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Tell us what you think to any software or service in the Web Retailer directory.

CJ... A true professional and an exceptional human being

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A review of Amazon Sellers Lawyer by tgoldberg,
Yesterday at 10:45pm
CJ is an exceptional human being an exceptional attorney and has an exceptional team. I highly recommend CJ Rosenbaum's Law Firm for any legal issue when dealing with Amazon. Cj is always there to answer my questions, and will always be upfront when we have a case and when he feels we don't have a case. In today's world it is hard to come by an honest attorney. Cj gives you the confidence that there is hope when dealing with difficult and seemingly bleak situations. Both Cj and his team are

Terrible service

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A review of Cloud Fulfilment by cloudreview,
Yesterday at 2:00pm
The portal is pretty good, an easy way to keep on top of orders. Customer service is terrible. 1) Lost/broken orders are simply lost/broken and they make no attempt to claim money back from the delivery companies, you just have to pay for the replacements yourself. 2) The costs are supposed to be straightforward but are anything but. There is no price list for the mailing costs on the portal. Plus, although the maximum weight for the delivery companies is 25kg (and so I calculated cos

RepricerExpress SKY ROCKETTED My Business

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A review of RepricerExpress by LifeSuccessEngineer,
20 Apr 2017
What was good about this product or service overall? RepricerExpress allowed me to grow my business rapidly by automating my product price changes. The challenge sellers have is competing with the buy box on Amazon. This process should not be done manually and this is where RepricerExpress comes in. They have without a doubt contributed to our businesses massive success. Thank you. Could anything have been better? I'm not too sure, to be honest. They are always updating and growing. So

Great platform and great people

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Matt W.
A review of ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces by Matt W.,
Yesterday at 1:31pm
What was good about this product or service overall? Great customer service and always willing to listen to customers on way to enhance the platform. There are many different modules within the platform that give you a great view of how your business is performing. Could anything have been better? No How was the support? Their customer service is great. Responses are always within 24 hours and resolution is usually shortly thereafter. If an issue lasts longer, they will continue to u

Excellent Company

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A review of ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces by hazelk,
Yesterday at 1:30pm
Excellent company. Channel Advisor has helped us launch and grow our e-commerce business at a much faster rate and scale. Their annual conference, Catalyst is also extremely insightful and informative. We use the software to manage and update inventory quantities available on multiple marketplaces - it is able to juggle inventory between multiple marketplaces so we can maximize available units for sale in multiple places without overselling. We also use it to manage orders from multipl

Great managed services

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A review of ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces by nickr,
Yesterday at 12:20pm
ChannelAdvisor has helped out business tremendously. They have been extremely responsive and their knowledge of the industry has helped us maintain steady growth. Their managed services component was well worth the investment. We now have a dedicated person working with us who understands the industry and helps us maintain our position in the marketplaces. ChannelAdvisor is also constantly improving the platform and we have benefited from many of the new features implemented over the last few ye

Amazing Service! The ONLY Amazon lawyer I will ever use!

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Kan K
A review of Amazon Sellers Lawyer by Kan K,
Yesterday at 2:07am
Wow! Just wow!. Amazon Seller Lawyers and CJ Rosenbaum have exceeded my expectations time and time again. This is the third time I have contacted them for their services and they are more than amazing! I had called and asked to speak to CJ, however, I was told he was in China. To my utter surprise, I received a called back from CJ a few hours later from China! He also answered my email questions and concerns as well! If this isn't customer service, I don't know what is. So so so happy with

Worth Every Penny!!

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Abdul Alkam
A review of ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces by Abdul Alkam,
24 Apr 2017
Great system for anyone trying to expand their business. I honestly Do not know how I could have managed expanding my business with ChannelAdvisor. I would recommend to anyone and everyone, you will not be disappointed with ChannelAdvisor. I love how super easy it is to upload products on different channels.You do it with literally two or three clicks. Then your whole catalog is uploaded. Channel Advisor is the way to go. Forget all the others. ChannelAdvisor is a one stop shop and its super ea


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A review of ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces by ryankomo,
24 Apr 2017
What was good about this product or service overall? Awesome services. Easy to use. Could anything have been better? How was the support? AMAZING support. Quick to answer within a couple of hours..........................................................................................................................................................................................................................:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)................................................

