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Free, Easy, and 1 extra Bonus I LOVE !

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A review of QuickSnipe by Belmont69,
19 Jul 2004
Esteal is truly a GREAT service, considering that it is free. I received NO fluff from Esteal, no spyware, no popups, nothing. ESteal has an "Import Watch List" which I absolutely LOVE. I watch perhaps 40 or 50 items or more at a time, and by clicking one button they are automatically imported into Esteal, and with 1 more click I can set up a snipe on any item. I have never had even a hiccup with Esteal. My snipes have been sent 100 percent of the time. If I had a request, it would be th

Easy to use but has some limitations

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A review of All My Auctions for Sellers by vk2him,
14 Jul 2004
Pros: Able to keep track of your auctions with many customisable fields. You can enter the ebay ID of a seller and download their past 90 days of sales for either competitive purposes or if your a buyer to see how much a similar item sold for previously. Able to setup it up to track consignment sales from multiple sources Quick sales summary Able to do complex calculations and display results. This is useful to work out commisions or sales tax etc. All data can easily be exported to Excel.

Good but needs a lot of work

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A review of Selling Manager by dawal,
12 Jul 2004
I've been using SM for a year or so and it has the great advantage of being linked directly to eBay data, but it has a lot of irritating features which haven't been helped by several periods of unresolved faults including the past few weeks (at 12 July 2004) of persistent error messages as I try to move through various steps and which take several and at worst ten or a dozen time-consuming attempts before I can move to the next step. It has numerous other irritating features even when it's wo

Neat solution to promoting auctions outside of eBay

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A review of My Auction Gallery by Andy,
9 Jul 2004
The gallery is highly customisable, can quickly display current bids, and shows links for email, bookmarking, about me, and eBay stores. Only downside is that you can't host it on your own website directly.

Make your own mind up....

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A review of SitePal by Andy,
7 Jul 2004
I suspect you will either love or hate these avatars - they have the potential to irritate! But, used sparsely and in the right kind of auction, they have the potential to boost sales.

Excellent alternative to normal eBay browsing!

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A review of Munnin by Andy,
5 Jul 2004
Munnin downloads the entire category tree from eBay so it is much quicker to browse categories than using eBay directly. Browsing items is also fast, with previous search results and descriptions being automatically saved. Only downsides are that the layout takes some getting used to and it is not currently possible to upgrade to pay-for versions (which promise to be even faster!)

A good newcomer

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A review of AuctionNavigator by Andy,
5 Jul 2004
AuctionNavigator has a easy-to-use, polished interface. The drag-and-drop and right-click methods of adding auctions from the browser window are excellent, and the software is fully functional in the trial period . My only small gripes are that the eBay search results are lost once you navigate away from the browser window (but this has the advantage of keeping search results up to date) and the error message when setting a bid is sometimes unhelpful - it says "one of the parameters is incorrec

Poor Support Mars Nice Product

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Bwana Bob
A review of kAuction by Bwana Bob,
1 Jul 2004
When I downloaded kAuction, I thought I had found just the right software for my needs. It's built atop an Access database, and the developer claims to know how to build such databases - while claiming that all the other auction software developers don't. Boasts like that are fine if they have any merit. kAuction's inventory system seems quite robust and forces you to catalog items before you're able to list auctions for them. That seems logical. Such rigor, however, comes at the cost of

The Best Out There

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Bwana Bob
A review of AuctionSage by Bwana Bob,
1 Jul 2004
In the past few days I've evaluated most of the leading auction management programs, and only this one has both the power and the flexibility to let me configure it to work the way I want it to work. It has an effective, intuitive workflow system for e-mail communication, and it lets me change completely the workflow structure to match my current system. It spits out nicely formatted packing lists that combine multiple purchases and can handle any number of items. It interfaces with Endicia's Da


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A review of SnipeSwipe by BeachNYC,
27 Jun 2004
Very inexpensive, yet incredibly efficient. I have NEVER had it fail me in getting my bid in on time. Very, very impressed.

good for beginers

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A review of HTML Auction Description Generator by kimmi198,
21 Jun 2004
This program is good but it would be better as a downloadable program easy to use


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A review of Auction Station Ad Creator by kimmi198,
21 Jun 2004
Colour are very basic nothing special!! Doesn't look professional at all but very easy to use must have URL for pictures though

Sniperight is DEAD!

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A review of SnipeRight Professional by Fwax,
16 Jun 2004
The server no longer works, the website does not work and they do not return email. This has been the case for about 5 days. If I were only out my $20 that wouldn't be so bad. I'm loosing money on bids that went through because I can't contact them to close my account.

Review of StealthBid

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A review of StealthBid by magicman,
7 Jun 2004
I have been using this for some time,in addition to winning auctions, it saves the web page, and organizes things nicely.

Gets the Job done

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A review of Turbo Lister by fgamer,
6 Jun 2004
I've used Turbo Lister for all of my auctions and it gets the job done! There are some quirks with the description area scrolling window (window won't scroll with keyboard, only mouse), but it is very effective at producing quality listings. All of the eBay services are integrated into the product and I've yet to have any errors caused by the application. I would recommend this product to all new eBay sellers as it is free, but you'll have to learn to navigate through the many windows in

Next Generaation Ecommerce Technology

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A review of Zoovy by eBayWhiz,
6 Jun 2004
Zoovy is the only company which has shown the ability to truly integrate an ecommerce web site with your marketplace initiative. By the far the most robust PSP provider available today.

Crashes periodically with Win2000. No fix & ignored by eBay.

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A review of Turbo Lister by dbullen83,
30 May 2004
At first I found Turbo Lister slick and easy to use. But then it started crashing when trying to change an Ad. Initially eBay responsed rapidly and they made several suggestions. Then I realised I was getting the same canned suggestions from different people. Any questions I sent were ignored and responded to with a canned message. None of the suggestions worked. I told them this and suggested that someone review all the correspondence between eBay and me. They have not responded since.

Has no reporting options.

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A review of ChannelAdvisor Pro by russellm,
10 May 2004

Tried Many, Picked this one

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A review of Shooting Star by MostlyMemories,
14 Apr 2004
I tried several auction management pieceees of SW, and I liked this one the best. It uses a workflow style that was easy to interface with the way we do business. It is easy to use and offers tremenndous flexibility, especially in the area of email templates. I do have a couple of things that I wish it also did. For example, it does not have integrated inventory management or Auction posting capability. It also cannot produce a report for sales tax, even though it collects the information

Review of Turbo Lister

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A review of Turbo Lister by,
9 Apr 2004
Turbo Lister is quiet efficient but: Is not a "complete software" due his frequent updates, id too slow, sometimes is difficult to use
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