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Useless without support

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Screendudes UK
A review of ChannelAdvisor Pro by Screendudes UK,
30 Apr 2007
I would recommend people stay well away from channel advisor pro in the UK. The customer support is non existent, even when there are serious problems, ie the system is no longer loading items in my ebay shop, it still takes them about 14 days to reply, if they even bother. The only way to contact support is through a form on the web based system, there is no phone option even when an issue is serious and urgent. There are no setup instructions to speak of, and it is clear that the system i

Horrible support and customer service. Avoid.

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A review of Atomic Feedback by pdore15,
30 Apr 2007
I received the program and it was worthless. It did not load the feedbacks properly and did not reply to any of my feedback. While trying to figure the program out it crashed after a few clicks of the mouse. The distributor/creator answered my emails telling me to reinstall the program. Several days later I found an alternative program that is working perfectly. I asked for a refund on Atomic Feedback and was denied. I've filed for a claim with Paypal and am just disgusted by the whole o


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A review of AuctionSieve by kogmedia,
23 Apr 2007
A Must!

Could be great product if it worked right

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A review of Auction Defender by psolt,
23 Apr 2007
I purchased this product and for me it's pretty much useless. If I could get it to work properly - it would be great, but I've decided not to waste any more time trying to get that to happen. It randomly crashes 3 or 4 times a day. I've lost a few auctions because I set it up to bid unattended and when I returned, I found that it had crashed before placing the bid. The import function does not work. When I first installed the program, it worked OK for a few days, but now it always says "No aucti

Fantastic Auction Management Solution

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A review of eBay Blackthorne by enchanted-silver,
22 Apr 2007
This program has transformed my business. After using it for 3 months I can honestly say it has given my eBay business new life, boosted sales significantly, and reduced my daily required time commitment to the business. I previously used SAP since 1999, and made the switch very reluctantly. As a one man operation, I hate change and anything that disrupts my routine or slows my productivity. I also implemented a new ad template at the same time and basically recreated all my 1000+ auction l

I LOVE MY EB! *Ebay Blackthorne Pro*

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A review of eBay Blackthorne by nmartists,
20 Apr 2007
This product will do the heavy lifting for you! I searched the alternatives, but pound for pound Ebay Blackthorne is by far the best buy. You can pay MUCH MORE, and still not have the features this software offers. I started using Blackthorne (Seller's Assistant Pro) in 2002, there is a learning curve, to be sure, but with so much capablility, there's a lot to learn. If/when you need help, it is easy to get. On the discussion group site, the support staff & other users respond in minu


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A review of eBay Blackthorne by sidbench,
17 Apr 2007
I must say the Blackthorne provides excellent value an very fast support. a HUGE upgarde from sapro. Awesome searching and filtering capable make everything faster and more effecient. I love it!!

Couldn't get it to work well.

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A review of AMan Pro by bikesandtrikes,
14 Apr 2007
I had a lot of issues with site and it took a lot of time to get a response. I needed more flexibility with inventory and full service features.

Don't recommend.

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A review of All My Auctions for Sellers by bikesandtrikes,
14 Apr 2007
I am an experienced seller and I was not able to use this software.

Could not run a successful busines without Blackthorne

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A review of eBay Blackthorne by cinderella,
11 Apr 2007
I have been using Blackthorne products for 8 years. In that period, it has evolved from a very simple listing tool to the huge powerhouse that it is today. I am using the Pro version and I could never developed my business to the level that it is without such "power" behind me. The reports that I am now able to generate are awesome and so much more complete than those in SAPro. I love not having to go back and forth to SMPro to see totals, watchers, activity, etc. and the interface with th

I wish I could give it more stars!!!

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A review of eBay Blackthorne by ctrsuperstore,
11 Apr 2007
I have been with Blackthorne Pro since January of 2006 and I am here to stay. Back in 2006, I started looking for a program I could have on my desktop that would keep my items for as long as I wanted to keep them. I was using Selling Manager Pro (which is still free with Blackthorne Pro) and of course after 90 days, you could no longer view your listing on SMPro. It was gone so if you had a similar item later, you had to start over. But not with Blackthorne Pro. It has great inventor

Excellent & Complete Auction Soffware. Bargain for the Money!

