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Nice features, great image hosting, but then downhill from there

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A review of Auction Hawk by kevinmc3,
11 Jan 2006
Nice features, great image hosting, good pricing, but then downhill from there. And the Tech Support is really, well MUCH to be desired. The typical response leaves one thinking they don't even look into the problem but just throw canned responses back to get rid of you, ie., well try this and try that, often irrelevant to the original question., I really liked the site, maybe someday they will get up to par, but not today. Spent too much time going back and forth with their Tech Support, whi

Easy to use

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A review of FotoKiss by eddie12,
11 Jan 2006
This is a nice and easy to use program. I've noticed its the small things than can count w.r.t pictures, and this program helps. although i could do it in other editors, this one is really useful on the 'use it' area. For example FTP, HTML or normal saving..


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A review of Amherst Robots by eddie12,
11 Jan 2006

Too complex & time consuming to learn, and no $ back guarantee

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A review of MarketBlast by jjudd,
2 Jan 2006
I'm a new seller on eBay, and just recently achieved power seller status. I bought Market Blast because I wanted to use an auction tool that I wasn't paying for every month. I figured the $99 fee averaged out over months would end up being cheaper than using Vendio. The problem is, I was spending SO much time trying to figure out how to use the system ( I have average computer background) that it was sapping up all of the time I had to devote to my business, with little progress. I felt

We’ve tried other bidding programs and we now have three licensed Prospectors users in our office.

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A review of Prospector by afblue,
1 Jan 2006
Super product support, this is an author with an open ear and they really stands behind this software. User friendly and intuitive interface gets you up and running quickly. It follows the Microsoft model, so if you use Word or Excel (and who doesn’t) you will be pleased. Single and group bids are always accurately placed via an internet server and not from you desktop, so can bid while your computer is off. Searches are saved in a tree format and can be repeated and updated right from your desk

Listing software bugs leave users blasted, frustrated

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A review of MarketBlast by grafikat,
27 Dec 2005
I was very excited about this product. Supposedly had the eBay seal of approval, and it works on a Mac....yeah right. I've had better success with free and shareware products There is no way this product is ready for prime time. You are dealing with a software that is very buggy and you have the privilege of paying to be a beta tester. The consignment "features" are poor and convoluted. The manual is not comprehensive by any stretch. Th very quaint user forum is actually a listserve

Not quite there yet

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A review of MarketBlast by donbaker,
24 Dec 2005
This is definately a work in progress with lots of potential. It does have some glaring weaknesses. For example for a program aimed at Powersellers it is not networkable nor will it handle multi ID's, where other prgrams in this same price range are. It is worth watching though.

Well worth it

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A review of Auction Wizard 2000 by donbaker,
24 Dec 2005
Could be prettier and have some more options, but it is rock solid and it simply works. Customer service is outstanding!!!!!

been using for 6 months

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A review of eSnipe by hc-67,
23 Dec 2005
I have been using esnipe for six months now and have found it to be a great product. I has worked great with no problems.

Prospector for eBay is the best software investment I've ever made!

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A review of Prospector by magnetman,
18 Dec 2005
The bid "snipe" feature is absolutely amazing! The trial download won 3 auctions for me within the first 20 minutes of using. Just could not believe how easy it was to place multiple unattended bids on Ebay just as auctions ended. If you bid professionally or are a collector or just an occasional Ebay shopper, Prospector eliminates the stress of hanging around an auction to drop your bid at the last moment. Pre-programmable bidding options let you enter a maximum bid and choose how many seconds

Great Free software

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A review of Prospector by mikebarb,
16 Dec 2005
Won loads with this fantastic *************

Just wanted to say that we are VERY pleased with onbidder.

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Goose Bruce
A review of Onbidder by Goose Bruce,
15 Dec 2005
We think we've saved about £300 on a spend of £700 - our investment repaid many times over. Nice simple software, easy to use and quite well crafted.

