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Dropshipping Website 4 Sale - High Profit (The Truth !)

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Started by Bigian13,
22 Mar 2017
Maybe it is the time of year, or maybe scammers are preying more on the unfortunates that think dropshipping is the easy way to make a fortune, but so far this month I have had more than the usual number of emails from people that have purchased a 'ready made', 'guaranteed income' dropshipping website, usually Shopify based, and have had severe problems. Some are blatantly obvious such as those that state that this is a new website and has no sales (but offers potential up to $xxxx.xx per mon

Introduce yourself here

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Latest: 21 Mar 2017
Started by Andy,
22 Jun 2015
Today I'm starting up a new introductions thread. Please say who you are, what you do, and what you'd like to talk about in the forum... and if there's anything you would like other members to contact you about. To get things started, I'm Andy, the founder of Web Retailer. This is my full-time business. Happy to talk about anything to do with selling through online marketplaces. :D PM me if you have a story to tell about your ecommerce business, or if you are a marketplaces expert a

Looking for a inventory and shipping software management

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Latest: 10 Feb 2016
Started by kwunhanghk,
19 Aug 2015
I am currently looking for a inventory and shipping software for management. wants it support bar-code, excel or CVS for import and export, muti channal, live inventory, FedEx and USPS. Any suggestions? Plx Help

Getting paid by PayPal when selling on Amazon

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Started by enjoy.mauri,
Yesterday at 2:31pm
Hi everyone I was wondering if PayPal is the best way to get paid by the customers while selling to them on Many thanks for your time. Regards Maurizio

Newbie looking for support

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Started by enjoy.mauri,
23 Mar 2017
Hi guys I am a newbie in this business and my target is to sell on Amazon. I am considering to get some support from Seth Kniep from Does any one of you know if this guy is reliable? Or please do you have any other suggestions? I really thank you for your time I wish you all a great day Maurizio

Shopify newbie needs a little advice with apps

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Latest: 22 Mar 2017
Started by ninawurst1,
17 Mar 2017
Started my own store recently and now looking for some apps to enhance it. Of course started from digging through a ton of "Top *any number here* apps for your super-duper Shopify store" lists on Google. There are some decent lists like this one: But most of them look like a sheer ad, so I, frankly, doubt their relevance and transparency (and aforementioned too, as it is a blog of some ERP). Anyway, my question is about some proper inventory an

Super hero capes and masks

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Latest: 21 Mar 2017
Started by contactcherinow,
17 Mar 2017
My grand kids want me to sell capes with the My little pony character on them. I don't understand how everyone is selling these capes from China without a license to use the images. (Batman, Spiderman etc) Can anyone tell me if it is ok to sell them on Amazon? Is it not regulated by Amazon and just the manufacturer? Any info would be appreciated!

New product promotion on Amazon Japan

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Latest: 15 Mar 2017
Started by dfordjbusiness,
8 Feb 2017
Hello friends .I am new here.anyboday know how to promote new product in Amazon Japan? When I source product and asking samples for one or two it's very expensive for shipping . Anyone sales on Amazon Japan? Thank you

Selling in US, how to keep all money in $ ?

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Latest: 15 Mar 2017
Started by Sofabusiness,
10 Mar 2017
Hi guys, I'm desperately trying to solve this puzzle. I'm UK resident, all my accounts, cards, paypal are in £. I'd like to sell print on demand art in US. I'd receive orders of $30 max, then my credit card would be automatically charged by print on demand company in 30$. Lots of small transactions and money convertion. How do I setup all my accounts in $, including the credit card to avoid currency convertions? I would need the account that does not charge per transaction. Thanks!

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PricingEasy- Beta Program - Only 8 spots open!

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Started by pricingeasy,
Yesterday at 4:15pm
Only a few spots left in our Beta program! Sign up today to get free access to use our revolutionary solution to your multi-channel listing, inventory, pricing/profit analysis problems! PricingEasy integrates with eBay, Amazon, and Shopify to manage your entire e-commerce business from one central hub. PricingEasy features include: Pricing and profit intelligence and cost tracking Live Inventory management with syncing across all channels Multi-Channel listing cap

The Secret Behind Small Business Success

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Started by LAWMS,
21 Mar 2017 Small retailers are looking to grow drastically in their early stages. That’s why they can’t afford to lose customers or damage their brand. These problems are mostly caused by defects in inventory management. With proper inventory management, they can avoid missing sales opportunities or overselling a product that would decrease their customer service level and eventually damage their bra

As a retailer, when do YOU get paid?

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Started by RetailSmartGuys,
21 Mar 2017
You do everything you can to make your store as attractive as possible. You try to hire the best people. You do your best to find the best merchandise. You control your expenses as best as you can. You fight Amazon and all the online retailers and vendors who sell direct. You try to figure out how to hire and/or sell to the Millennials. None of this is easy. I know. And perhaps the toughest part is that you may not be getting the kind of cash out of your business that you need or w

LA WMS has Carrier Integration with UPS

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Started by LAWMS,
20 Mar 2017 LA WMS is fully integrated with UPS which is one of the world’s largest parcel delivery companies. This functionality allows the customer to print labels through LA WMS screens and there is no need to install and use UPS Worldship application. Below are the features of LA WMS carrier integration; Calculate shipping rates before printing the labels [

Amazon Pay for FR, IT, ES, DE and UK

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Started by romankorneyko,
20 Mar 2017
The worldwide leading development company WebiProg is pleased to announce a new Zen Cart payment gateway “Amazon Pay”. The current payment gateway supports 5 countries like: - Germany - England - Italy - France - Spain WebiProg offers it for free and everybody can download it from the WebiProg’s website: WebiProg Germany: WebiProg Englan

Manage Amazon Prime Orders with an Online Inventory System

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Started by LAWMS,
17 Mar 2017 LA WMS supports Amazon Prime. Merchants that have Prime Badges can have the benefits that are exclusive to Amazon fulfilled listings. For the prime process, shipping labels are purchased from Amazon instead of buying from the carrier directly. LA WMS order operations screen automatically connects to Amazon and create the label if the order is a prime order. This way all the orders are processed from a si

IT firm situated in Shenzhen looking for foreign buyers

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Started by tianruidian2012,
13 Mar 2017
We are a big IT firm situated in Shenzhen, China and we've been making mobile and computers applications, games, customized applications for individuals and cooperate bodies, Chess/cards games etc. We are looking for foreign companies or individuals who are in need of software application for their organisations. You can visit our website (Chinese and English version) : You can also contact our foreign sales departme

Cardiff Online Seller Meetup 29/03

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Started by daytodayebay,
12 Mar 2017
Free for online sellers and retailers Cardiff Online Seller meetup is scheduled this month. It brings opportunity to network with other online sellers and meet industry experts in a comfortable setting. We will discuss several live wire eCommerce topics along with these expert talks: #1 eBay and Amazon Best Practices #2 Importing from China - Get A to Z information #3 Selling on Amazon USA Register free via [link=

AlphaRepricer the amazing repricing tool for Amazon sellers

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Started by AlphaRepricer,
9 Mar 2017
We offer Amazon sellers the ability and flexibility to reprice their inventory quickly. You can test out your repricing profiles by setting safe repricing so you don't see any surprises. Import your Min/Max from excel files. Affordable and user friendly. Register today for a free trial. For more details go to

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