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Software/Service to auto list listings to ebay and amazon

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Software/Service to auto list listings to ebay and amazon
26 Apr 2009
I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the auction software/services that claim to do this but here's my situation and I'd appreciate if you experienced forum users can help me out...I'm selling through ebay and I want to expand to amazon, however I've got over 10,000 products and I want to make those into listings. I need a software/service that allows me to quickly create these product listings and allows me to automatically list them in ebay and amazon so that I constantly have them on sale on ebay and amazon. Now here's the thing, I'm a noob to a lot of this central management service stuff so it would be appreciated if the service that I use is fairly easy to understand. That and I'd like to keep costs as low as I possibly can so with all this information, can someone please suggest what they'd recommend to me to get started?

Thanks I appreciate it!
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Re: Software/Service to auto list listings to ebay and amazo
9 May 2009

Most of the services that can accomplish what you need would charge around 1% to 2% of your sales. You only pay when you sell. Is that cost prohibitive?

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Lisa @ Handbags4Hunger
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Re: Software/Service to auto list listings to ebay and amazo
28 May 2009
Check out Vendio's latest e-commerce offering.

You can list to eBay and Amazon at no extra charge until January 2010 I believe.

"Manage eBay,, your own store and more
Describe an item once and make it available to buyers on your own free online store,, eBay, Google Product Search, and other online channels. As sales come in, the Vendio Platform enables you to process all orders using one convenient interface while keeping inventory quantities in sync across your sales channels."

Good luck!

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Lisa Stadtmueller
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