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Okay Variety... No Profit

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Latest: 25 Sep 2017
A review of Worldwide Brands by bdjolie,
26 Nov 2006
I believe Chris has worked really hard to put together a list of honest drop shippers. However, the wholesellers' prices are not competitive nor are they in-demand items. The very few items that had some potential were priced higher than the listings on ebay. Save your money, and find product resources elsewhere!

Utterly appalling

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Nick Holdsworth
A review of Shiptheory by Nick Holdsworth,
25 Sep 2017
We used to use an integrated MadCapsule extension with our Magento system which was great. That extension broke last autumn and when we went onto their support website we read that support had been ended the previous March: thanks guys, it would have been nice to have been given time to change to Shiptheory. Shiptheory started fine, we loath NetDespatch, but never mind, we didn't need to use it that much as all the work would be done in ****heory. Then it stated to s l o w d o w n


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A review of Tactical Arbitrage by bweaver15,
23 Sep 2017
Tactical Arbitrage supplies plenty of training videos and there's many aspects to this tool. It will take some time to go through the videos as there are many areas to cover so it can feel overwhelming but once you learn how to use it, this will be a tool that you will use everyday. It's great for reverse sourcing and it will save you a lot of time to do your homework at home before going out and doing retail arbitrage. If there are any areas where you are stuck or frustrated, reach out to su

Great Lawyer for Amazon related issues

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A review of Amazon Sellers Lawyer by TysonZ,
23 Sep 2017
I met CJ at ASD in Las Vegas in 2017 and knew I had to keep his business card handy. It turns out I needed it a month later when I had an intellectual property issue. CJ was immediately available and did not charge me a dime for the 15 minute consultation. While I am hopeful I will be not need further legal advice of this nature, I'll be sure to use CJ and his firm for any and all Amazon related issues in the future. They know the in's and outs of Amazon and are not learning on the Job as so

Skubana Does What I Says and It Does It Great!

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A review of Skubana by gpsmatty,
23 Sep 2017
I have tried a lot of different services over multiple years and this is the first one that actually does what it says. Already without even using it for a month, it helped us sync inventory across 4 stores and double our monthly online order volume. After 4 months of use, I can say we are extremely satisfied. Our company continues to leverage features and if there's ever any issues their support is second to none. It's not very often the guy on the other line actually knows what he's talkin

Highly recommended

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A review of Amazon Sellers Lawyer by fashion2100,
22 Sep 2017
CJ, Anthony, Kerry and their team are very knowledgeable and they know how to deal with Amazon. They helped me get my Amazon account back after competitors filed a bogus inauthenticity complaint and listing violation issues. They are always honest and nice and responded all my questions so quickly. I highly recommend them for your Amazon issues. ;):D:D:D Don't try to write an appeal yourself. They are the right person to help your case, if you are looking for an Amazon expert. You'll never regr


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A review of Amazon Sellers Attorney by SANDRA ZEPEDA,
22 Sep 2017
After getting my account suspended and trying desperately to get it back myself which I couldn't, I searched everywhere for information on how to get my amazon account back. Fortunately I came across ken's website! It was perfect timing, I emailed him immediately and within the hour he got back to me regarding my issue very promptly. Ken explained everything in detail to me on how he would be able to get my account back with such confidence. Ken exceeded all my expectations and delivered on what

Not perfect

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A review of Wonder Lister by Jeff.Smith,
22 Sep 2017
What was good about this product or service overall? Much better than TurboLister with more tasks and functions Could anything have been better? Yes How was the support? Took some time, but tries to resolve some issues. Some problems never get answered. Good program to work with, but not perfect. For any reasons, WL cannot contact to another database on another computer in the same network. It returns the message "Could not connect to SQL server" Support blames the internal Windows fire


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A review of Thompson & Holt by Rij,
22 Sep 2017
Katie was fantastic, cannot believe it :) We emailed on Tuesday and received an instant reply advising what the issues are, after that a plan was made and further support information was provided to help us, once the plan was sent back to us it was detailed and on point with what was required, as soon as the plan was sent our account was reinstated in 4 hours! Was shocked to see it reinstated so quickly and cannot thank Katie at Thompson and Holt enough, we have also used them in the passed with

Great platform and awsome support

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A review of ChannelGrabber by fgiorgio,
21 Sep 2017
I have been customer of Channel Grabber for a long time and my experience has been absolutely positive! The platform is very easy to use and, most important, it really delivers what it promises! Customer Service is fast, you always have someone who almost instantly replies to your questions, with a deep technical knowledge. I had to leave because I needed a customized synching solution for my sale channels, otherwise I would have been happy to continue being their loyal customer. Try them with c

I wouldn't have known were to start with help from T&H

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A review of Thompson & Holt by tom985,
20 Sep 2017
I'm giving Thompson & Holt 5 stars because I got my suspension lifted after 8 days. Most likely I would have stumbled around trying to figure things out by myself for longer than that. And then I would probably done it wrong. The response to my questions was very timely even though England is 5 hours ahead of my local time. The only thing I think they should do is to have a questionnaire to fill out so they would have a better idea of the kind of seller I am before the process started. Th

Great for eBay listing, order processing & inventory control

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A review of SixBit by privateuser,
20 Sep 2017
SixBit is a great program for many online selling tasks like listing on eBay, keeping track of inventory, databasing past and future products, and much more! The support team at SixBit is phenomenal! They have always gone above and beyond to make sure my system runs smoothly with SixBit. I cannot stress enough how supportive their team is, and this customer support is included in the cost of SixBit. You can even pay for additional support if your company needs the pampering. I have used SixBit w

Fantastic overall product does what you want and more...

