review of Tactical Arbitrage by bweaver15,
Yesterday at 9:12pm
I went through all the qualifications of buying books on Amazon and flipping as a FBA seller on Amazon. Not only did I not make my money back for the membership but it cost me $1200 in books that will not sell and I have to dump all the inventory before the storage fees hit. I question the accuracy of the data because according to the tutorials, they were all good buys. I also tried searching for products and it cost me more money from all the time I wasted in trying to find one single item.

Great Lawyer for Amazon related issues

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A review of Amazon Sellers Lawyer by TysonZ,
Yesterday at 3:36pm
I met CJ at ASD in Las Vegas in 2017 and knew I had to keep his business card handy. It turns out I needed it a month later when I had an intellectual property issue. CJ was immediately available and did not charge me a dime for the 15 minute consultation. While I am hopeful I will be not need further legal advice of this nature, I'll be sure to use CJ and his firm for any and all Amazon related issues in the future. They know the in's and outs of Amazon and are not learning on the Job as so

Skubana Does What I Says and It Does It Great!

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A review of Skubana by gpsmatty,
Yesterday at 4:40am
I have tried a lot of different services over multiple years and this is the first one that actually does what it says. Already without even using it for a month, it helped us sync inventory across 4 stores and double our monthly online order volume. After 4 months of use, I can say we are extremely satisfied. Our company continues to leverage features and if there's ever any issues their support is second to none. It's not very often the guy on the other line actually knows what he's talkin

best investment we ever made

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A review of ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces by samuel.curry,
22 Sep 2017
The cost of channeladviser can be somewhat pricey but i am a believer if you want great quality you have to pay the price and oh my has it paid off for us. it was a great investment for us the scale of our company has grown immensely while being apart of this company. I would recommend anybody who is new to this concept to really take their time in learning the product in order to get the most out of this very lucrative platform. The more work you put in the more you will recieve in return.

Exceeded our expectations

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A review of ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces by amanda.barrow69,
22 Sep 2017
Channel Advisor has not only exceeded our companies expectations in so many ways its scalibility of the platform is absolutely brilliant . We have literally thousands and thousands of products loaded and published to different marketplaces thanks to them. The ease of launching in new marketplaces is excellent and really quite simple. We are now selling on Ebay, Walmart and eBay all from one platform. This company has reduced a significant amount of manual work and freed us to focus on other imp

Highly recommended

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A review of Amazon Sellers Lawyer by fashion2100,
22 Sep 2017
CJ, Anthony, Kerry and their team are very knowledgeable and they know how to deal with Amazon. They helped me get my Amazon account back after competitors filed a bogus inauthenticity complaint and listing violation issues. They are always honest and nice and responded all my questions so quickly. I highly recommend them for your Amazon issues. ;):D:D:D Don't try to write an appeal yourself. They are the right person to help your case, if you are looking for an Amazon expert. You'll never regr


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A review of Amazon Sellers Attorney by SANDRA ZEPEDA,
22 Sep 2017
After getting my account suspended and trying desperately to get it back myself which I couldn't, I searched everywhere for information on how to get my amazon account back. Fortunately I came across ken's website! It was perfect timing, I emailed him immediately and within the hour he got back to me regarding my issue very promptly. Ken explained everything in detail to me on how he would be able to get my account back with such confidence. Ken exceeded all my expectations and delivered on what

Not as good as Version 2

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A review of WidgetChimp by msmith3567,
22 Sep 2017
Used this app since 2015 for 2 ebay stores but had to leave last week and go for a better company that is complaint to new ebay updates. Without other layout options the template looks generic and similar with other sellers. I was hoping they will continue to improve the new version but it stayed the same after few months. Matt neglected this app. it was good and competitive before. Never had any issue with customer service though, I always get raul when getting help in chat. They also give r

Not perfect

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A review of Wonder Lister by Jeff.Smith,
22 Sep 2017
What was good about this product or service overall? Much better than TurboLister with more tasks and functions Could anything have been better? Yes How was the support? Took some time, but tries to resolve some issues. Some problems never get answered. Good program to work with, but not perfect. For any reasons, WL cannot contact to another database on another computer in the same network. It returns the message "Could not connect to SQL server" Support blames the internal Windows fire

