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Use something else...

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A review of Auction Sniper by robinson_reichel,
15 Oct 2008
The features of Auction Sniper are good, but where is the point if bids are not placed when you want them to be placed? You place a snipe and their servers seem to play a little time on them to place them totally offset. I had that happen more than once and lost auctions because of that! I use the free myibay site now and am more than happy!

Totally inaccurate!

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A review of Auction Sniper by turbinetoni,
15 Oct 2008
Had more than 3 lost auctions because of bids placed way too early. Useless for me.

forget it!

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A review of Auction Sniper by theatertier,
15 Oct 2008
much better sites now! utmost inaccurate sniping...

Not worth the money and very bad attitude to customers

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A review of ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces by abctoysandgames,
15 Oct 2008
I signed up with them, as I was under the impression that they could automate all areas of ebay etc, but on receiving the log in was appalled at the lack of features - it does not update ebay listings in real time - eg if you sell an item or add to stock, it does not automatically update your ebay listing - a feature I consider essential with the new ebay changes to listing visability according to how many you have sold. There are no stock ordering systems, you cannot even see what items are l

A great Stock Management and complete listing solution

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A review of Volo by abctoysandgames,
15 Oct 2008
This program is definately the best on the market. It has so many features and integrates fully , in real time, with Amazon, Ebay, your own website and more! It has a complete stock management system, from ordering from suppliers to sending goods out. It also has fully automated email systems. You can also deal with refunds, manual orders and add to orders, all with a few clicks of a mouse button. Amazon listing is a breeze, it connects to Amazon, so you can check the latest prices, fi

Perfect Sniping Software

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A review of Ace Sniper Desktop Bidder by smsmd2,
13 Oct 2008
After trying several other products online and being disappointed (i.e. losing out on ebay items), I was pleasantly surprised with the functionality and ease of use of Ace Sniper. Simple, effective and safe, Ace Sniper makes waiting by the computer to ensure that your sniping software won't crash in the last minutes of an auction a thing of the past. I have saved time and money with Ace Sniper and would recommend it without reservation to both beginners and veterans of ebay alike.

Myibay as accurate as the spelling

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A review of Myibidder by niggelizzy,
8 Oct 2008
This program is ****. It is riddled with errors that causes duplication of items within lists and reinstatement of deleted items. It has the look and functionality of a project undertaken by an untalented schoolchild. it does work so cannot be rated as an 'F', but it is not user friendly. a definite 'C-', do not buy this software.

eSellerPro - A good Multi Channel Solution

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A review of Volo by Vendlab,
7 Oct 2008
I have found eSellerPro to be an excellent solution to my multi channel selling needs. The product allows my company to sell the same inventory across three channels - Amazon, eBay and website cutting down on the management of sales and the potential for stock issues. I keep discovering new and useful functionality. The support staff are also very knowledgable and pleasant I have just launched a website run by esellerpro - and am very pleased with the resul

What Was Once A Great Program, Is No Longer. Now Auction Sentry Sucks!!!

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A review of Auction Sentry by dhattemer,
2 Oct 2008
I've used this program with great success for years. But, it now has SO many problems that it is not worth using! For example, when you perform an ebay search, the "sort by" function (i.e., lowest price, ending soonest, etc. ) doesn't work! The drop down menu appears, but clicking on any of the sort options does nothing! And, when you fill out Auction Sentrys' "contact us" form in an effort to inform them of such problems, there is no "send" button. There is no way to even contact them!!

Not "Standalone" sniper - just a windows-based interface

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A review of Myibidder by gmunsch,
1 Oct 2008
I expected a standalone eBay sniper that runs from my own computer when I downloaded their software. This is not so - it's just an interface towards, and the real sniping is done from their servers. I have two problems with this. First, I downloaded myibay because I did not want my password to be left with the third party, and then it's sent away to their servers. Second, this is slow - as every addition / delete / refresh is sent to/from the myibay server. If they described ac

How do they get away with it?

