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Registration page doesn't hide password field?

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A review of eSnipe by roystonlodge,
3 May 2010
I haven't used eSnipe, because I noticed that during the registration process the password field wasn't hidden. I've never, ever, seen a website that doesn't hide your password when you type it in. That made me nervous, so I did not continue with the registration process.


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Kat Guzzi
A review of Seller Sourcebook by Kat Guzzi,
25 Apr 2010
I am so happy that a friend told me about The Seller Sourcebook's AMAZING! They have the most unique and beautiful templates which my ebay customers are constantly remarking on. They make my ebay ads look very professional with therefore helps me to sell more. SSB is constantly coming up with new templates. I have yet to even see all of them because there are so many to choose from. It's very easy to use and makes listing my items FUN! The customer service is the best I've ever co

eSeller Pro is the best

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Latest: 21 Apr 2010
A review of Volo by ajraefields,
1 Aug 2009
I have been an Esp user for more then 2 years now, and just happened to be looking at auction software review and see here that no one has left a review lately. Here is my opinion: Reliable, Innovative, Nice, Quick to adapt to new eBay policy and code, Integrates all sorts of ecommerce in one place, Great Value. Bottom line, this program saves you time and money. It allows you to streamline to sell more and reduce overhead. You will be able to reduce your staff or stop working so much yoursel

Great Service Impossible to Cancel

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Latest: 20 Apr 2010
A review of Bidnapper by lisainsfo,
11 Mar 2010
I have used Bidnapper for the last few years and have always been happy with the results. But due to the current economy, I don't access eBay that much. Imagine my surprise to see Bidnapper automatically took $50 annual fee from my PayPal account - unauthorized. There is no place on the Bidnapper website to cancel your service. I have contacted Bidnapper several times to get cancel my subscription and get my $50 back, but no one is answering my requests. I would be very careful when signing

SSB, the BEST!

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A review of Seller Sourcebook by meowin_kitty,
19 Apr 2010
This company and their people are the best. Responses are fast, friendly, professional yet easy to understand, and they make us feel like valuable customers. No scripted replies, no excuses, just real, genuine help. What a difference. Wouldn't go anywhere else. And I'm a 10-year, 100% feedback eBayer, so quality is important to me. eBay could use a few lessons from SSB.

SSB is like finding a lone rose growing in a weed patch !

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A review of Seller Sourcebook by busyoldguy,
11 Apr 2010
I have used at least five of the top providers, plus some obscure ones, and there is a bit of merit in each. When it comes to quality customer support however the aforementioned simply suck! SSB on the other hand provides a clean flexible platform that does what it is supposed to do, and does it well. Where SSB really shines is in CUSTOMER SUPPORT. I don't care how smart you think you are, there are always questions... These folks respond at "blazing speeds", and are eager to help... When i

Least favorite of all the sites I have used in the past 8 years!

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Latest: 2 Apr 2010
A review of Auction Hawk by flyfisher,
28 Jan 2010
I suffered with Auction Hawk for about 2 years, giving them every chance to clean up their act. Several times a year my eBay listings would not have an image. It appears A.H. was having problems with their site each time. I was constrained by image size, poor quality and billing problems. They appear to be very disorganized. The site is not that difficult to navigate, but is not as user friendly as other sites. Actually, I feel their site is pretty "Mickey Mouse" after reviewing several other im

Company and Site is awful

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A review of BidSlammer by jmc,
2 Apr 2010
Do not use this company, rip off and you can never talk with anyone concerning your issues. Owner is a joke, DO NOT USE.

Auctiva ? I think not.

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Latest: 1 Apr 2010
A review of Auctiva by shaniko86,
25 Aug 2009
A one star rating because there isnt a lower one. Auctiva was a good idea. For good idea's to be great they need to be maintained and improved. I used them since June or so of 2008. My constant complaints were met with answers that typically took one of several paths 'you need to do xxxx to your system', 'we cant replicate the problem here, sorry' , or answers that has zero bearing on the issue. I lived with their bs until June 2009 when they started talking of charging. I, lik

problem with eBay sync and SKU

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Latest: 31 Mar 2010
A review of Linnworks by okaydoke,
24 Feb 2010
I've been trying this program almost for 3 weeks to fit myself using this program because I really love this program. At first I'm been impressive with the easiness and multi-site-sync program. But I was wrong. I'm mainly using this program to manage multi-ebay accounts and websites. Some products are unable to download for managing the orders. Some products downloaded are matched incorrectly with another products. I'm not sure if this is a good program for Amazon sellers using this tool. Bu

It’s worth the effort of setting it up!!!