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A review of eBay Blackthorne by azaspect,
11 Apr 2007
I have been using Blackthorne to run eBay auctions under 2 ID's and as well as a store since mid 2005 and am more productive with less effort than I ever thought possible. I use the free scheduled by Blackthorne utility to submit my auctions, even when I'm not home at no extra cost. The ability to organize is incredible, ability to see in one place all running, sold and unsold items from store & both IDs including bids and watchers. I send emails, print customizable packing lists with thu

The best one out there for the price

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A review of eBay Blackthorne by barfan,
11 Apr 2007
I have been using Blackthorne Pro since June 2005 as one of the original testers. It has made my life and entire operation run extremely smooth. I have had very few bugs with the software and those have been fixed. The import from eBay is a smart import of your items, listings and sales. There is a significant learning curve with Blackthorne and you cannot just jump in and go at full speed. You need to learn how to use it process by process. That is what I did and now I am able to help oth

So much & so good!

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A review of eBay Blackthorne by GOing1nceLLC,
10 Apr 2007
As one of the first testers of Blackthorne Pro, I've been fiddling with it for over 2 years. On 1/1/06, I started using it as my only auction management program. BTPro streamlines my entire operation - from creating item records to post-sales, including managing my consignments. My eBay About Me page (GOing1nceLLC) links to many workshops and other info I've presented to assist in using Blackthorne effectively. Blackthorne does have a healthy learning curve - it isn't just a "start and go" pro

Good auction management, store is very cheesy, not very flexible

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A review of MarketplaceAdvisor by tracker,
5 Apr 2007
I've used them for many months. Their product works fairly well. Auction launch time may not be what you scheduled due to their system being slow. System is slow in general, sometimes very slow. The system is very hard to learn and navigate. Cumbersome at times to do anything out of the basic. Not very innovative in this department - brute force all the way. It is also not very flexible. One size fts all! Polite customer support. Their store is very hard to learn and your store looks na

Very buggy software, misleading fee structure arrogant customer support people

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A review of Zoovy by tracker,
5 Apr 2007
After months of trying I gave up. The software was buggy to the point of being unusable. Fundamental issues inclucding launching and selling more items than in inventory, not charging shipping, etc. Support staff is very arrogant, not very helpful, not inerested in finding out what your issue is and not interested in fixing it. By default it is not our problem you must be doing something wrong. Close issue tickets without ever working on the issue. Fees are much higher than the tell you. E

I have been using Auction Hawk for a long time - love it!

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A review of Auction Hawk by wyocowgirl,
4 Apr 2007
I have been using Auction Hawk for my eBay auctions for 4 or 5 years. I have found their tech support to be responsive and very helpful. They do not give up. They listen to you and don't treat you like a dummy or put you though the "101" process before they admit there is a problem. The best part about Auction Hawk is even though things don't always work 100% all the time, I have never been unable to list because of it. That is the most important thing to me. Whatever has been a problem

My Top Pick!!

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A review of BidSlammer by citro_cell,
25 Mar 2007
I have been using BidSlammer since the fall of '05. The process to use BidSlammer is easy and flawless - 1)find an item 2)plug the auction number into your BidSlammer page 3)set a price limit 4)leave the computer and go enjoy doing something else without having to worry. Once you set a price there is nothing to monitor, you won't raise the price by letting the other bidders know you are interested, and you can even go on vacation and leave it up to bidslammer to win the item - it's great. I

The best sniping site of them all.

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A review of BidSlammer by deliverin21dave,
24 Mar 2007
I have been sniping on eBay for over four years and I have one service that does it all for me. The best a href=http://www.bidslammer.comsniping service/a of them all is hands down. I have had virtually no problems with the service. Lots of times I thought I missed snipes and their customer service team took great care of me and helped me understand the miss. Their 99.9% accuracy has held up time and again, as I've bid on over 5,000 items with them and had perhaps 1 miss the

Fantastic!!! I found my purpose!

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A review of Auction Hawk by Auctionbug21,
16 Mar 2007
I have been looking for the last year for an affordable solution that does not charge percentage fees. I use a lot of pictures so I need a image hosting service that is FAST! As soon as I joined, they imported all of my listing and images from eBay and I started making listings right away. Within the first hour I had most of my stuff going due to the simplicity of the site. They have outstanding customer service, they respond to my needs very quickly. They have things the other sites don't off

Setting Revision Rules is as simple as 1, 2, 3

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A review of Vendio Reviser by easybayus,
15 Mar 2007
The Vendio Reviser is a great product and I can only hope that eBay is aware of the benefits that it gives powersellers . It is easy to set-up, change and it is very effective. There are several revision strategies we did manually before using this product. We run about 1000 auctions monthly and invested about 20 hours each month in manual revisions. We don't do any manual revisions now and only pay $19.95/month. My time is worth much more than a $1/hour! The revisions that we make auto
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