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Love this program

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A review of Linnworks by JAFComics,
Today at 2:39pm
I have been using this program for over 5 years now and I am so glad I found it. We use about 70% of the features and love it. The ability to list to our website, Ebay and Amazon righ from the program is amazing. It manages our entire business from our retail store to our online presents. When I need support they are always there and we always fix the issue. I really cant say enough about the program other than if you are not using it you are missing out. Linnworks has really shaped my business

So glad I found StoreYa!!

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A review of StoreYa by SamanthaLoredo,
Today at 1:59pm
What was good about this product or service overall? I'm using storeya for about 1 year, and I feel comfortable to recommend it to anyone..My site is orangemud and I've got to say that they offer easy to use marketing apps that are working well and improving my ROI and support that really cares about you. My account manager Terra, is absolutely awesome, very professional and friendly. When they first approached me I was skeptical about their offer, but I track the traffic they send me and I ca

I found them very helpful

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A review of Cloud Commerce Pro by thebusybee,
28 Oct 2016
I was a little unsure having read the earlier reviews here, but I have found them to be extremely helpful, they are certainly a company of integrity, who care about their customers. Like all multichannel software there is never a one size fits all, but if CCP offers what you need, it does it well, and you are looked after well. It is a shame that the messaging service can only accept one email address but I believe they are working on that. They have some new features planned for laun

FreeeUp is different in a good way.

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A review of FreeeUp by CaptainKangaroo,
Yesterday at 7:52pm
Nathan has an amazing staffing team, He is super hands on and takes care of us as if we are his most important client. I am able to grow my business knowing that I have the backbone of a great HR team. Adding resources to our team is just a Skype message away. We no longer have to turn away opportunities due to lack of available manpower. He always has highly qualified workers available for us with a day, and often within minutes. With FreeeUp we have our very own Virtual HR dept. It

Great Resource!

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A review of Payability by j.rush,
Yesterday at 4:52pm
Using Payability advance funding has had a huge impact on our ability to purchase inventory faster during the busy holiday shopping season and throughout the year. Their service has also reduced our interest expenses from more expensive credit lines. The combined increase in revenue and reduced cost of cash makes the decision to use Payability a no brainer! It is a very simple process and works just as they describe. Our support rep, Brent Cohen is amazing and he responds to our requests for

Meh Software & Bad Customer Service

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A review of Tactical Arbitrage by FBAExpert,
Yesterday at 2:40am
In all honesty these guys are money hungry and kind of jerks. A friend of mine thought she canceled and found a charge on her card from them and when confronting TA staff was only offered half her refund. The software is so so but you have to compound coupons an gift cards in order to get enough items to buy then make sure your items are not purchased before you check out to make it worth your while. On some sites the software was missing deals that where easy to pick out by skimming them so som

Payability helps grow my business at light speed

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A review of Payability by service487,
21 Mar 2017
Having this payability account has really sped up growing my Amazon business. Instead of sourcing inventory every two weeks I can source fast selling items daily. I'm also ready when Awesome One time deals come my way (which usually happens in between Amazon disbursements). Joining Payability has been the best business decision I've made since I started selling on Amazon four years ago. I've grown my business year over year getting the bi-weekly disbursements, now I can accelerate that growth

Freeeup changed my life!

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A review of FreeeUp by freeeup.galcazar,
20 Mar 2017
FreeeUp has empowered and make me grow professionally as no other company. I don't have to look for clients or get worried about getting paid. With FreeeUp, I always have work with amazing clients and I am able to focus on working and billing hours while FreeeUp takes care of the rest. Nate & Connor are BY FAR the BEST online hiring experts out there.. Their problem solving abilities are out of this world! I highly recommend this company for both freelancers and companies. You will absolu

Very Impotent part Of seo optimization

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A review of River Cleaner by hireforseo,
20 Mar 2017
Very Useful for both the beginner and the seasoned veteran. Fully Helped with copy writing, optimizing keywords, essentially a built in checklist that makes sure you are fully utilizing your listings and title also. Thing is, doesn't require you to do much, because it's all there for you and many of the features are actually automated! PPC optimizer tool is also very useful to quickly do an analysis. Updates are always frequent and it seems that new features are always being added.

Best amazon repricing partner like HireForSeo

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A review of Feedvisor by hireforseo,
19 Mar 2017
Feedvisor is very clear winner. They price up market and the buy box share is profit maximizing. Glad that we eventually found the right repricing partner for a re seller on the Amazon marketplace that is mostly FBA. The service has been phenomenal. this is impotent for good Seo platform. The pricing really very help full for catch the exact price from the whole market. Great Software Solution For Amazon Sellers We have been using Feedvisor for 9 months and love it! Not only have our sale

lack of support

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Latest: 19 Mar 2017
A review of inkFrog by PARAGON2010,
7 Mar 2016
impossible to call them; They hide behind email communications Their answers to specific questions are always approximate. When their app crashes, there is no way to contact them. After 10 days using them, we quit.