Works great for shipping to Amazon FBA

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A review of AMZ Labels by thebookman,
24 Apr 2017
Pros: It does exactly what it is supposed to. Coverts the FBA labels to 4x6. Creates a separate label for the carrier label and the FBA label. Easy to use. Drag the file, click the button, done. Worked with my Zebra thermal printer. Inexpensive. Cons: None so far. I don't know why Amazon does not have built in support for a label printer with their FBA shipping labels. I don't have the patience to copy/paste labels to the printer, and cutting and taping labe

In one word: WOW

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A review of Algopix by eran537,
24 Apr 2017
Starting from trying it I was interested in declared functions, product demand, and market size evaluation. I have not met similar info at one place before. Usually, you need to dig through a ton of web sites to at least approximately understand what's what. They declare they have already analyzed 10 different marketplaces and gave us the ready-to-use data. Everyone who starts selling makes a lot of mistakes, and then have to look for effective solutions because he or she should to fix that in s

Price increase are just getting silly

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Latest: 24 Apr 2017
A review of Brightpearl by cdavies,
21 Feb 2017
We have been with Brightpearl for about 4 years and the overall experience is so so. Brightpearl does a very good job of importing eBay and Amazon product and management through the shipping stages. Accounting side of Brightpearl is poor and creates more work than it saves. Help is slow and they seem to drag their feet when solving any issues. You have to pay additional charges for postcode finding and shipping management which others include within their subscription. Massive ye

Algopix helped me to start making money

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A review of Algopix by eyalrachm,
23 Apr 2017
I didn’t do any research at all before buying them and listed them without any testing, but they sold quickly with very few returns. I thought I’d figured it out -- all you need to do is post products on the internet and they sell in a flash, but in reality, it was nothing but beginner’s luck. After that, I raised money and listed more than 1000 products but there were no buyers at those prices. Other sellers made big price cuts, so I had to sell almost at cost and could barely break even. I bec

Fantastic Web Solutions Program - Highly recommended!

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A review of Seller Sourcebook by carolagomes,
22 Apr 2017
I've been using SSB for over 10 years and I frequently have questions since I am still not very good with technology. They should be tired of hearing from me but they are always very prompt in answering my questions. I thought it would be disadvantageous to use them because we cannot communicate by phone, but that has not been the case. It's probably even better communicating via email since I don't have to wait on the phone for a response or worry about getting to the right person. All the

Payability changed my business!

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A review of Payability by rebekahncornell,
22 Apr 2017
Payability gave me the cash flow I needed to take my Amazon business to the next level. Before Payability I was using credit cards to fund my Amazon business. I did not have the best credit score and my credit limit was only $3000. No one was going to give me a large loan. Payability solved the problem of having enough money coming into my business to launch more products. Before payability my two-week payments from Amazon were always around $3000 because that was the limit of money I had to put

Sorry not worth it

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A review of Tactical Arbitrage by joew6238,
22 Apr 2017
Sorry, but this app was a time waster for me. I signed up for the free 10 day trial, and executed numerous scans of varying types across a large number of stores, including Amazon to Amazon flips, and did everything as specified in various instructional videos. Did not find a single product. Oh you'll find some that look like opportunities, but when you go into the product page of the store, it will show out of stock. There are also a ton of mismatches, where UPC codes on one site do not mat

New Version is full of bugs. Stay away

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A review of ReplyManager by toussi1,
21 Apr 2017
Was forced to upgrade to the latest version and nothing works right. Calls, emails, and many people on the phone answering with no idea how reply manger even works. Exactly what ever other review has said about the new version. NOT BETTER, WORSE! It has been a disaster. Funny thing they know it has bugs and still force you to upgrade to their latest version. Hopeing we can make this work soon, but its not looking good. Save your money and time and just do it the old way for now. Ple

Best shipping tool for online sellers

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A review of ShipWorks by jc_jc,
21 Apr 2017
What was good about this product or service overall? Rock solid and stable performance shipping tool that integrates with my Miva Merchant stores and Amazon Seller Central since year 2004 Could anything have been better? None How was the support? I have been using Shipworks for over 10 years. They know what "customer support" is from the customer's perspective. Any technical issues I had in the past were resolved in very timely manner. I would highly recommend ShipWorks for any online

A Big Fan

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A review of Payability by elfworks2,
20 Apr 2017
What was good about this product or service overall? This service really outperformed what I thought the benefits would be. Could anything have been better? I can't imagine them being more efficient, but I suppose there is always room for improvement, and I'm sure they'll figure out how to improve. How was the support? They are very responsive and eager to assist. Everything you want and need in a service that helps you with your money. Refreshing, really, how friendly and he

OK products, Slow Updates, Stupid Customer Service

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A not very happy customer
A review of WidgetChimp by A not very happy customer,
20 Apr 2017
It is easy to use, that is why I chose it at first place, it is straightforward and easy to master, however, when ebay made the decision to block all active contents, their new templates seem very dumn, few options and you have to RE-APPLY EVERY SINGLE LISTING, that is pain in the ass! Also, it sometimes take long time to reload and updates Customer Service are especially rude and unprofessional. Also, they still charge me monthly when I made annual subscription, good thing is they are

The last e-commerce tool we'll need

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A review of Skubana by CleanerFilters,
20 Apr 2017
Out of the box Skubana has key features that allow us to run our business without worrying about all of the details that normally bog down ecommerce stores with multiple warehouses and sales channels. The forecasting tool for our warehouses is a great feature and works as well as competitive tools. Our favorite tools is the automatic PO generation because it saves hours every week. Their pricing model works well for a scaling business. Most competitors take a piece of the pie alongside
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