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First Class Service and Expertise

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Claire Marie Murray
A review of Feedback Express by Claire Marie Murray,
16 Nov 2017
Well what can I say, feedbackexpress are amazing, I signed up for their 30 day free trial and within a couple of weeks my Amazon reviews have instantly increased and so have my sales. I sell greeting cards online and I was struggling on improving sales and reviews but with feedbackexpress' superb help and support, things are now positively changing. I will continue to use their wonderful system and knowledge to help my online business grow from strength to strength. Thank you feedbackexpress

Perfect Multichannel Management Software

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A review of Zentail by tom191,
16 Nov 2017
What was good about this product or service overall? In using other platforms we were continually running into roadblocks. Zentail has removed all of these for us. We spun our wheels for a year reviewing other products. They all did some of what we needed but only Zentail covered everything. From pushing listings, repricing, inventory management and reporting. And all of this on every channel we sell on. It is simple to use and works flawlessly. Could anything have been better? No. Ho

Surprisingly Good Results...

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Latest: 16 Nov 2017
cameron wallace
A review of RepricerExpress by cameron wallace,
13 Nov 2017
My Amazon sales had been lagging for some time, so when I saw RepricerExpress's offer of free trial, I signed up...mostly because I felt whether it helped or not, it was worth a try, given the way sales had been. I was more than surprised, let's say giddy, when I sold several books within the first 2 hours of the new service. Since then, my sales have easily been twice what they were before. In addition, the support staff is without peer. Always ready and anxious to go to any length to p

Excellent customer service!!! Thanks Marie

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Latest: 16 Nov 2017
Sanju Ranchor
A review of RepricerExpress by Sanju Ranchor,
31 Oct 2017
It is not easy to set up new thing into the running business, It take so much time and effort to understand and set up new things. Thanks to the repricerexpress software, it was the software we were been looking for the business for a long time, Regarding the customer service team and they service offer to the customer is excellent. RepricerExress customer service is highly professional and are eager to help you through the process. Thank a lot Marie for your hard work and suppo

Great software for generating reviews

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Latest: 16 Nov 2017
A review of Feedback Express by HanjoHorze,
31 Oct 2017
FeedbackExpress is a great software that will help you improve the quality of your review request emails and it will increase the number of reviews you will eventually generate. Since we started using FeedbackExpress, we have seen a big increase of reviews. You can choose your own templates and adjust if needed. Templates are in all languages available. If you have any questions regarding something, you can always contact the team from FeebackExpress to get a fast and sufficient answer that will

Excellent Solution to Print Shipping Labels and MORE

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A review of Zenstores by nigel.dicks,
16 Nov 2017
Zenstores, imports all orders from Amazon and eBay and other platforms too. I have a few taylor made filters which I select to then print off my Despatch Labels in bulk. I have 1 filter for example which is all orders over £XX which will print off the APC Label and email the customer with the tracking number and if they have entered a mobile phone number on ebay or amazon it will keep them updated on the tracking. It prints off Royal Mails 2D Barcodes or just PPI label, it prints off Special

Karla with Shipworks Went Above and Beyond for us. Thank you

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Joy Woodruff
A review of ShipWorks by Joy Woodruff,
16 Nov 2017
What was good about this product or service overall? Karla went out of her way to make sure our account was set up properly and was working prior to hanging up with us. Could anything have been better? No it was Perfect! How was the support? Support was Superb! We ran into a couple hiccups while trying to do it all ourselves with Amazon Seller Prime services and shipworks API. Karla got on the line and was very friendly and took her time getting everything configured properly for us. Thank

Algopix has helped me to become the go-to person for my prod

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shay rachvski
A review of Algopix by shay rachvski,
15 Nov 2017
I’ve been using Algopix to identify products that sell quickly in different formats. I receive great feedback from my customers, who are delighted to buy things they are not able to find easily anywhere else. This has helped me to build my credibility. I used Algopix to analyze my competitive situation and zero in on the right products. Analysis based on data from Algopix has helped me to become the go-to-person for my products. I do a lot of research on emerging trends and this has helped me to

no luck

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A review of AMZFinder by lanlanjie9525,
15 Nov 2017
full of lies from support team. they can't do the job, and they kept lying about it. This is the point that gets me mad. Be honest, OK? AMZfinder wasted all my time and each time they are finding new excuses. Worst customer service ever seen! this is not the correct way to run a business. it's not a shame to admit that you can't do something. it's a shame to pretend that you can do something while actually you can't. i understand the difficulty recently and have talked to several other si

After 18 years.. it is time to rid myself of Inkfrog

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A review of inkFrog by calgal27,
13 Nov 2017
I have been with Inkfrog since the beginning. You would think that after being in the business as long as they have, they would have a top of the line site to list on ebay. However, it is the complete opposite. The straw that broke the camel's back was this BS ebay implemented that does not allow active content in the listings. I started using a new template with Inkfrog that said it does not have active content in it. However, ebay has informed me it does. Inkfrog says they have a

Do any humans work at inkfrog?

