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The best eBay listing tool.

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A review of Trendy Listing Builder by Sitecubeinc,
29 Apr 2006
I have never seen such a easy to use listing builder. Trendy Listing Builder are is amazing. They provide excallent tech support with preferred one month free trial. Man I was surpriced.

Five hundred stars

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A review of Auction Hawk by auctionmagic55,
25 Apr 2006
I don't usually leave reviews ever but couldn't resist. I found a new home. I tried most of the cheaper services mentioned on this site and this was by far the best. This ain't your daddy's listing service. Flat fees, and some awesome POSH corporate-looking templates. Lots of stuff I didn't think I needed until I used it. Basically all I do is make my descriptions and it does everything else. I don't need to know any HTML. I like how it combines orders without me having to do anything.

A little quirky but does the job

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A review of Bid-O-Matic by Andy,
23 Apr 2006
I have been using Bid-O-Matic instead of JBidWatcher for a few weeks and it has sniped reliably. The interface is a little strangely designed, and there is no English help, but I got the hang of it quickly. The bid groups are particularly useful. As it's a free program it still deserves four stars.

Andale - avoid like the plague, should carry a health warning !

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A review of Andale by saclark99,
14 Apr 2006
Andale Well, where to start? I feel emotionally drained from a downward spiral of incompetence, buggy software, clowns in customer support and most of all, a shockingly bad interface between eBay and checkout. I started off with eBay UK as I fancied the Lister Pro, which seemed a good little tool. Did a few listings with the web/online version too, then Armageddon - having to deal with Customer Support (is that a misnomer, or an oxymoron? Firstly, they deleted my account, which wasn't a

Powerful time-saving features for an unbelievable price.

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A review of Sold! by tekgems,
13 Apr 2006
Installation crashing has to do with your PC not the software. Two SOLD V features worth mentioning: 1) Integration with osCommerce. From the same SOLD V package, you can also have an osCommerce web store allowing you to manage inventory in one place. You could do the same with MarketWorks, Zoovy, or ChannelAdvisor, but the'll charge you an arm & a leg to use their service. 2) Paypal integration. All address details and notes of the paypal payment are automatically loaded in to the Sal

Easy and Free

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A review of Auctiva by GypsyMart,
12 Apr 2006
I've had great luck with Auctiva. And free definitely works for me!

I wish I'd read the previous post!

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A review of SuperSeller for eBay by apexmike,
11 Apr 2006
Absolute doo doo. I looks as though it is going to be good, but I couldn't get it to accept any FTP details, no matter which way I tried. It went through its test and just displayed "Test Unsuccessful", leaving me with just the standard eBay templates. Tech support? Their response "Unfortunately we are unable to assist each and every customer regarding their FTP account details and service providers. We always recommend you use the same FTP provider as your ISP - it seems to be more reli

Fast and Superb

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Marla Noreen Wilson
A review of Auction Hawk by Marla Noreen Wilson,
9 Apr 2006
I was able to list more auctions than ever before. I tried many others and this is the best. The customer service helped me in every problem that I had, which wasn't too many

Terrible customer service, faulty unclear website

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A review of Auctiva by Mediahound,
8 Apr 2006
I decided to try Auctiva for a scheduled auction. I edited it on Auctiva before it was scheduled to be listed and Auctiva actually saved 2 copies of the same listing and posted them both, causing me to have to pay double the eBay fees and close one auction early on eBay since I only had one item to sell. This is clearly a flaw in the way that the Auctiva site works and was very unclear to me as a new user. It is not logical that if I edit a listing, it would automatically duplicate it. Whe

bid O matic is the best deal on the internet!

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Its me
A review of Bid-O-Matic by Its me,
31 Mar 2006
Despite the Language issue and the lack of help files in the program, this freeware is excellent. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to get it working in english, and a bit of clicking around the program and you know everything you need to know. It snipes for me well, within 1 second of auction end using the reccomended lead time. And that's what really matters, isnt it.

THE software tool for professional bargain hunters!

