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Do you self a favour.. run away from this thieves

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A review of Guided Imports by lahiru26,
Today at 12:08am
They charge a high upfront free #1,177 to find a supplier in exchange of with the promise not taking kickbacks from suppliers.. in my case they did exactly the opposite.. and got caught red-handed getting commission from my supplier behind my back.. when confronted they give a runner with money and stop responding to my calls Owner name is Sam Boyd and their web is Not all sourcing companies does this.. there are pleaty of good ones, don’t lose you faith Btw I can see

Awful. Stay away. Not worth the money

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A review of Sellbrite by Mbar,
Yesterday at 7:10pm
This was one of the most unreliable, unresponsive programs we have ever used. The only reason we signed up for the program was because at the time you were one of the only companies offering Etsy bulk uploading... We had many times where things were double listed on Etsy. There were over 50+ occurrences of double selling which not only harmed our feedback but also at points jeopardized our ability to even sell on the channel. Most cases you claimed it was our fault things double sold or doub

Excellent for Those Ready to Scale

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A review of SELLER SNAP by atjernlund,
Yesterday at 2:57pm
So, you are a legitimate Amazon seller looking to reach the next level. Well, then you know that you need to focus on what makes your business grow and outsource the rest. However, you don't want to give up the details and care that got you this far. That was my issue. I had tried FeedVisor, Appeagle, and others. Feedvisor was a great idea, but I am busy growing my business and don't want to input all the data they need for it to run successfully. Plus, the price tag was just, wow. The other bas

Life & Business Changing

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A review of FreeeUp by MikeA,
Yesterday at 1:50pm
FreeeUp saved me and is helping my business grow! Over the last year I have put a lot of resources into scaling my ecommerce business... I expanded into 6 different international market places as well as other sales channels. My business partner and I were doing everything from sales, to inventory management, new product sourcing, creating invoices, the list goes on and on. As the business grew more complex I had less time for myself and my family and things began to slip through the cracks.

Account reinstated - Thank you!

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A review of Thompson & Holt by rb17,
Yesterday at 1:12am
AMAZING experience! I was skeptical at first and shopped around for weeks. I read reviews of all Amazon appeal services around. I trusted my intuition, took the plunge and hired them. The Thompson & Holt team provided me a successful appeal letter within 24 hours- submitted appeal - and my account was reinstated! The ROI on money spent hiring them vs future Amazon revenue means this is easily the best money spent ever. These guys know what they're doing, don't hesitate hiring them. Thank you Tho

Just DOUBLED their prices :-(

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A review of Sellbrite by 3rd-Venue,
7 Feb 2017
I was all set to go with Sellbrite. It handled MCF ok, and seemed to not miss stock changes. BLISTERING fast imports and did not miss a single item. Impressive! Their column layouts are hideous however. You cannot add / remove / re-order / resize columns. How on earth do software designers put out such junk, and they NEVER use it, and they NEVER follow commonly accepted practices (how about doing it exactly like AMAZON SELLER CENTRAL??). It is not capable of figuring out that FBA in

From Old To New We Haven't Had Any Issues.

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A review of ReplyManager by jamesybeck2017,
19 Jul 2017
Yes it was a pain migrating over to the new platform but the company changed hands to what do you expect? For those complaining about glitches I suggest that you look at the way you have set it up, you may have done things wrong. We don't have any issues really just the minor down time every now and again but apart from that this site saves us a lot of time, I have moved companies and convinced the MD to use this software/website as I set it up in my previous job and it has worked wonders

Does what they promise but you will need some patience

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A review of Expandly by Jamie800,
18 Jul 2017
What was good about this product or service overall? The product is really well priced in the marketspace that it occupies. I've spent hours trying to find a service that does all the usual sales channels (ebay/amazon/etc.) but importantly integrates with Magento 2 without the need for hundreds of pounds spent on an extension. Expandly integrates with M2 out of the box which is amazing! To be perfectly honest there are several well priced Inventory/Order Management SaaS tools out there

The only place you should go to hire

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A review of FreeeUp by sprentic,
18 Jul 2017
Freeeup is Amazing when it comes to hiring online. Nathan and his team get the job done and ensure that you are happy with their service. We had an issue with one of our workers and reached out to nathan's team on the weekend. They we're quick to resolve the issue and within 8 hours our company had a replacement and we were back up and running. Having hired on different online platforms, I can say without a doubt that you'd get the most bang for buck hiring using Freeeup vs. the other platform

Great service!

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A review of Thompson & Holt by Adam123,
18 Jul 2017
The representatives from Thompson & Holt I had contact with were very professional and responsive to emails. I contacted the company in a pinch after my first two appeal letters to Amazon were rejected. They wrote a new appeal letter within 24 hours of receiving payment. The letter got us reinstated within hours of submitting it to Amazon and no follow ups were needed. I had my doubts at first but they really know what they are doing. Thank you Thompson & Holt for getting my account re-instat

Hidden fees / intimidation / threats / avoid at all cost!

