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Giant mistake

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A review of Basil Bookseller Software by BasilPSA,
18 Dec 2017
My place of work, a small local chain of about 8 stores started using Basil 2 years ago. On paper, it looked very promising, with some very cool features sure to make our jobs easier, and the people in charge of Basil did a very good job of upselling it. The reality? Basil was a giant mistake. Even 2 years after the fact, it remains a broken and bug riddled system. It's almost like a beta of a full product, and at it's worst, it feels more like an early alpha. Everyone who works at the

Started off ok and then went Bad

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A review of 888 Lots by gokoey,
18 Dec 2017
I had some trouble finding suitable product but found some beauty supplies, but couldn't find a repeat. Your ok if you want HDMI cables or hair extensions. Prices don't match, they loose interest in you quick if your not spending $20,000 on them. Wouldnt be bad if you could find product to buy. At first things we're nice. They spent time with you and explained things, but it quickly shifted to buy our premium lot package. I wondered why some of there listings was messed up and then i got

Easy and Great Customer Service

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A review of ShipWorks by candyken,
18 Dec 2017
What was good about this product or service overall? Shipworks makes it easy to ship via any of our shipping carriers. The process is simple and their filter system helps our orders stay organized. Could anything have been better? The only thing I can think of would be that package dimensions do not stay when you switch shipping carriers to check prices. Otherwise, really nothing. How was the support? Support is 100% excellent. Always polite and knowledgeable and always willing t

Cancelled account due to terrible customer service

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A review of inkFrog by tw85382,
18 Dec 2017
I was a customer for many years and just cancelled my account. I had a technical issue, inkfrog was sending my listings to ebay with an international site option fee that I didn't choose. I was charged hundreds of dollars in fees from ebay. They blamed ebay and ebay blamed them. Their customer service dept is terrible and kept going back and fourth with emails and never resolved the issue. It would have made things easier if I could speak to an actual person but they only have email customer su

Chelsea gave great customer service

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Latest: 16 Dec 2017
A review of BULQ by dchagnon,
16 Dec 2017
What was good about this product or service overall? Products offered are in different categories of which you choose. Could anything have been better? The only issue I had was; my case lot was incorrectly marked so I didn't receive what I thought. The good part is Customer service is ready to support you. They are honest and fair. How was the support?: From my initial contact to the end decision Chelsea was responsive and professional. I was not left in the dark about the process and

Great software & excellent customer service

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A review of Feedbackwhiz by BFoley,
15 Dec 2017
Love how easy it is to setup emails and campaigns. Interface is clean, nice, and covers everything I need to setup automated emails. The product review manager is the best, now I can see all my reviews come in and get notifications. Buyer-review matching feature is worth every penny. Would be awesome if Feedbackwhiz adds some more tools that covers listing and keywords. Excellent support, response time was very fast when I had questions and they were very helpful and friendly on helping

Amazon Appeal Expert

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A review of Amazon Sellers Attorney by anddav4444,
15 Dec 2017
I suddenly found myself in a situation where I was suspended from Amazon. I tried to get myself re-instated but it was quite obvious very quickly that I was out of my depth. So I contacted a company that made huge promises and statements about how good they were at resolving Amazon disputes. However it unfortunately became clear that they were quite frankly incompetent. I decided to have one more attempt. Even though after my attempts and the other companies attempts. A considerable amount of da

Highly recommended!!

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A review of 247 Commerce by Mark122,
15 Dec 2017
Who would have guessed you didn't need three different systems to manage to sell across different marketplaces. Coming from Channel Advisor which most of the major processes was manual and moving to 247 Commerce which they had automated those same processes. Currently, 247 has done a complete order automation from all the different marketplaces and accounts to our in-house stock management system. This actually has allowed us to expand our business to even more marketplaces on 247 as well as

PPC Campaign Optimization is Great!

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A review of amz4seller by Duoping_Kenner834,
15 Dec 2017
What was good about this product or service overall? amz4seller is great with many useful functions. I like the PPC campaign optimization most. I used to only open auto ads, as I don’t know how to optimize manual ad group. But after using this tool, I prefer to use manual ads. Because amz4seller can help to analyze the performance of each keyword and provide the optimization suggestions. Could anything have been better? How was the support? It’s good. I get prompt reply from the s

My account has been restated.

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A review of Thompson & Holt by TonyChen,
15 Dec 2017
I took long time to resolve the issue but my account has been restated finally. Good service! I took long time to resolve the issue but my account has been restated finally. Good service!I took long time to resolve the issue but my account has been restated finally. Good service! I took long time to resolve the issue but my account has been restated finally. Good service! I took long time to resolve the issue but my account has been restated finally. Good service! I took long time to resolve

Selro has become integral to my company

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A review of Selro Multi Channel by david62,
14 Dec 2017
I have been using Selro for nearly a year now and our company could not have coped with the orders without it. All orders come in to one central database, we bulk print "picking lists" and when ready shipping labels are bulk printed ready for the couriers. All despatch details are automatically uploaded to the sale channels so customers can see their tracking numbers etc.. Without Selro I am sure I would have had to employ at least an extra person if not 2. Selro support as been very quic

Very helpful tool!