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Latest: 13 Nov 2017
A review of inkFrog by Theyreallyarethatbad,
1 Nov 2017
I first want to say the only reason why I still use this awful site for my listings is that I have over 5000 auctions in Classic. I have been slowly revising those auctions into the Open format and don't want to lose all my previous years and years of work. But, I can't even begin to describe how utterly worthless Inkfrog help has been as I have wrangled through this process. The latest problem as been a notification from eBay that 605 of my 650 current listings on eBay are insecure based

Not very good

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Latest: 13 Nov 2017
A review of inkFrog by jko,
12 Nov 2017
The website does not update the listing properly. I also think it is missing basic features such showing how many bids the item has on the listing page. The price for items on the listing page is also shown wrong. The templates are a bit confusing. I don't recommend this service. I didn't try their customer service more than I sent feedback about the above and no one replied. So can't say much how it works as it didn't. Going forward I will keep on searching other service providers that are bett

New Advanced Quality Inspection Age is Coming

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A review of Qazoom by Frances_Shen,
13 Nov 2017
The platform of Qazoom is helpful, especially for our business in furniture design and manufacturing. We've always wanted to use the resources from China, but we lack local connections and enough knowledge to deal with it. Qazoom provides services from both America and China, connecting business quality inspection to supply chain management. I particularly appreciate that they have a big network in China as well as the Chinese market. This is significantly important when having business ther

I hope you are checking your accounts with them

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Latest: 11 Nov 2017
Randy Jones
A review of Payability by Randy Jones,
8 Nov 2017
For all of you giving them a 5 star I truly hope you are checking your accounts regularly. I have had several issues with them and none of them have been in my favor. They have acknowledged there is a problem with loan reserves working correctly and are working to correct them. I went back thru my account and it has happened before.. It has been a nightmare trying to get in contact with them. I am going to cancel as soon as I can get a hold of someone but I have heard that even that is a night

Plenty of others on the market...

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A review of Sku Grid by Ben1,
11 Nov 2017
It's always difficult to sift the wheat from the chaff when it comes to online software. I signed up to Sku Grid at a time when it was having endless problems. Whilst the software may be one of the cheapest on the markets the amount it cost me due to errors meant that I unfortunately lost more money than I made. I'd strongly spend a little extra and go for something along the lines of Profit Scraper or PriceMatik - Both seem to be very reliable. I've spent some time reviewing both here: http

Utterly appalling

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Latest: 10 Nov 2017
Nick Holdsworth
A review of Shiptheory by Nick Holdsworth,
25 Sep 2017
We used to use an integrated MadCapsule extension with our Magento system which was great. That extension broke last autumn and when we went onto their support website we read that support had been ended the previous March: thanks guys, it would have been nice to have been given time to change to Shiptheory. Shiptheory started fine, we loath NetDespatch, but never mind, we didn't need to use it that much as all the work would be done in ****heory. Then it stated to s l o w d o w n

Incredible multi-channel ecom software with a bright future.

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A review of Zentail by dblack,
10 Nov 2017
We have thousands of products across multiple channels and Zentail makes it incredibly easy to manage - from the initial listing of a product all the way to their performance reporting. The Customer Success team takes a genuine interest in your success and the Dev team constantly cranks out new features which is a necessity in a landscape that changes so rapidly. Both are thorough, attentive to detail and accessible. If you take (or are thinking of taking) your Ecommerce efforts seriously, go wi

Great company to work with - Responsive, Great Quality Work

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A review of AMZ Europe by MichelleQ,
9 Nov 2017
I have used AMZ Europe a bunch of times over the last couple of months to do translations for my product launch on Amazon EU. When I was looking for a translation company, I used 3 different ones for my initial batch of products. I think the cheapest was about 70 euros, while the most expensive was AMZ Europe at USD 199. After that first batch, I have gone back to AMZ Europe for another close to 30 translations in the past couple of months. What I like about them: 1) Responsive serv is exactly what I needed

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A review of by burningriverbuys,
9 Nov 2017
I would give them 10 stars if I could. My problem: I needed a daily download of my transactions from Amazon which included name of buyer, product bought, price paid, Amazon fees and shipping label costs. The reports from Amazon only include parts of this vital information. I am extremely lucky to have found The downloads and they provide are absolutely perfect. For a tiny low price I can even get all of my history from the beginning of time. Buddy was fabulous to

Most flexible tool for Amazon orders follow up

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A review of FeedbackFive by Herman_Mittelman,
9 Nov 2017
What was good about this product or service overall? It's nicely integrated with Amazon. Very easy to use and yet it provides flexible options for various types of follow ups. The only con for us was that it only works with Amazon and not with other marketplaces like eBay, Walmart etc. Their default templates are not the most beautiful ;) but we found that sending a test email without any HTML works just fine for getting the desired reviews. How was the support? Everything is nicely docum

Increased shipping productivity 50% on first use

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Latest: 9 Nov 2017
A review of Auctane Shipping Manager by Crossingwest,
2 Nov 2009
One word: Stellar!!! This company is on the ball!! I have been looking for a solution like they have for years. This company has worked to tailor their solution to my corporate needs. We ship hundreds of items twice a week and the time savings has been nothing less than amazing. I cannot say enough, signup for the Pro version and a account then be prepared to save a great deal of time and money on your shipping experience. If you have been doing your shipping via Paypal and Se
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