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A review of OFX by geraldine,
18 Jul 2017
After I got a quote in writing, and I thought it was too much since not what they advertised because they have hidden fees, they are threatening me to sue me if I don't close the deal claiming that I have agreed with their conditions and rate by clicking after I registered. Before registering, quotes are not disclosed so there is no other way. They also threat me to accept their deal within 45mn! before transferring it to the legal department! I would definitely not recommend this company to mak

Terrible Experience-- Took back my business 3-4 months in 1!

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Latest: 18 Jul 2017
A review of Bobsled Marketing by amzseller101,
21 May 2017
My experience with Bobsled Marketing was spectacularly awful! We brought them in to manage our Amazon Sponsored Ads and Amazon Marketing Services ads for our product line. Bobsled might be good for those who like to "set it and leave it" and don't understand the intricacies of how products sell on Amazon, but if you do and have success in highly competitive and saturated areas, Bobsled will be there to screw you! When we brought them in, we were selling around $47k a month in revenue with

Unfortunately it doesn't calculate profit correctly

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Latest: 17 Jul 2017
Andy C
A review of Fetcher by Andy C,
20 Jun 2017
I hate to write this review, but I feel like I need to. I was really excited because Fetcher allows you to add in additional business expenses, accounts for PPC, and is really simple to use. Unfortunately it doesn't do the one thing it HAS to be able to do, which is calculate profit. I was suspicious because I keep a close eye on my finances. Like a lot of people, though, I pay for my items in bulk, so calculating current profit can be difficult. However, I started looking back week by week and

Be wary of their Sourcing Service

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Latest: 17 Jul 2017
A review of Cascadia Seller Solutions by openmind,
16 Apr 2017
Being a new product development business selling in Amazon, we sought help from Cascadia Seller solutions. Their impressive resume in many areas including product sourcing made us decide to check them out. Eventually we signed up to Cascadia's sourcing service and was assigned a sourcing agent. The agent was pleasant to work with but after having secured two active suppliers (and in the middle of negotiating for tooling costs),the agent declared that Cascadia's job is over since I have al

still waiting for delivery

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Latest: 17 Jul 2017
A review of Freightos Marketplace by LarryF,
12 Jul 2017
While the prices can be good, the service is often awful. We shipped a carton on June 28 that should have taken about 3 business days to deliver and as of July 12 it has yet to be delivered, The shipment is on CEVA and there is no online tracking, Omar from Freightos yesterday emailed: that he "hoped we have an update soon." I am still waiting for that update. There seems to be no understanding at freightos that freight has to be delivered in a timely fashion and that customers need to k

Waste of money and time

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Latest: 17 Jul 2017
A review of Terapeak Professional by yepee9,
14 Jul 2017
Few working features it had are already removed or nerfed. Company has lost its vision. Terapeak which was once a good MI tool is now turned into a bad Reporting tool which only gives you data for your own store. MI part was totally destroyed and the data and tools now available are totally useless and waste of time. If you want a tool for Market Intelligence (MI) it's not the one. If you want to use it to monitor the performance or data of your own stores and there is no need to waste money on

Fantastic and Professional Customer Service

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A review of FreeeUp by Ingrid.S,
17 Jul 2017
This company is great! I cannot recommend it enough. Nate, the CEO, is very professional and fair in his customer service. Any small glitches I've had he has promptly and kindly fixed for me. I've hired a couple of great workers from Freeeup that have allowed me to measurably advance my business. One to help me finish my website, a Wordpress expert who was super thorough and communicative. Another who helps me (still) with my marketing plan. I would highly recommend using this company to d

Stay away..

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Latest: 17 Jul 2017
A review of CrazyLister by bullish47,
15 Jul 2017
What was good about this product or service overall? Nothing. It claims to be simple and easy to use. Quite the opposite. If you have plenty of time to waste and nothing better to do with your time, use this service. It is not at all user friendly. Especially with the photo upload. You still have to edit all of your text, photos and information over again. Why would I be interested in doing the same thing twice? Could anything have been better? Customer service lacking. No on

Very responsive team who get the job done.

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Friends of Montclair Library
A review of Amazon Sellers Lawyer by Friends of Montclair Library,
17 Jul 2017
We are group of volunteers that support our local library by reselling used books on Amazon. Our selling privileges were removed as we didn't fit the typical profile of a business. Brett (Director of Client Services) immediately took my call and connected me to C.J. who took the time to understand our unique situation. I worked with Anthony who was very responsive and helpful. He knew exactly how to deal with Amazon. Working with Anthony was easy and his plan of action was focused. Happ

Great way to beat the competition

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A review of Gixen by horizon212,
15 Jul 2017
Gixen is a great service to get an advantage over the competition when bidding on ebay. Basic service is free and mirror service cost is dirt cheap. You will likely save the yearly cost of subscription on your first few auction snipes. Highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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A review of Shippo by bbc,
15 Jul 2017
What was good about this product or service overall? Nothing, It was complicated to link my account to ebay and paypal and I had to call Canada Post and setup an account. Then after 3 days of trying to do that once it finally was working I went to ship an item and it was WAY OVERPRICED! I then went to get a rate from the Canada Post website itself and it was half the price that Shippo was offering. I will not be using shippo and my ebay days may be coming to an end. Could anything have
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