Inkfrog support is nonexistent !

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Latest: 19 Mar 2017
A review of inkFrog by musicman,
7 Nov 2015
Like so many others on here, I've had nothing but problems with inkfrog and their lack of customer support. Apparently, "Char" is the only customer service rep there and unfortunately, has been absolutely useless! My latest problem involved the new Inkfrog Open which is an absolute nightmare to work with! Char's response to my multiple requests for help (since they didn't respond to the first few requests), was, "I'm sorry, we do not provide any technical assistance." When I asked about a free t


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A review of inkFrog by dkiley,
19 Mar 2017
I don't really understand all the negative stars. I've been using inkfrog open since almost the start and it has been very stable for me and saves me a huge amount of time. I recently tried to switch to Vendio since I wanted to try some multi platform selling - and their system was so buggy in comparison. It was such a huge waste of time that I have never experienced with Inkfrog. I suspect people stop appreciating what they have until they lose it, like I did. Anyways I can't recommend

Blaming Amazon servers for their outage

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Latest: 19 Mar 2017
A review of inkFrog by Markyb,
28 Feb 2017
This is the message they are currently showing at the top of their home page : Amazon, our hosting provider, is experiencing an issue which is causing problems with our site (and many other sites.) It's noted on their health check status page here: They're usually pretty quick about getting things fixed. We apologize for any inconvenience! Bearing in mind their classic service is still working fine. The Open service has been down since at least 1pm this after

Decent for FBA, bad for FBM and greatly overpriced

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A review of JoeLister by Smashed,
17 Mar 2017
If my sole need was FBA I'd give this program 4 stars. It syncs the inventory with Amazon, creates the ebay listing, and auto fulfills the ebay order from Amazon. Their pricing is far too high for such a simple system. Shopify auto fulfills MCF orders for free with their most basic plans. Inventory sync is nice but is a trivial amount of code. They deserve at least 3 stars as the MCF is convenient and the listing creation for ebay is smooth. Their website serves no value after initial setup. The

Just DOUBLED their prices :-(

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Latest: 16 Mar 2017
A review of Sellbrite by 3rd-Venue,
7 Feb 2017
I was all set to go with Sellbrite. It handled MCF ok, and seemed to not miss stock changes. BLISTERING fast imports and did not miss a single item. Impressive! Their column layouts are hideous however. You cannot add / remove / re-order / resize columns. How on earth do software designers put out such junk, and they NEVER use it, and they NEVER follow commonly accepted practices (how about doing it exactly like AMAZON SELLER CENTRAL??). It is not capable of figuring out that FBA in

Skubana allows us to scale.

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Latest: 15 Mar 2017
A review of Skubana by pbarnhill,
16 Jan 2017
After evaluating quite a few options, we went with Skubana, as it is the only one that we felt could do everything we needed. Especially the multi channel and international Amazon/FBA integrations. We have experienced very rapid growth over the last few years and without Skubana we would have not been able to continue on our growth path and efficiently continued to scale and run our business. Support has been very good and they listen to feedback requests and have lots of plans to furthe

Awesome instructions

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AM seller
A review of Skubana by AM seller,
15 Mar 2017
What was good about this product or service overall? The support team is very caring and helpful. They are always very patient and detailed. All in one solutions is good for my online businesses because I sell in multiple sales channels. And Skubana links them all for me with ease so really save me a lot of time. Could anything have been better? More detail instruction videos. And how to set up properly will be very helpful. How was the support? Execellent. Look for E

Game Changer

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A review of Skubana by kriscarlson20,
15 Mar 2017
The heart and soul of our business. SKUbana has made us a technology company that just happens to sell online. We have been able to automate many processes with this software and been able to save many hours per day. Customer service and support are great. Staff takes suggestion and feature additions and recommendations. Always rolling out many new features and integrations. We tried every other software in the past and this is by far the best thing on the market. Look no further then SKU


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A review of StoreYa by bradgoldberg,
15 Mar 2017
What was good about this product or service overall? One of my friends recommended me to give StoreYa a try. There are a lot of marketing companies out-there so I wasn't sure what so special about them, but once you sign up and install the first app you understand why..They made is so simple, I'm not a coder or designer, so I needed the apps to be very simple to use. At the moment I'm using a few of their apps: Traffic Booster, Coupon Pop and a Facebook shop. My current ROI with the Tra

Perfect research tool

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A review of Algopix by iamitay,
15 Mar 2017
Our focus is on seasonal items. With Algopix we’ve been able to broaden our offering not only in terms of the products we carry but also in terms of where we sell them. I don’t think this is something we would have been able to do anytime soon without this tool as it would require too much work to figure out which products would perform well on which marketplaces. Even doing the research work ourselves for only three items took forever, and we’re selling much more than three items. Algopix gives