Quite satisfied with ROI

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Lee Lynch
A review of ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces by Lee Lynch,
22 Sep 2017
Since using ChannelAdvisor from the start of my business, i have been quite satisfied with his ROI. The fees ChannelAdvisor charge can be quite confusing though because it is a monthly fee and a percentage of each transaction. I have found that there are fees from Amazon and Ebay for example and then i also have the cost of the product and the cost of shipping. I must admit i have struggled to understand bottom line ROI but that is not the fault of ChannelAdvisor. I was shocked to see the kind o


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A review of Thompson & Holt by Rij,
22 Sep 2017
Katie was fantastic, cannot believe it :) We emailed on Tuesday and received an instant reply advising what the issues are, after that a plan was made and further support information was provided to help us, once the plan was sent back to us it was detailed and on point with what was required, as soon as the plan was sent our account was reinstated in 4 hours! Was shocked to see it reinstated so quickly and cannot thank Katie at Thompson and Holt enough, we have also used them in the passed with

Great platform and awsome support

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A review of ChannelGrabber by fgiorgio,
21 Sep 2017
I have been customer of Channel Grabber for a long time and my experience has been absolutely positive! The platform is very easy to use and, most important, it really delivers what it promises! Customer Service is fast, you always have someone who almost instantly replies to your questions, with a deep technical knowledge. I had to leave because I needed a customized synching solution for my sale channels, otherwise I would have been happy to continue being their loyal customer. Try them with c

Expanding our business was made easy

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A review of ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces by jen.shackleton,
20 Sep 2017
My company have been using Channeladvisor services for over 8 months now and during this time we have noticed a substantial increase in sales and in particular a new geographical clientele. All of this is because we have been able to expand our digital platform onto sites such as amazon and ebay not to mention social media. We are looking forward to what the next 8 months will bring. I think the cost of the services are very reasonable given the benefits we have been receiving. I feel i have to

Hands down the easiest platform.

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A review of ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces by frank.fryer0,
20 Sep 2017
Channeladvisor have got to be hands down one of the easiest platforms to use. I was actually reccomended to try this company and its the best decision we ever made. Through using the resources Channeladvisor provides it has enabled us to expand the company worldwide and it is growing stronger everyday with more and more sales. We cannot thank you all enough for this opportunity and continued support. I don't think there is a company out there that can better manage our inventory over many differ

fabulous customer service!!

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A review of ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces by Donnaf,
20 Sep 2017
I think the services that channeladvisor supply are outstanding and although some might say they are a little expensive i think they are worth every penny and defiantly make my working life easier! The customer service is fabulous. They are very knowledgeable, professional and very easy to talk too. I will 100% recommend this company.With lots of assistance from this company i have successfully set up social media campaigns through facebook and polyvore and this alone is already making a huge im

I wouldn't have known were to start with help from T&H

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A review of Thompson & Holt by tom985,
20 Sep 2017
I'm giving Thompson & Holt 5 stars because I got my suspension lifted after 8 days. Most likely I would have stumbled around trying to figure things out by myself for longer than that. And then I would probably done it wrong. The response to my questions was very timely even though England is 5 hours ahead of my local time. The only thing I think they should do is to have a questionnaire to fill out so they would have a better idea of the kind of seller I am before the process started. Th

Great for eBay listing, order processing & inventory control

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A review of SixBit by privateuser,
20 Sep 2017
SixBit is a great program for many online selling tasks like listing on eBay, keeping track of inventory, databasing past and future products, and much more! The support team at SixBit is phenomenal! They have always gone above and beyond to make sure my system runs smoothly with SixBit. I cannot stress enough how supportive their team is, and this customer support is included in the cost of SixBit. You can even pay for additional support if your company needs the pampering. I have used SixBit w

Fantastic overall product does what you want and more...

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A review of Cloud Commerce Pro by Jimbobs,
20 Sep 2017
When we all decide to do things new,there are always glitches,but when i read reviews from other customers,i find it hard to believe they state NO SUPPORT,i have found it has been amazing,we changed from volocommercepro,old esllerpro,and never looked back,At first like all new projects some things work and some do not,but we have sometimes rang them 6 times in a day to ask questions and always there helped in every way,i could name just a few,Mel,Len,Sarah,Nick etc etc,so when i see a review the

Great Service

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A review of AMZ Europe by fba910,
20 Sep 2017
The quality if the translations is really good and the communication with the team is great as well! They always answer within a day and find a solution for all problems. We also get helpful tipps for improving our listings from time to time. Awesome Service! We are really happy with the service and will continue working with it in the future. Total recommendation! Overall we can recommend this service AMZ EUROPE for everybody who needs good translations and optimizations for Europ
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