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A review of StealthBid by Horner_fan,
12 Sep 2008
I echo many of the comments made by obviously frustrated clients of Stealthbid. They are totally unreliable and reliability is something essential for those of us who prefer to place bids at the last moment rather than let the world see that bids have been placed. In my case there have been many missed bid - on 2 occasions they were items of jewellery I DESPERATELY wanted. However the most worrying aspect is that they are charging me for bids they say I had won and, in fact, hadn't. The last

You think U use a good sniper? U wrong - this is a great sniper what I ever use!!

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A review of Myibidder by Silphe,
8 Sep 2008
Realy great! Simlpe to use! Fast! The good sniper, best of whom I used. And FREE!!!))

A great idea cleverly implemented

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A review of MerchantRun GlobalLink by Andy,
5 Sep 2008
MerchantRun GlobalLink takes a simple idea to heart - make it as easy as possible to sell on multiple international eBay sites. MerchantRun's founders started selling on eBay, but found it difficult and labor-intensive to sell their products on international sites. Challenges such as different category hierarchies, currency conversion, and scheduling across timezones all had to be handled manually. So, like many others, they built their own system. However, unlike other former in-house sys

Great software to post from your zencart based store to ebay

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A review of AuctionBlox eMarketConnect by cliffl,
28 Aug 2008
If you are running Zen-cart store, and posting to ebay, this could be a very useful software. The very attractive part is it can generate ebay listings from the store database. With the full set of macros provided, you can make your template withdraw product info and images from store database, then generate ebay listings from your database for any amount of your products by couple of clicks. Plus the listing schedule and relist function, you can make the ebay listing work so easy and cost m

Are they out of business?

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A review of AuctionWagon Store Manager G2 by IntlTradingCo,
28 Aug 2008
Went to and it's down. Are they out of business or are they just not paying attention to major details like keeping their site running?

Failed for me

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A review of Myibidder by paul71,
26 Aug 2008
I received a message "extra confirmation" needed, and my snipe failed. eBay asked me no questions when submitting my bid manually.

Ton of upfront payments, inccomplete work, archaic formats desperately need revisions

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A review of Infopia Transact by JKM,
21 Aug 2008
Took a ton of money up front even though never delivered the full amount of training that ended up being very loose. No response to address this issues -- just ignored it,. Don't be pressured into paying this money up front -- research this and other companies carefully by visiting them first hand. Tech support defensive when queried and accusatory, blaming our business too much, unpleasant. Others were really great. When you get involved with this company, you'll see that, at this time,

Terible site

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A review of StealthBid by itbeme,
18 Aug 2008
Fails to place bids, no response to questions, terrible service. You have a better chance to win an auction by luck than using this service. Save your money and choose another sniping software. I used the service for 2 years with excellent results and now it is useless. It has let me down several times with no response to questions. Stealthbid is history.

More stable in 2008 than 2007 but not by much -- It's FREE.

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A review of Turbo Lister by,
15 Aug 2008
Turbo Lister is famous for being buggy, with different experiences by different users, which makes it hard for eBay tech support to resolve. It is free - and it works 80% of the time. It's free. Admittedly, it is better in 2008 than in previous years. Some of the issues I've had with TL2 are usually freezing/crashing of the application after making numerous changes to an ad frequent posting errors that are hard to identify and resolve (usually related to shipping or tax settings) without

Very good e-bay sniper

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A review of Myibidder by FAST,
14 Aug 2008
+ support of international auctions + good looking site + group sniping + Opera and Firefox extensions I like it, I use it :)

it has it all - simple easy to use and reliable - and its free - what more could you ask for?

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A review of Ace Sniper Desktop Bidder by PeteC,
11 Aug 2008
After using other auction tools (client and server based) and having been dissapointed by reliability issues I decided to try Ace Sniper Desktop Bidder. Nothing is more annoying than setting a bid up and then waiting in anticipation for the moment of winning the item only to find that the server has problems or the program crashes at the critical point with no time to place your bid - and the item has gone! This is where Desktop Bidder excels - its easy to set up, only taking a couple of min
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