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Automation - How to decrease OP. Overhead

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Started by Kyozou,
14 Feb 2006
eCommerce operations can be a very HUNGRY system to uphold. You are your most important asset to your company. Let us help you decrease the amount of time you currently spend carrying out tasks that can be easily automated which will give you more time to explore other areas that can help you increase revenue to your company. I want to know what's on everyone's mind. What are you bottlenecks in the day-to-day operation of your businesses? Here is an example of an efficient enterprise leve

Can retailers take the FREE out of shipping?

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Started by Kyozou,
14 Feb 2006
Hello everyone. One of Kyozou's very useful is the Discount module that can help you create shipping price discounts. Free shipping may be just one more item in the arsenal of tools to convert shoppers to buyers, but retailers are increasingly aware of the need to use it judiciously, much as they would any other discount or promotion -- as part of a larger strategy to drive qualified traffic. Check this article and you will see how this can be a great selling point: "Four out of five s

How to drive more traffic to your listings

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Latest: 14 Feb 2006
Started by Kyozou,
14 Feb 2006
eBay fees can become quite costly especially for higher volume merchants. eBay is known as your company's marketing expense. There are various methods that Kyozou can provide to help increase the unique visitors to your current eBay listings to help drive the cost for advertising of your products lower. Essentially have more views per product for the amount of fees you will spend listing the item. Please get in contact with your Kyozou support or sales representative for assistance.

Consignment SHOPS - Custom Branding Available

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Started by Kyozou,
14 Feb 2006
Require custom branding for your company? Kyozou can design and brand your software to match the look of your corporate image. Examples: Branded - Un-Branded: Benefits: Frankly, there is no benefit in functionallity. This feature is available for sellers who operate consignment or drop shops. We have noticed that this fairly new breed of business generally operates at a franchise level were 1 consignment compa

New Overstock and Wholesale Auction

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Latest: 3 Feb 2006
Started by LIquidationtime,
2 Feb 2006
We hope all is well and Happy Day! We have launched our website 3 weeks ago. This site will be a great place to buy and sell, all items that are listed in this website will make great profits on eBay, and you are also welcome to start selling on our website. We have focused much of this time to develop an auction site and community to something that sets us apart as something different. Within the next two weeks we will be launching the latest evolution of our website

eBay Auction Stores

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Auction LotWatch
Started by Auction LotWatch,
1 Feb 2006
Hi All, Do you have an eBay Auction Store or Auction Shop or do you know someone that has? We have just finalised our new free tool - AUCTIONeSTORES and are looking for some stores to list on the site before we launch proper in a few weeks. This is a new and free auction stores directory and we hope in time it will develop into a useful resource. Initially it will be targeted towards the UK & US markets. So if you have an eBay Auction Store or Shop then please list it here

Sales Director Pro: eBay Sales Reporting Made Easy

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Latest: 29 Jan 2006
Started by BayDigital,
28 Jan 2006
We are proud to announce that Bay Digital Solutions have just released Sales Director Pro! Sales Director Pro has been specifically designed to help focus the efforts of eBay Sellers and help you work out exactly how much profit or loss you are really making! Produce real time sales and management information reports at the touch of a button. Build a vast database of your eBay items and data spanning years rather than months. Powerful search and filter capabilities at your finger tip

Software for working with Drop Shipments

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Clar Software Services
Started by Clar Software Services,
15 Jan 2006
Raffi, With my custom Access database software for sellers you can create suppliers and products that can be selected when you add the auction item. Then when you have sold the item you can click a button to print the Purchase Order and record the PO# and date printed. The PO shows the product, quantity, and costs plus the item buyer's name and shipping address. Also, you can track all your PO's by Supplier and record when you pay them and what's outstanding. Here's a link http://mywe

Protect Your Images!

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Started by weitu,
7 Dec 2005
You know the problem. Your images and photos on your store(or website,shop) are accessible to everyone. After a while your property is being used by others in their homepages, forum or in newsgroups. By blending a watermark into your pictures you can prevent this kind of theft. Discreetly of course, without destroying the overall impression. With Batch Watermark Creator you are able to include a text or an emblem at different places in your images. You can choose intensity, font, color

Free eBay and PayPal fee calculator (update)

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Started by ecal,
6 Dec 2005
New features include profit/loss calculation and a better fee comparison tool. Support for more eBay platforms to be added soon.

