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Productivity solver

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Brian Hodges
A review of ShipWorks by Brian Hodges,
14 Jun 2017
What was good about this product or service overall? We have 6 e-stores and Shipworks has allowed us to consolidate all of the orders and be able to ship from one platform. Saves us hours a week having everything in one location. We are even able to have multiple shipper options with shipworks and quickly see price comparisons. Could anything have been better? Nothing that I can recommend at this time. How was the support? Support staff is efficient, reliable and very capable. G

Just DOUBLED their prices :-(

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Latest: 13 Jun 2017
A review of Sellbrite by 3rd-Venue,
7 Feb 2017
I was all set to go with Sellbrite. It handled MCF ok, and seemed to not miss stock changes. BLISTERING fast imports and did not miss a single item. Impressive! Their column layouts are hideous however. You cannot add / remove / re-order / resize columns. How on earth do software designers put out such junk, and they NEVER use it, and they NEVER follow commonly accepted practices (how about doing it exactly like AMAZON SELLER CENTRAL??). It is not capable of figuring out that FBA in

Pretty good eBay template builder and other tools

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A review of Rival Ripper by Casandra,
13 Jun 2017
I've been using Rival Ripper for the past 2 years. I tried the software on a trial and had the chance to use all the software's features. I could cancel anytime. Because the software had all the features I needed, I signed up for one of their monthly plans. I've made my eBay business better ever since. How was the support? Back when I was starting, I had a few questions. I emailed their customer support and received responses in no time. I didn't have anymore questions after signing up for a

New user

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A review of ReplyManager by kbryant,
13 Jun 2017
I seem to have joined Reply Manager after all the issues. It's been excellent for me and my team. It get's better and better. Have started using the rules a lot more and seem to be learning new things every day. It has saved me so much time, especially on weekends when my autoreply kicks in. I understand that change is bad but you have to adapt. The interface is great and can access from anywhere. Support are really helpful and it's saved me a lot of time and money. Excellent product and I could


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A review of WidgetChimp by kbryant,
13 Jun 2017
It used to be really good but they haven't adapted well to the new eBay active content policies. They've had enough time to do this. All their rivals seem to have adapted without any problems. Enquiries by tickets now get ignored and the live chat is beyond useless. Have to agree with a previous reviewer, I found them quite rude. Looks like Matt and the team have given up on Widgetchimp to concentrate on other ventures, which is a shame. Currently looking at leaving. Can anyone recommend somethi

Highly recommended

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A review of Volo by mikerentz,
13 Jun 2017
What particularly impressed me was the level of support that was available from Volo during the implementation process. We never have a problem getting support from them, either via the telephone or through Volo Hub From my own experiences, I wouldn’t have a problem recommending Volo. It's certainly been a solution that has worked well for our business. If you're looking at being able to sell your products in a multichannel environment, so on your own website and on other third party shopping

Sku Grid is NOT a safe bet to use

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Latest: 13 Jun 2017
A review of Sku Grid by shantilewis,
3 Jun 2017
I have been using Sku Grid for several months. I wanted this site to be legitimate but to my dismay its everything opposite that I hoped for. Tonight I added 3 items to test it yet again. Each of my items settings/ were updated correctly. Then it kept changing my settings back to the previous.. I had an expert seller at my house who uses Sku Grid and they watched in horror that this was going on. So now they are worried too about their own items. They have a lot more items they are selling then

Avoid try a Professional Translation Service

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A review of WebInterpret by Matthew123,
12 Jun 2017
I will get onto details of my poor review shortly. Firstly for any potential new customers read their Terms of Service VERY carefully! I will extract the following point:- "we do not guarantee the existence, quality, safety, or legality of items advertised; the truth or accuracy of User Content or listings" This is basically so they do not have to accept any responsibility for any mistake they make and in theory are advertising a service that they are not committed to. I have used Webin

Awesome Experience with CJ

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A review of Amazon Sellers Lawyer by skyhook_,
12 Jun 2017
I had originally found out about CJ on some prominent Amazon podcasts that I follow and he seemed very knowledgable about the subject of suspensions. I was in a situation where I had been suspended for a second time for the same reason, and I got through to his assistant on almost the first ring. She took down my details and I was immediately transferred to CJ who was very professional and was a straight shooter based on my situation (which I appreciate a lot) and gave me some very good free

Great Product, Great Owner and Support Team

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Filip Filipov
A review of CrazyLister by Filip Filipov,
12 Jun 2017
I enjoyed using CrazyLister. First I used it for several months and when I was new to CL I was asking the support team and Victor - the owner replied to me assisting me how to use CrazyLister the best way possible. I am very satisfied with the platform and that they have an ongoing development and support. This is something I look for when I invest in a business on a monthly/annual basis. Additionally, I learned a lot from the CrazyLister Blog. I found an article they made how to use eBay


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A review of Thompson & Holt by Stickerman,
11 Jun 2017
After paying £400,actually being able to speak to somebody about the issue would have been helpful. They only interact via email. Reminds me of the company I was trying to get account back with. Not a good way of doing business in my opinion! How was the support? They were usually ok but other times had to email them 3 times to even get a response. Never did get the account back reinstated which was disappointing. I'm just so glad I didn't pay for the super quick,expensive super quick serv

Unethical and shady!

