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Such a poor customer service

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A review of PriceYak by BMall,
18 Sep 2017
Guys don't waste your money. Customer service is very poor. i been contacting with the company for the last 2 months and still haven't heard anything from them. such a waste. i had two accounts and i requested them to remove one of my accounts but it's been 2 months now they did not bother to reply me. When i request them the only thing i get was a computer generated the reply in which they said we will contact you shortly and never heard anything from them. Don't waste your money and effort

In trouble as an Amazon Seller? Call Kenneth Eade now!!!

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A review of Amazon Sellers Attorney by kristiguyer,
16 Sep 2017
Kenneth helped us get out of a very tricky situation with our Amazon seller account. He is very knowledgeable of all situations that can happen with your seller account. He knows how to write the appeal that will get your problem resolved in no time. Our situation was challenging, but he fought for us and knew exactly what to do. He even made suggestions and educated us on how we could be more successful sellers. The best part about his service is he doesn't charge ridiculous fees like the ot

Highly Recommend Amazon Sellers Lawyer

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A review of Amazon Sellers Lawyer by tulaniac,
15 Sep 2017
I contacted Amazon Sellers' Lawyer to help me resolve an IP issue and talked to Brett. He was easily accessible (their website chat is great) and gave me clear and thorough advice. After talking for a bit I realized I would not need his service, but it was incredibly generous of him to give me honest, free guidance. Most places won't even talk to you without a fee. Plus it's hard to know if you even need their services. Because of Brett's help, I highly recommend these guys and will come

A good service and delivered to an agreed timetable. You cou

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A review of AMZ Europe by lyden,
15 Sep 2017
Was a pleasure to deal with AMZ Europe again. I use them for all my EU listings, they all are very well written(I have them checked!) and most importantly they RANK! Keyword research for each country is carried out and not just translated from the UK/US listing as so many other services do. I would highly recommend anyone going in to Europe with their Amazon business to speak to Jeremie and the rest of the guys. A good service and delivered to an agreed timetable. You couldn't ask for mor

Awful, slow, buggy system - best avoided

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Latest: 15 Sep 2017
A review of ChannelGrabber by JonGaze,
6 Jul 2015
I signed up with ChannelGrabber in April 2013. Things may have improved. I was given a whistle stop tour of the system - shown how to attach to 3rd party Amazon listings and told that was pretty much all that was required for any type of listing on any market place. There was no trial period - the rationale was that it was necessary for their engineers to import my products at my expense before the system could work, therefore a trial could not possibly work. So, I committed, paid t

On the 4 dollar plan - works great

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A review of Auctiva by Jmor,
14 Sep 2017
What was good about this product or service overall? I only pay four dollars a month and I can really easily add my stuff to eBay. I buy lots from eBay, usually video games and I can get them listed as soon as they arrive in about 10 minutes. I didn't have any issues with random stuff being added to my listings, Im guessing the previous poster is new to eBay. Could anything have been better? More templates would be nice, but they work just fine. How was the support? Easy to work w


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A review of Avalara by st-user,
14 Sep 2017
The only reason this gets 1 star is I cannot select 0! Absolutely waste of many many many hours of time, by all accounts they make registering for VAT in EU countries easy... By easy they mean forwarding you the forms you can download anyway, providing pretty much zero help, no guides and a completely disinterested representative to humour you for 6 months. We got half of the several thousand pounds this service costs funded by another company, it still wasn't worth it! Avoid at all cos


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Latest: 14 Sep 2017
A review of KD Web Hosting & Design by Doomps,
1 May 2017
No support. Took money and hasn't gotten back to any emails. We feel like she has basically stolen $799 USD from us. It is now over a year and paypal is not refunding. Tried contacting via email, facebook page, directly through website. No response. Facebook shows that 'she' read the message and never answered. Worst experience ever. Pretends to be experienced, nice and provides all contact details but it is our opinion that we have been completely scammed by this person.

Great team, responsive & excellent system.

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A review of SureDone by mac891,
13 Sep 2017
What was good about this product or service overall? It's nice to have a good multi-channel solution at a reasonable cost. We primarily use the eBay functionality but have items sent to our website & some to Amazon as well. They also allow for Walmart integration. The ability to import & export in bulk and ship from all platforms saves time & allows for a seamless cross-platform integration. Could anything have been better? We started with them early on & experienced a few growing pains,

Great E-Commerce Platform

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A review of SureDone by robert155,
13 Sep 2017
SureDone is a great platform for creating a e-commerce web-store especially if you sell on Amazon, Ebay, Etsy and now Walmart. Not only can you control all three of these markets from your web store, you can also create a website that is packed full of content and beautifully presented. Because SureDone is easy to use and extremely intuitive I highly recommend this platform to anyone that wants to make e-commerce as easy as possible. Primary advantages of SureDone are: 1) Centralized

rip off for Canadian businesses !