Expensive Solution--There's Got to Be Better

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A review of MarketplaceAdvisor by acroama,
8 Dec 2005
I have been using AuctionWorks/Marketworks since around 2001. Their service is the only one I’m aware of that offers the features I need that said, I’ve had a nagging feeling for several months now that I need to look at new options. Here are my complaints: 1. MarketWorks is very expensive—a monthly fee and 2% of my auction revenue. 2. Their site is frequently slow or down. 3. Working with their tech team on bugs is difficult. Their typical response to a problem is to report b

Impressive scope and a commitment to improvement

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A review of Terapeak Professional by Andy,
6 Dec 2005
* UPDATED FOR VERSION 2 * Terapeak analysis is performed by day, week, or month, and eBay category or search term. Both category and search-based analysis offer a "Research" tab along with "Top Sellers", "Trends", and "Closed Listings". Category-based analysis also offers "Selling Features". * Research offers an overall insight into the marketplace, including listing features, pricing, duration and more. * Top Sellers is an anonymized, sortable list of sellers. * Category/Search Tren

It's Good & Infuriating

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A review of Auction Hawk by BidFinders,
29 Nov 2005
Auction Hawk attempts to give you a lot of features for your money. You get a listing service, image storage, a gallery, and automated emails for under $15/month (110 listing plan). If all the features worked all the time, this would be a terrific service. Since I've had AH (about two months) I've had issues with the automated email, the shipping tracking, and the reporting. As a previous reviewer mentioned, the customer service is hit or miss - usually they just copy a page from the hel

The BEST there is !

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A review of AuctionSage by prairiedawg,
25 Nov 2005
4 years of searching Auction Management Systems finally brought me to Auction Sage. 4 years of abuse at the hands of the supposed fully automated systems that don't work. 4 years of the worst possible customer service on the planet. Oh how I wish I'd have found Auction Sage at the outset. It just doesn't get any better than this. ROCK SOLID AND CONSISTANTLY RELIABLE

Seems to be a work in progress... Will be awesome if they ever finish

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A review of Auction Hawk by eemann,
24 Nov 2005
I do over 1000 listings a month and have tried them out for 3 months. 1. customer service is sporadic through their "ticket system". Sometimes the response is immediate, sometimes it never comes. Often you're directed to a web page that says, "your question has been received". You cant call, nor directly contact them by email. Not good enough when I'm losing money by the hour. 2. The features advertised are wonderful. The ones that work are great! (1page lister, eg). Many features are intuitive

You get a LOT for a few $$$

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A review of SpareDollar by dance4joy,
22 Nov 2005
This is my third attempt at posting this and it hasn't shown up. Hoping third time is the charm.... :) When I joined SpareDollar I was amazed at the immediate "pickup" in sales on my eBay auctions! I attribute this mostly to the super high quality of the photos and the large number of them you can put into your auctions (12 on the auto links, more by writing the code). And photo uploading is a snap!! SD is very user friendly and if you do run into a problem, the folks in the Community for

Best deal for my business needs, hands down.

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Vintage Silver Tabletop
A review of SpareDollar by Vintage Silver Tabletop,
18 Nov 2005
Sparedollar has worked very well for me for well over a year. After spending alot more $$ per month on other services, this one has out performed them all every time. It seems other users have had trouble keeping their images online, or using the scheduler, however, I've never experienced any troubles that were not my own 'operator error'. Great Price ($8.95), Wonderful, friendly forums, User Friendly. I'm a loyal user - even if the 'new sd' doesn't roll out soon. The current version i

The Best Deal I Have Found

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A review of SpareDollar by golddustwoman,
18 Nov 2005
I have been using SpareDollar for well over two years. In the time I have been a SpareDollar member there have been some glitches here and there but all in all it is by far the best auction management site that I have used (and I have used quite a few). As someone else posted, NO auction management site is perfect or able to suit everyone's individual needs however SpareDollar does the best job for my auction management needs. The image hosting is great with 50MB of space included in the monthl

5 stars for the community forums :)

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A review of SpareDollar by steve_l,
18 Nov 2005
I wrote a long review, with how good the professional looking templates are (and how they load fast, unlike many peoples custom templates), etc. but somehow it got lost :( Simply put, good service, great price, great community.
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