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A review of Payability by jcolson222000,
10 Jun 2017
Do not trust these people with your money! There system has lots of glitches and they make it as difficult as they can to see what money comes out of your account. Shady shady shady!!! What was good about this product or service overall? Nothing. Headache from day one Could anything have been better? All of it. They could have 24 hour support. They could make things simple to see where money is going and coming from. They could fix there system so your money was available when they say

Best, and they provide support unlike Powersnipe!

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A review of Bidnapper by ArtefactAustralia,
9 Jun 2017
Bidnapper actually works. Their support is great and the program functionality is excellent. Do not even think of using Powersnipe unless you want heart ache and no back up. All they are interested in is getting your money and then ignoring you! The only additional functionality that would be nice is a research tool enabling search and reporting of items you are interested in bidding on, similar to Powersnipe. Only a minor suggestion on my behalf sai am completely happy with Bidnapper.

Payability is a great resource.

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Growler Republic
A review of Payability by Growler Republic,
7 Jun 2017
Payability is a great resource for new, cash-strapped sellers. It is easy to setup and use. The next day access to funds really makes it easier to pay for expenses and purchase new inventory. It would be better if the minimum monthly fee was lower for new sellers that make less revenue. As a new seller, the minimum motnhly fee of $250 significantly impacts my monthly revenue. I think it should be a fixed rate fee regardless of monthly sales. The customer service is excellent. I highly recommend

Skubana helped with Love Your Melon's Campus Crew Program

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A review of Skubana by loveyourmelon,
7 Jun 2017
Skubana helped us to fulfill the shipping needs of our Campus Crew Program as it grew to more than 840 college campuses throughout the 2016-2017 school year. Skubana's shipping platform helped us to keep track of shipments and product going to college campuses around the United States. This allowed college students all across the country to successfully carry out multiple Giving Events for hospitals, support facilities and individual families to help improve the lives of children battling cancer

more views means more sales

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A review of Sellbrite by numiart,
7 Jun 2017
I signed up for Sellbrite just over a month ago after paying a similar cost for another sync program that took over 24 hours to update and sync. Needless to say, Sellbrite syncs sales across all channels FAST so you don't have to worry about overselling. The benefits from using Sellbrite not only include freedom from worry, but you'll also save time. You can list directly from Sellbrite to all channels and not have to jump around wondering if your products are where you want them. Anoth

Not ready for prime time

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A review of inkFrog by flsailingirl,
7 Jun 2017
InkFrog came highly recommended to me by eBay as a new seller. It is now my opinion that InkFrog is clearly not ready to handle the influx of new customers being pushed to them by eBay. I have had constant problems with inventory not syncing from my BigCommerce store to eBay. Despite their assurances that the sync should take place in "near real time", it can take hours or sometimes even days. This has caused me to oversell items on eBay on multiple occasions. About a month ago, InkFrog bla

ChannelAdvisor Corp 1 Star Review!

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Latest: 7 Jun 2017
A review of ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces by Tightrope,
10 May 2017
Dear Readers: Run, do not walk from these guys. The one star ratings given so far are accurate. It is a circus at ChannelAdvisor and they are EXPENSIVE...EXPENSIVE! They start out making you feel important but soon after you end up in their corporate black hole. Lots of mistakes that we had to figure out. Wait till you sit through one of their training sessions! Almost a year with ChannelAdvisor Corp and sorry to report folks that we have found a better company at 1/5 their price, availabl

Great way to grow a business

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A review of Payability by Leny,
6 Jun 2017
What was good about this product or service overall? Ease of use Could anything have been better? Not in my experience How was the support? Payability has excellent support. Because I've been able to access my money quicker using Payability, I've been able to reinvest in new products and bring a new brand to market. Payability has helped me grow my business threefold in just a couple of months, with nothing but more growth forecast for the future. Payability is Great! I would defini

Simple & Intuitive UX

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A review of Skubana by caleb.roney,
6 Jun 2017
We have attempted several other, well regarded, inventory management/order tracking systems and none of them have come close to the robust capabilities combined with the thoughtful UX of Skubana. Their automation and orderbots were very simple to set up. Their support was great in getting us off the ground and running. If you are looking for a comprehensive platform I highly recommend you consider Skubana. They’ve been outstanding for us! Pro: Most simple and intuitive UX of all of the to

Fast and Efficient

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Latest: 6 Jun 2017
Julian Scott
A review of Volo by Julian Scott,
6 Jun 2017
We were founded in 2004 and came to Volo in 2010. We had been working with another company. They got taken over I think, the platform changed, and it didn't suit our business. It couldn’t do things that were critical to our business. “Once we moved over to Volo, the changeover was very quick. We did the import overnight, it just worked straight away. It was hugely impressive. Volo’s custom fields was a massive win for us. It enabled us to bring the data across from the other system much more
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