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Excellent Service & Great Results!

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Latest: 2 Feb 2018
A review of Amazon Made Simple by HWK,
1 Feb 2018
The Amazone Made Simple team knows the Do's and Don'ts when selling on Amazon. They are very diligent in finding the best approach, are always accessible and very responsive. It is a great joy working with them and, more importantly, to see our sales double after having optimized the set-up for a few months. I could have never managed the Amazon sales as well without them. It's a really worry-free working relationship and the results speak for themselves. I am glad I was introduced to the Amazon

Technical Support

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Oscar A
A review of Sellbrite by Oscar A,
1 Feb 2018
What was good about this product or service overall? The product has proven to be a major asset in our channel sales. We've been able to combine and manage our inventory in our Ebay/Amazon stores in an easy to work environment. Could anything have been better? No, the support member addressed all my concerns and questions. How was the support? Outstanding support and follow up. Team member was very knowledgeable and found ways to accomplish what i needed to be able to work

Good value integrator

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Uncle Paul
A review of ChannelGrabber by Uncle Paul,
1 Feb 2018
Free if you have less than 100 orders a month, then £65 up to 300, and £20 increases with 21 levels, which you can upgrade or downgrade to as required, so well worth giving it a try. Synchronizes most ecommerce platforms, Amazon, eBay and couriers with orders, stock, messages and printing invoices (which you can customise), postage labels, etc. Also some accounting packages, through a third party plugin (costs more!) Could do with more integrations, marketplaces and especially epos (only 2 cur


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A review of Thompson & Holt by glimmerwear,
1 Feb 2018
When our Amazon account got suspended, we were very upset. We googled about companies that could help us and only went to Thompson and Holt since we saw loads of positive feedback about them. The support we got initially from Simon Holt was very professional. However, Katie was the real star who helped us throughout the case. She was very precise and persistent and got us back trading. We think this company is the best and we can't express enough gratitude to this company. This is beyond a fi


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A review of Gixen by unheardofinstruments,
1 Feb 2018
Well, I have to admit to having been using this service for many, many years. It is an early sniper tool that still and always works great, I've never thought to use any other, highly recommended and good value. Very reliable and uncomplicated gui and the 3 second double whammy service is cheap. Worth subscribing at $6 a year. Server has never been down that I recall and this tool makes ebay a much better experience. I am a happy long term customer. You have to give them your ebay details but d

flawless and a gift

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A review of Gixen by futurejock,
1 Feb 2018
What was good about this product or service overall? Allows you to use for free or pay annual fee of 6$, and so it is a bargain! One must think, to be fair, about sending a gratuity, or about paying the developer more than 6$. How can 6$/year even cover the hosting and upkeep? Obviously the developer is gifting this software and deserves our gratitude. Could anything have been better? Nope. I like it How was the support? I have never needed any. Plus it works on my phone. Thank

Its getting worse and worse

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Latest: 1 Feb 2018
A review of Gixen by GoodCustomer,
16 Dec 2017
Now you have to click through 2 screens to get to your account, INCLUDING A 20 SECONDS NAG SCREEN. Like on some dubious download sites. They are using spite to get user to sign up for the paid option. But I'm using that service because IT WAS FREE and for that it was ok. But I would never pay for this. I was looking for a paid service, I would to a proper comparison or go to back old thrusty tool. First they went from simple logon with ebay account password to more typical user account an

Knowledgable and helpful

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A review of Amazon Sellers Lawyer by shenwick.blsh,
31 Jan 2018
Great guy. Very understanding and helpful throughout the call. Very knowledgable on the Amazon industry. Calm my doubts about my issue. I would go to these guys if you have any issues with in their realm of expertise as I am sure that they can handle any of your issues like they did mine. CJ was very personable and explained similar situations that he has heard of people being in places like mine. Very appreciative of the help they provided and would definitely recommend to family or friends


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A review of ShipWorks by barriervt,
31 Jan 2018
To me,the sign of an exceptional program is that after it`s installed and set up,you simply take it for granted and never give it another thought.That`s Shipworks to a T.After a desktop meltdown and having to use ebay's archaic label printing system i promise to be even more appreciative and never take you for granted again Sooooo beyond helpful at initial set up and when random questions have arisen along the way.Within minutes after getting desktop back,was back up and runnin' lean and mean

Dropshipping Software

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A review of PriceYak by davidrozzell,
30 Jan 2018
What was good about this product or service overall? Absolutely thorough and complete management system for dropshipping including both the listing and the ordering. Almost never any down time and the company really understands in detail what we as the customers are needing for out entire platform. I've been involved in every form of internet business and PY is by far the best program I have encountered. They are also always looking for ways to improve and expand, though I have always been c

Do not do anything else until you contact Thompson and Holt

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A review of Thompson & Holt by help222,
30 Jan 2018
What was good about this product or service overall? You have been suspended. You are freaking out. DO NOT CONTACT AMAZON. Contact Thompson and Holt. Your first response gets read by Amazon the quickest. You want that to be the response that solves the problem. If anyone can give you this response, Thompson and Holt can. Our first response (with no help from Thompson and Holt) was read 9 hours after we submitted it. Then we contacted T and H. The second appeal was responded to 48 ho

Only Interested in Sales

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A review of Appeagle by Spurs66,
30 Jan 2018
8)What was good about this product or service overall? Product is great had a set back due to Hurricane in TX and ask if I could use the offer the sent out for 30% off. I was told straight up it was only for new client and we don't care. Did I say I have been paying $150 per mouth for the 40 product I sell for 3 years. Well sorry they just I was asking for a discount for one mouth to help me out. No your not a new client. Really Could anything have been better? Product is good very good

Topnotch Customer Service!