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Latest: 31 Mar 2010
A review of Linnworks by biz_trade,
23 Mar 2010
Have been using the system for 4 month so far. It is a mission to set up and get everything working like a clock but once you do it delivers really well. Currently doing order fulfilment from eBay (2 account), Amazon (3 accounts), Play and 2 Magento sites. To get all orders from all channels was easy, to get stock control working with all of them takes time and patience. Also print royal mail and UPS labels at a click of a button for all orders is simply brilliant - it saves us on average


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Latest: 30 Mar 2010
A review of AuctionSplash by alonewolfhound,
15 Feb 2010
I agree with the last entry. I downloaded this from Auction Splashe's main web site. No adverts no problems.It never asked me for my ebay account number just my name untill it came to logging into ebay itself.... It loads in seperate parts its true and it did hang a bit updating all the bits and pieces but i just left it and went on with something else and voila up she go's. It took about 15 mins for all my stuff on ebay to start showing but there it all is. No more resizing photos for the web

Great program BUT!

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A review of AuctionSplash by truarty,
29 Mar 2010
I love this program, I have been using it for about 6 months. Just recently eBay notified me that my password had been compromised and that I needed to take steps to change my password for security reasons. Well, I did all that. Then I went to list some things as I do everyday on AuctionSplash, after writing up my 1st description and went to preview a message came up saying "Third party authorization has been revoked by user via site preference settings in My eBay. The user must complete Authori


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Latest: 10 Mar 2010
A review of ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces by markpadam,
17 Dec 2009
The system doesn't work as expected and when we cancelled our account they chased us for the montly subscription for 3 months that we did not even use the system. Doesn't do all of the things they say and the feeds never work correctly. Takes ages to get a responce via support tickets.

Qucik easy very usefull and GREAT Support

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A review of BayLister by shop4usb,
10 Mar 2010
This is a very good programme if you have a large amount of items you need to upload to ebay in one easy go... perfect for items you keep regularly in stock... The best part about this software is not that its only £19.99 for a years licence, it is that if you have any problem or cant work out how to use a specific function, then drop them an email and you always get a friendly helpful response from the guys who built it generally within a few hours of emailing.... To improve it (and i know the

Beware the current culture

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Latest: 6 Mar 2010
A review of inkFrog by hechto,
26 Dec 2009
I was a happy Inkfrog customer for many years. Recently they started a new version IF2. It stinks. Much harder to work with. I am not talking about resistance to change, I am talking about bad programing. The tech help has also deteriorated recently. Today I went to log onto their forums. I got a message that I am banned. Reason, NO REASON. Until, FOREVER. This seemed a bit untowards so I wrote a support ticket asking what was going on. No answer, ticket closed. I wrote a second ticket

Used To Be Great, Now Pretty Sad

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A review of inkFrog by Jimbo1948,
6 Mar 2010
Like a couple other folks, I'd been an IF user for a few years and really liked them compared to the "free" Auctiva and Turbo Lister. However, they have gone downhill big time in the past 12 months. Perhaps it was the inflow from the Auctiva refugees, I don't know. Many of us have had problems where all or most of our uploaded images simply disappear. Tech Support has been of very little help. They have a user forum with one thread for "Announcements from management". You'd think that SOMEONE in

Best Yet - Love Te Site & Support!

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A review of Seller Sourcebook by Jimbo1948,
6 Mar 2010
First started out on eBay with Turbo Lister. Didn't like having to pay for each scheduled listing, so I gave the free Auctiva a try. It was HORRIBLE - ughhh. Then I found Ink Frog. Used it for almost teo years and was fairly happy. But recently they've gone down hill. So, I looked around and came across Seller Sourcebook (SSB). Soooooo much better support than IF: replies are always prompt and useful. Took a little getting used to a new work flow at first, but now I'm hooked! I had a custom-buil

Inkfrog supposed to save seller's fees on ebay

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Latest: 27 Feb 2010
A review of inkFrog by spirit,
6 Jan 2010
I am still waiting for word back from Inkfrog, but I just started with them last nite after also started to work with Auctiva and that not working out either. I was told that if we listed items on ebay through inkfrog we would not have to worry about ebay seller fees except the final value fee? Well that does not appear to be true. I got two listings done and they charged me $2.35 to do the listings! So I had to immediately end the listings and contact Inkfrog to find out what was going on.

so far the the best that i ever had experience ,after tryng multiple solutions

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Latest: 27 Feb 2010
A review of inkFrog by stmoritz,
26 Jun 2009
I have tried several third party software like vendio platform or Auctiva,selling manager pro, I can only say that inkfrog is the best, and also very clear on the computer screen(to see),also not to mention that is very user friendly,also i liked because it update everything from my ebay status from payments to feedback and since i used shipwork for sending packages ,once you update shipworks ,it sends all the info to myebay and the in to inkfrog (this amazing and is not working with vendio),

Overall - okay

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Latest: 23 Feb 2010
A review of Vendio by petermichelson,
16 Jul 2009
We've been working with Vendio for many many many years now. The solution is good and it works, yet it has always been buggy - and always will be. The features are good, you can accomplish a lot, but when it comes to the details of selling professionally, you soon realize the limitations (mostly due to the lack of business knowledge of the company's employees). You should beware that this solution is not technically elegant, search engine friendliness is bad, the store solution totally suc
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