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Never Worked

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A review of Auction Wizard 2000 by jmzaslo,
5 Sep 2005
Seemed to be the answer to my dreams. I worked hard to make it work and I got excellent support trying to help me - but it was unsuccessful. My FTP was blamed, however I am successfully using it with other programs. I had to abandon. Tey offered to extend the free trial - but I had to move on haver 35 days! After lots of research I ended up with MarketBlast. First thought is that it may be overkill, but I just moved there (was using Vendio, wanted Auctionwatch 2000 - couldnt make that work

You Get What You Pay For - Your GrandMa Was Right!

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A review of SpareDollar by Jenny4,
4 Sep 2005
SpareDollar was a great service at the beginning, several years ago. Unfortunately, with such a cheap price, they grew too big, too fast. There is literally no customer service except for members trying to help other members on the forum & some of them are incredibly rude & arrogant. (Of course, there are some very nice in life). Why the developer & owner, Tomas, hasn't hired a couple of tech types to help is a huge mystery, both to the people that are staying & the hundreds that

Does a great job

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A review of DataZap by mshelman,
24 Aug 2005
I signed up with Datazap and received highly responsive assistance in setting up FTP with pstrtstr. Unlimited bandwidth and the price is right

Very Much like this

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A review of JBidWatcher by cptkev2,
23 Aug 2005
Nice simply, with advanced features. Works nicely and is free what more could you ask for!

Very promissing

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A review of eBay Blackthorne by avalonai2,
15 Aug 2005
This software is in it's infancy still but very very promissing. Still in BETA, once all the bugs are worked out it will be a powerhouse tool.

I like lister and research, stay away from checkout

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A review of Andale by jwalkertx,
13 Aug 2005
I have been with Andale for a while and have, overall, found their support to be good. I think their tools have a more intuitive approach than say Vendio, which, by one of their own staff's admission, tends to be counter intuitive. I am not going to say Andale is perfect (and I would definitely steer clear of checkout if possible), but I think all around they are pretty darn good, if a little pricey.

easy to use with loads of neat touches

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A review of AlienFiles by pingo,
1 Aug 2005
i was looking for free image hosting and found this. i didnt really need to add movies etc but if i did, i could! The best bits are the map feature and the feedback feture. all i did was press a button to add feedback into my advert. Also i liked the preview box. overall: A nice program for file hosting and advert design

slow - clumsy - choked and died on my compoter

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A review of AlienFiles by duncan,
27 Jul 2005
very poor allround - maybe good if you want the map function but would guess theres better ways!!!

Nice, easy to use desktop auction management software for Mac users

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Alphabet Software, L.L.C.
A review of GarageSale by Alphabet Software, L.L.C.,
25 Jul 2005
I saw these guys at eBay live 2005. Ilja and Paul demonstrated the software for me. It was very easy to use, keenly priced, and quite robust! There is no recurring fee just a one time charge to purchase the software. A great alteranative to the eBay SYI forms, since those are not very Mac friendly. Good luck guys!

Auction Wizard is a Dinosaur

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A review of Auction Wizard 2000 by fertom,
20 Jul 2005
I have been using AW for about 5 yrs or so. I have been loyal ....waiting for the improvements needed to keep up to date with ohter competive auction software on the market. I believe it is nearing time to move on to another software. AW has left me no choice in the matter. The tech support is superior!! There is none like it anywhere!! The price is amazing!!!!!! I wish I could stay... I would love to stay.... I do not want to leave my omfortable software program... I do not want

Fantastic free software

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A review of Bid-O-Matic by cptkev2,
19 Jul 2005
Available in english as well as German, fantastic automatic sniper. freeware and open source. Also ckeck out bite -o - zilla an extension for firefox browser that allows you to integrate it directly into the ebay window. very useful

Great Tool but e-Bay Won't Allow It

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A review of baconbuttie auction tools by Bargnhtr,
15 Jul 2005
I have had my auctions yanked several times for using this software over the last few years. I always use the latest version of the html code and e-Bay will allow it for a few weeks and then they yank my auctions and send me a stern warning e-mail that I may be NARUed if I keep using it, so now I won't use it. I have contacted BaconButtie everytime this happens and they swear it is ok to be used on e-Bay but I will not take the chance again.

