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Get The Cheapest Price on Ebay with OttaBid

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Get The Cheapest Price on Ebay with OttaBid
14 Jun 2009

Everyone knows, the higher your maximum bid, the better your chance of winning. But once in a while you can bid low and still win. How much you pay depends on how many auctions you are willing to bid on before you get your item. That is where OttaBid can really help.

Just enter how many auctions you are willing to bid on before you get your item, and OttaBid will tell you how low you can bid.

The way OttaBid does it is to get information about completed listings of similar items from Ebay, and calculate the probability of winning auctions with a specific bid. If you have a 1 in 5 chance of winning an item with a $60 bid, then on average it would take you 5 auctions to get that item if you bid $60 every time.

The way OttaBid gets the information it needs is from you. You log into your Ebay account, following the instructions, and get completed listings for the item you want to buy. Now the better the information that OttaBid gets, the better the information it gives you. You need to narrow it down as much as possible. If you search for a cell phone, it won't help if your results include a broken phone being sold for parts, or a cell phone charger.

But if you can narrow the search to accurately reflect what you are planning to buy, OttaBid should give you a good idea of how many auctions to try before you get your item for the price you want.

Good Luck!

OttaBid is entirely free and can be found at It is currently fully compatible with the US and UK versions of Ebay. Indian Ebay is currently in Beta.

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