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A review of ShipWorks by Alli,
29 Jan 2018
Shipworks is a great program, we use it with ebay and all the information is easy computed between the two programs. The tracking information uploads quickly and the orders are brought into shipworks quickly. Also the customer service is topnotch, they are always happy to help and go beyond to make sure you get what you need done. I highly recommend Shipworks to any ebay, amazon or online retailer. It makes my life 100% easier and again the customer service is quick and they easily solve any que

A+++. Just as described

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A review of Thompson & Holt by doob,
28 Jan 2018
Lucy and her team did exactly what they set out to do. I was reinstated within 72 hours. Zero complaints. Email correspondence was clear and prompt. As any service on the internet, it comes with some skepticism. Granted. With the first email communication, I was put at ease with what the process would be and the intended outcome. With less than 10 emails going back and fourth, the account was reinstated. I was even informed of after sales service which entails account management w

Gave it a try and succeded

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A review of Thompson & Holt by Info388,
27 Jan 2018
After being suspended by Amazon due to two minor incidents (in our minds) we could not get hold of anybody to "talk" about the issues. Not knowing what to do against it, we googled and came across Thompson & Holt. Reaction time was as promised. After three tries they managed to get heard by Amazon. Never thought we would make it back. Fast and precise service was done by them. After three weeks we were reinstated. Great job done. Thanks to the whole team. Can be highly recommended

Auction Wizard 2000 - Tons of Wasted Potential

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Latest: 27 Jan 2018
A review of Auction Wizard 2000 by williegates,
8 May 2016
I have been using Auction Wizard 2000 since 2001. I am now moving away from it. In a small business world where time is always the limited resource, having to learn a entirely new auction management software platform is wildly daunting and not anything anyone ever looks forward to. Believe me when I say I DO NOT want to move away from AW2K, but the little straws that eat and eat and eat at you will break your back with this stuff. It was a GREAT, I mean absolutely PERFECT software manageme

T&H is the best choice

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A review of Thompson & Holt by NewPh,
26 Jan 2018
The team of Thompson & Holt work with you to solve all of your Amazon issues, all the time they are with you, fighting against performance suspension listings or accounts. The best partner you will have ever. The team of Thompson & Holt work with you to solve all of your Amazon issues, all the time they are with you, fighting against performance suspension listings or accounts. The best partner you will have ever. The team of Thompson & Holt work with you to solve all of your Amazon issues

Worst experience with a company since I opened my business

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A review of WebInterpret by BoutiqueAcademia,
25 Jan 2018
I have an ecommerce business that ships all over the world, with a website through Shopify. I was contacted by Webinterpret for what sounded like a great plan: they would translate my website and offer cheaper shipping options for international customers than what I could provide. It sounded like a good idea, they were through PayPal and seemed reputable, so I agreed to give it a try. Here's what happened over the next few months: 1. They told me that my website was done being translated and

Great experience! Fantastic Service!

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A review of Thompson & Holt by Linara,
25 Jan 2018
Great experience!!! :) Very professional and trustworthy company. They helped me to reactivate Amazon account. Katie Hampton brilliant expert from "Thompson & Holt", helped me a lot to reinstate my Amazon account. Definitely recommend them to all Amazon sellers. They provided a good Plan of Action for Amazon within 24 hours. I am very happy because now we can sell again on Amazon and this is because of the help that I got from Thompson & Holt. Thank you very much for your help.;)

Great option - making it work is the issue

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A review of Volo by carshoez,
25 Jan 2018
This company promises the world but doesn't deliver. 6 months in still not 100% live, and nothing but glitches and errors. Volo isn't 100% independent, rely on 3rd party companies to completely integrate to their system and one doesn't what the other is doing. Sites dont link correctly but gladly take your money first. Quickbook enterprise integration issues as well. 7k, 6 months, and thousands to ten's of thousands in revenue lost. Honestly feel this is going to end in a legal situation.

A Real Business benefit!

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A review of ProSKU by john.bardsley,
25 Jan 2018
We implemented ProSKU in April 2017 to improve our stock management and auditability, and automate documentation. Since then, our volumes have soared and it’s proving invaluable for managing our pick and despatch activity. It links with our main order capture system to give us a seamless fulfilment process and some of the newer functionality has helped us make radical efficiency improvements. The flexibility of ProSKU means we can support all of our activities in both B2B and B2C areas.
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