Nice looking and easy to use

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A review of Nabit by Andy,
6 Jul 2005
Nabit is a slick-looking program with a minimum of preferences and options - it just works. It picks up your watched items from My eBay and you can add items directly by number, but that's pretty much it - there's no searcher or bidding engine so you will still need to visit eBay regularly.

Impressive and unique

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A review of MarketBlast by Andy,
6 Jul 2005
MarketBlast is a capable and well-thought out application with an impressive range of features, even though it is a brand new product. Email marketing campaigns, for example, are in MarketBlast from day one but are still lacking in some long-standing auction managers. In contrast to its web-hosted competitiors, MarketBlast runs locally on your own computer so you will be responsible for your own data backups and need to leave your machine on to list scheduled auctions, but you won't suffer f

Excellent sniping tool!

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A review of Auction Sniper by haberdine,
5 Jul 2005
I use Auction Sniper 6 months. Excellent sniping tool! Not only it allows you to bid in a few last seconds, but also you can bid as a group in order to increase your chances to win the desirable item. Their server(s) is located close to eBay servers, and it's a significant factor - if you want to outbid the competitor. Some other services at this program is great - they warn you before the end of the auction if you were outbid - bidder has some time to evaluate the information. I live close

needs to be more visual

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A review of kAuction by tressa,
4 Jul 2005
The creator has thought of everything. Unfortunately, I am a "visual" person and find the format very overwhelming and confusing. I think if the presentation was different, Kauction's rating would go off the chart. I just cannot get used to it and am not comfortable with it.

I found the ultimate solution!

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A review of AuctionSage by haberdine,
4 Jul 2005
I am a new user of AuctionSage software. My decision to buy this tool was based on the reviews posted on this site. I cannot emphazise enough how happy I am now with this software. I was shopping for management tool for about 3 months - trying different versions -my final choice was between two: AuctionSage and Masterworks. I would like to thank you - the founder of this site and all users. Your reviews and tips were really helpful. AuctionSage program is great, it's exactly what I was looking

Finally!! A complete and most importantly an easy solution for my drop off store.

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A review of CrossPostIt by aaron,
29 Jun 2005
I was excited to try this new software because it was web based. They said it was easy to use, but I didn't realize how easy it would be. The software allows me to database all of my customers and it has a quick search bar, so that I can find them in a flash. I'm able to check in stuff under each customer and it will also assign the ever important inventory number for each item. It has a quick lister and it offers unlimited picture hosting. It's linked directly to ebay so I always know how

Great speed processing and intuitive GUI

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A review of Fast Photos by esockiton,
25 Jun 2005
This software is simple and effective to use. I use it before loading each picture into Ebay. The external hosting mechanism of multiple pictures is easy to understand and can be successfully trialled within 30 minutes even by a novice. The only difficulty is in understanding how to configure Ebay (using Ebay's Turbo Lister) to do this intelligently. One still wants to take advantage of Ebay's one free hosted picture with any listing, to ensure that a mini-thumbnail picture appears (and not

THE Most Complete Consignment Software EVER!!

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A review of AuctionWagon Store Manager G2 by dognus,
25 Jun 2005
AuctionWagon's Store Manager Pro G2 has everything I've been looking for in a software system. It takes care of contracts, work-flow, photo editing, inventory and bar coding, shipping, and detailed interaction with eBay. This thing is amazing! I'm telling you. I've tried some of the other programs and internet sites out there and nothing even comes close. If you run a consignment store this is THE essential software.

Either Program abandoned or Developer kidnapped, either way, DON"T

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A review of SnipeRight Professional by Belmont69,
23 May 2005
SnipeRight Pro (and Snipe Right Gold, which is very very expensive and I can't find out why) is either neglected or abandoned. The Developer states Sniperight 2.0 will be out in July. That's a message from LAST May about LAST July. And he hasn't changed the message in over 11 months. He is still on Version 1.1.6, which has been "due for update soon" for over a year. His other promised programs are still just promises an entire year later, and his server is sometimes up, sometimes down. If
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