Help For Andale Users Wanting to Migrate

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Started by jj28west,
3 Nov 2005
Holly Holden has the ability to migrate andale lister pro databases to Ebays Blakcthorne, for a reasonable price. Her email is:

New Free eBay Search Service

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GreyMoon Development
Started by GreyMoon Development,
11 Oct 2005
Check out . It uses the latest AJAX technology to provide real time search suggestions and slider controls to specify price and time ranges. Results are displayed visually, much like Froogle.

FREE Seller's Tool releases NEW features!

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Started by Stephanie,
28 Sep 2005
In July 2005, after 7 years in the industry, Auctiva released a new, FREE seller's tool at eBay LIVE 2005. And now, it's even better than ever! Sign up today and you will gain access to FREE Templates, FREE Scheduling, FREE Image Hosting, including super size, and much more! We've recently release our FREE customizable template feature - now is a great time to check us out.

Video Auctions

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Started by wildbill7459,
15 Sep 2005
Here is a site i have beeb playing around with, just testing the water before any commitment about Video Auctions Why pay some site to host your video when you can do it for free, plus you have more control of the size, type and lenght.

txtBay – a new service for eBay

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Started by,
1 Sep 2005
Hi everyone, I’d just like to inform you all of txtBay, a new service for eBay that has just launched which I’ve been working on for over a year now. It allows you to keep track of eBay auctions and members on your mobile phone by sms text message, so you can get updates on important auctions or member details including their feedback ratings. If you are an eBay seller then there is a link which you can use in your listings to keep users updated on your auctions. You can find all the

MarketGizmos - RSS Feeds for eBay

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Started by MarketGizmos,
18 Aug 2005
We here at MarketGizmos are proud to announce the recent release of our new service. MarketGizmos offers custom, automated search for eBay and eBay Stores delivered via RSS. That's right, in simple terms, custom RSS feeds for the eBay marketplace has arrived. Registration is simple, fast and FREE! We also offer FREE eBay Hot and Featured Item listings that requires no registration. This is a great way to check out the service. I

Sell better... Go Indaba!

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Started by Indaba_Baba,
18 Aug 2005
You may have already heard the buzz about Indaba... it's true... After almost three years of real-world testing, the first all-in-one solution for online booksellers is ready. Expand to new marketplaces, increase sales and feedback, reduce shipping times—all with Indaba. Check out the Indaba website for a quick demo video: Top 10 features of Indaba: 1. Sell on more marketplaces simultaneously (and we’re always increasing our reach). Get you

A New Auction Website

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Latest: 5 Aug 2005
Started by Telshin,
18 Jul 2005
This is a brand new auction site entitled TWay. TWay Some key features about our site are: No listing fees User friendly Commissions are lower than EBay Live Negotiations, haggle with your sellers live! Internal Email Relisting is very easy Storefronts for all the power sellers out there. Now, there are some little kinks to work out with the website, so bear with any changes...but TWay is up and running. I encourage everyone to come and

AlienFiles for eBay

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Alien Auction Tools
Started by Alien Auction Tools,
1 Aug 2005
Hi, AlienFiles was released early june 2005 and has had a good take up. Alienfiles software lets you create advert listings for eBay (and other auction sites). Alienfiles lets you add images, movies, audio, office files, flash banners, pdfs into your listings. It also lets you add a map of your location, your feedback and includes image protection... We would be grateful of any feedback / reviews. Also any recommendations to add to the next version of the software would be welco

Auction Monitoring for Buyers and Sellers

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Started by Nabit,
11 Jul 2005
Nabit™ by Digonex allows eBay users a new experience in tracking auctions, managing watch lists and placing bids. No longer do you have to log into your eBay account and keep refreshing to monitor an auction. Built as a stand alone application, Nabit™ allows users to setup a list of items to watch in addition to importing their existing watch list. Each item is displayed at a pace controlled by the user. Users can then place a bid on the item as it scrolls by. Nabit™ provides users wit

Free for Life Listings at the !Club Auctions Promo

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Started by EVERETT,
17 Jun 2005 Listings for Life - Free, One can't beat that! NEW June !Club Promtions How to play, its simple. Simply List 15 new items on The!Club Auction Site in a week to be entered, its that Simple! !Club Promo Rules 1. You must register to be a member or already be a member of The!Club to enter 2. You must be legally able to sell items and abide by all Club Rules 3. All Items must be New listings - the relist option will not count as a new item. 4. All
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