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A review of Cloud Commerce Pro by Jimbobs,
20 Sep 2017
When we all decide to do things new,there are always glitches,but when i read reviews from other customers,i find it hard to believe they state NO SUPPORT,i have found it has been amazing,we changed from volocommercepro,old esllerpro,and never looked back,At first like all new projects some things work and some do not,but we have sometimes rang them 6 times in a day to ask questions and always there helped in every way,i could name just a few,Mel,Len,Sarah,Nick etc etc,so when i see a review the

Great Service

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A review of AMZ Europe by fba910,
20 Sep 2017
The quality if the translations is really good and the communication with the team is great as well! They always answer within a day and find a solution for all problems. We also get helpful tipps for improving our listings from time to time. Awesome Service! We are really happy with the service and will continue working with it in the future. Total recommendation! Overall we can recommend this service AMZ EUROPE for everybody who needs good translations and optimizations for Europ

Great Platform, Streamlined, Flexible.. the List Goes On!

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Shash - Innox
A review of StoreFeeder by Shash - Innox,
20 Sep 2017
Storefeeder is a great platform for selling online on a multitude of e-commerce sites from the giants like Amazon and eBay to the lesser known channels. It has a streamlined sleek inventory management section which is growing in capabilities. The flexibility for order dispatching and reporting is fab. It's clean, easy to use interface makes it ideal for all users in the business.The list goes on & on. The team at Storefeeder have taken time to understand our requirements, the way we work, ou

Best software

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A review of SureDone by surajtiwari2581,
20 Sep 2017
It is a very nice software in the market for the management purpose and I am using this software for around 3 months and I didn't find any difficulty while using it. And there is no issue if we talk about its maintenance. The services which are provided by this product are really good and I am going to buy one for my office use so that we can complete the task in proper time. Thanks for the manufacturer who made this product. https://bestpowerd

I had a very good experience

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A review of Amazon Sellers Lawyer by notadouche,
19 Sep 2017
What was good about this product or service overall? I had the opportunity to speak with CJ directly for my Amazon issue. I contacted them through their website as well as many other who offered the service. CJ was the first to actually get back to me. By the time we spoke, he had already read up on issues and was well aware of my problem. After discussing for a few minutes about my strategies and the service they offered, CJ was very honest with me and let me know that we were a little sm

Such a poor customer service

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A review of PriceYak by BMall,
18 Sep 2017
Guys don't waste your money. Customer service is very poor. i been contacting with the company for the last 2 months and still haven't heard anything from them. such a waste. i had two accounts and i requested them to remove one of my accounts but it's been 2 months now they did not bother to reply me. When i request them the only thing i get was a computer generated the reply in which they said we will contact you shortly and never heard anything from them. Don't waste your money and effort

In trouble as an Amazon Seller? Call Kenneth Eade now!!!

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A review of Amazon Sellers Attorney by kristiguyer,
16 Sep 2017
Kenneth helped us get out of a very tricky situation with our Amazon seller account. He is very knowledgeable of all situations that can happen with your seller account. He knows how to write the appeal that will get your problem resolved in no time. Our situation was challenging, but he fought for us and knew exactly what to do. He even made suggestions and educated us on how we could be more successful sellers. The best part about his service is he doesn't charge ridiculous fees like the ot

Highly Recommend Amazon Sellers Lawyer

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A review of Amazon Sellers Lawyer by tulaniac,
15 Sep 2017
I contacted Amazon Sellers' Lawyer to help me resolve an IP issue and talked to Brett. He was easily accessible (their website chat is great) and gave me clear and thorough advice. After talking for a bit I realized I would not need his service, but it was incredibly generous of him to give me honest, free guidance. Most places won't even talk to you without a fee. Plus it's hard to know if you even need their services. Because of Brett's help, I highly recommend these guys and will come

A good service and delivered to an agreed timetable. You cou

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A review of AMZ Europe by lyden,
15 Sep 2017
Was a pleasure to deal with AMZ Europe again. I use them for all my EU listings, they all are very well written(I have them checked!) and most importantly they RANK! Keyword research for each country is carried out and not just translated from the UK/US listing as so many other services do. I would highly recommend anyone going in to Europe with their Amazon business to speak to Jeremie and the rest of the guys. A good service and delivered to an agreed timetable. You couldn't ask for mor
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