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kite miami
A review of ManageByStats by kite miami,
14 Dec 2017
A very helpful tool to excelling on Amazon. They are constantly innovating the platform and making things better. Clear, no fluff access to Amazon data...exactly what you need to sell more on Amazon. They offer many services and I use about half of them. All at affordable prices and prompt customer service. If you have a question, they get back to you super quickly with quality answers. So if you sell on Amazon and are looking to improve your sales, you need to use Manage By Stats to under

Working things out

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Bijan salimi tari
A review of Solid Commerce by Bijan salimi tari,
14 Dec 2017
Working things out. Hopefully everything will be up and running by the end on Jan. Has taken a while to fully sync with the platform, but I m hopeful and they are working with me to resolve all the issues. Will wait till end of this month before making a final decision and I am really hoping that things work out since we really need this as we are expanding. Looks like this is the end of the tunnel and by the end of this month we will finally be able to use the platform for at least inventory ma

Amazing results!

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A review of Amazon Sellers Lawyer by SavingsClub,
13 Dec 2017
Amazing results! I had my account suspended by Amazon for a year, during that year I tried everything, I sent several emails to Amazon Performance Team with no luck until I found Amazon Sellers Lawyers and in less than a month Vincent Famularo got my Account back! I highly recommend Vincent, he is always available, easy to work with and the results speak for themselves. He knows the best way to appeal to Amazon Performance Team that will get your account back. The firm is reliable, I'm very happ

Really easy to use, great software

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Majella McGregor
A review of ReplyManager by Majella McGregor,
13 Dec 2017
Our team have been using Replymanager for about 2 years now and we haven’t looked back. Looking at the number of negative reviews here I felt it was my duty to show the Replymanager guys some love from a happy customer! We really have had very few issues with the software, in fact our team couldn’t live it without it. To me, the migration from the older version has actually left us with a much cleaner, user friendly software and introduced some great features that have helped us resolve mes

Solid Commerce - the SOLID solution for selling online.

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A review of Solid Commerce by gwelzien,
12 Dec 2017
We tried several other platforms that came up short in features, functionality, or support. Enter Solid Commerce. From managing inventory across multiple warehouses and vendors, creating bundles and kits, an Excel tool for updating product or listing data in bulk, and customer support that is responsive with real solutions. We are only on the ground level of online retail, but Solid Commerce has quickly opened our eyes to the possibilities with a tool to help us get there. Thanks Solid Commerce.

Amazing new product to help beat the competition

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Gabriel G
A review of StreetPricer by Gabriel G,
12 Dec 2017
In a highly competitive market, its good to have the edge against your competitors. This product gives you that competitive edge. The Best thing about it is the Automation, I really don't have the time to adjust my pricing individually, so this feature is my favourite. The team at StreetPricer couldn't have been any better. I felt personal attention and most of the set up work was done for me. This was very important to me as I just don't have the time to figure out the integration. I am

UPS a company that dosen't!

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A review of UPS Mail Innovations by Bigdeebird,
11 Dec 2017
Frank Dee I had had nothing but issues with UPS, right about the time of black Friday ups decided to turn one warehouse (Cranbury hub) into a main facility taking the place of three hubs. Each year the news has broadcasted the growing online shopping trends, graphs have shown how large that shopping time has become between black Friday and cyber Monday, even with years of this information, they were nowhere prepared for what was about to come their way in 11/2017, here is a short list of my

Fantastic programme

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Latest: 11 Dec 2017
Anthony Rowe
A review of RepricerExpress by Anthony Rowe,
8 Dec 2017
What was good about this product or service overall? A great programme which has allowed us to stay ahead of the game on Amazon in regards to winning the buy box with lots of customizable rules. Could anything have been better? Would be great if we could use it for Google Shopping on our own website but also with variations on eBay as it currently only supports single item SKU's How was the support? Support has always been fantastic and really great help when stuck or need advice or even j


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A review of ReplyManager by Erika,
11 Dec 2017
Reply Manager is a great platform to manage your customer service emails. You could create folders and group to organize the emails. You could assign a case to a certain support agent.Rules could be created to set your email conditions, whom to assign to and others. Overall, it's flexible and organized. It's just sometimes I have an issue attaching PDF files in the ticket. Not sure if the file was too large. They have the best support ever with super fast response to your submitted questi


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A review of CashCowPro by more-junk-mail,
11 Dec 2017
I've just found out that valuelink a huge Shenzhen based Amazon sellers now own CASHCOWPRO, just google it + trademark and you will find it's true I wonder why they might want a database of sellers products? And why they might want to keep that a secret? apparently they bought the company earlier this year Valuelink are also the owners of AMZTRACKER the very popular software from a couple of years ago I'm glad I stopped using the software earlier this year, the customer support was t
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