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A review of Prospector by eraserhead,
21 Mar 2006
Prospector has everything a serious auction buyers requires. Integrated server sniping, 1 click, speedy auction searches, user friendly layout, more search options than you can poke a stick to really eliminate the trash from the treasure efficiently which leaves you more time to make more money. The program pays for itself in no time at all (within 1 week for myself). It has no peer!

it is not worth of buying

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A review of ProfitCalc for eBay by kedo1009,
19 Mar 2006
it is very very very similar to those free online profit calculation services. but profitcalc is able to calcualter profit on,, and but is not able to calculate items that is list in ebay store, unless u have to change the percentages & the fees. I would suggest people stay with those free online profit calculation programs.

It could be a promising software ... if the author kept it updated

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A review of JBidWatcher by jbssm,
17 Mar 2006
This utility has lots of nifty bonus, like bidding in groups and adding comments to every auction. The problem is that it's in a eternal beta stage and everytime eBay changes a bit their site it stops working. Besides that, sometimes it just misses the auction (it happens a lot, about 10% of times) and I thin k the problem is that it doesn't keep track very well of eBay time. There is a problem also that if you have lots of auction in your list, the software starts to get extremely slow to th


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A review of SpareDollar by Gidget,
16 Mar 2006
Well I can't say it any simpler or kinder. The owner of SD, Tomas, has a blatant disregard for his customers, and the service is poor at best. He stole from all his customers when he raised (doubled) the price in Nov.2005 and promised all the improvements that never materialized and now 5 months later and things have gotten worse and worse. He has not kept his word or delivered on promises twice now that I know of. Many have taken their business elsewhere, and many more will after the last 3


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A review of Bid-O-Matic by rshawver,
14 Mar 2006
Bid-O-matic is a very good sniping software. They seem to have thought of most every thing. It has worked every time, I didn't win all auctions but that was because I didn't bid high enough. The support staff (Andy) has been able to answer my minor settings questions. The main setting problem was it loads as a German program with a German browser. This easily fixed with help of their support. First go into the second menu (language)from the right and check language you want to use. The second i

This one does it all...

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A review of AuctionIntelligence by donbaker,
13 Mar 2006
I have looked at ALL the eBay analysis tools out there, and this one is the most complete. It pulls all the data from eBay and it is stored on your computer so that you can have all you want available, going back as long as you want to keep it. I have it going back about a year in the categories I sell in and can look at all the buyers, sellers, and individual auctions. It was the most complete reports I can use. It works.

You cannot go wrong with BidSlammer

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A review of BidSlammer by storm_law,
28 Feb 2006
It works, what can I say!! It places your bid in the last 5 seconds of the auction with their powerful servers, and I have won 99% of the auctions I have used with this service. I won an auction with 27 bids at the last minute. Check it out!!

flexible monitoring gives buyers a needed edge

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A review of eBay Item Watcher by jpfx,
25 Feb 2006
Auction monitoring is often included in other applications where the emphasis is often on the primary function which might be searching or sniping. Monitoring ends up as a separate screen in a larger application and in my own (limited) experience, is not particularly flexible. With ebay Item Watcher we have a small application that monitors auctions extremely well. It's flexible in that you have a fair amount of control over how EIW keeps you informed of auctions that interest you. The interf

Excellent service for a zero price

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A review of QuickSnipe by jeveux,
22 Feb 2006
I have joined esteal recently coming from the link on this page during 2 months, nothing to say against! It's excellent free service comparing to the other paid services. I like it's simple & intuitive interface, and in general, I like that esteal really makes what I want - bids automatically on eBay in time and with no breaks. Their staff is always online, and new improvements, fixes & features are coming up every week. I already won 50+ items using it - and I doubt I

Great Program! Easy to use! Highly Recommended!

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A review of Bid-O-Matic by Louie55,
20 Feb 2006
This program is a nice and simple Bid Sniping Program. It has worked every time I have set it for a certain auction and my percentage of won auctions has went up after I started sniping with this program. The only problem was that even though I told it to install in english, it was not in english when I opened it the first time. No big deal though. You just go to the second menu from the right and choose english and all is fixed. A few things throughout the progam still didn't change to english,


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A review of MarketplaceAdvisor by ozrural,
13 Feb 2006
I tried Marketworks for several months and found it too difficult to use and too expensive. My main interest is currently listing and tracking. I also live in the middle of nowhere and have Internet connection problems from time to time. I have settled on Spoonfeeder as I like being able to use it anytime anywhere. Spoonfeeder lacks sophistication but I love its ease of use, and the help desk is great.
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