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A review of Shippo by ITGUY,
13 Sep 2017
What was good about this product or service overall? Nothing Could anything have been better? Everything - complicated setup no mention of outrageous prices until the very end. How was the support? Don't want to know. They only present you with the most expensive ways to ship under Canada Post ! Went directly to Canada Post and was able to save 50 % ! Pitney Bowes was way simpler and straight forward and I used it many times with no problems whatsoever, this outfit is some overp


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A review of logicsale by chris777,
13 Sep 2017
I have been with them for 12 months now and very impressed. The pricing tool is helping improve and maintain sales. The system can cater for a number of different pricing strategy's and they are always willing to listen to what you are trying to achieve. The customer service is second to none they are always happy to go the extra mile and solve any problem or question that I may have. They explain everything about how the system works and give you as much time as needed to get used to the

Stay Away.

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Latest: 13 Sep 2017
A review of KD Web Hosting & Design by admin924,
2 May 2017
I paid $599 USD 8 months ago for a 4-hour job. She only half did it then would not respond to my messages. After threatening legal action she started responding but every deadline she set she broke. She does a very good job when the job is complete however meeting deadlines is not her strong suit. She has now finished my work however I think that if she is to busy to do the work then she should no accept the job. She is very reasonably priced though. -----------------------------

THE service to have for all amazon sellers

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A review of Payability by thebrittlebox,
12 Sep 2017
What was good about this product or service overall? The instant daily deposits for small businesses is a HUGE part of the success of our candy company . This service lets us increase inventory, pay bills, and simply grow faster! The fee of just 2% is well worth it Could anything have been better? none I find the interface and site easy to use and understand How was the support? I have ALWAYS reached help when I need it, and response time has been fast and friendly. I have spoke to numer

The worst thing I ever did

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A review of Frooition eBay Design by markfloirda,
11 Sep 2017
What was good about this product or service overall? NO, it really did not work, I sent almost 3 days trying to get it to work, this was time when I could be listing more items, it was time wasted. Could anything have been better? Yes, it could have worked. How was the support? Pathetic and to make it worse now ALL my listings have HTTPS issues and all have to be taken down and relisted, we have over 400 listing to change, due to the change on Google Chrome. I urge any eBay seller NOT to

Amazon appeal letter and plan of action.

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A review of Thompson & Holt by Agata,
11 Sep 2017
Thank You Thompson and Holt. Great service My selling privileges have been reinstated after 48 hours. Philippa was very helpful.Communication was fluent and they were always available to answer any question i had.Professional service. Would highly recommend, very professional. Great Great job 5++++++++. Thank You.

Run Away, They stole $1600 from me and provided no customer

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A review of AMZ Tracker by lekic100,
9 Sep 2017
What was good about this product or service overall? Nothing. Used product for a day and did not like it. Could anything have been better? Yes, they could not steal $1600 dollars right after trial ended, and could add an option that can actually be found to cancel the account. They trapped me into not being able to cancel trial to charge me $1600 for something I did not authorize. How was the support? Worst ever, there was no way to reason for them. They want your money and don't care a

Can't Get Your Amazon Seller Account Back? Call Ken!

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A review of Amazon Sellers Attorney by achung,
8 Sep 2017
Ken was the easiest lawyer to work with. He genuinely cares about each case and he responds within hours and also during times of emergencies. I honestly felt that he was doing everything in his power to help me personally and I felt that I was really taken care of. My case was a very odd one and we were still able to get my account back, thanks again Ken! Couldn't have done it without you and I really appreciate your help. If you are stuck please do yourself a favor and call Ken. All you have t


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Preston Smiles
A review of FreeeUp by Preston Smiles,
8 Sep 2017
They are professional and timely. Loving and firm with their people. I love this company and will be using them and already referred a few colleagues. ;) Love Nathan, and love our VA who's very well trained. I can't say enough about this because we've used so many other services. Something that I wrote a few weeks ago that applies to other services: It's 1000000% OK to not like certain people. There are some people's energy that I don't resonate with, I'd genuinely rather not be around them.

Finally the eBay dropshipping tool i was looking for!

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A review of Arbiship by Matt28,
6 Sep 2017
After trying almost every Automatic Ordering solutions for my eBay dropshipping / Arbitrage business, finally i came across Arbiship! Not only Arbiship takes care of my orders, it also uploads tracking information on eBay, handles cancellation requests from buyers supports Add-On items from Amazon, my dream came true! I would highly recommend Arbiship to any eBay seller that want to take his business to the next level and improve his business without having to deal with manual order

The best firm in the eComm Business

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Tim F.
A review of Amazon Sellers Lawyer by Tim F.,
6 Sep 2017
*********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************CJ, Anthony & staff are absolutely the best in the business when it comes to eComm legal issues... Our business will not use any other firm out there... Keep up the great work! *******************************************************************************************************************************************
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