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Looking for host that supports connecting buyers and sellers

United States United States
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Looking for host that supports connecting buyers and sellers
17 Aug 2009
Hi everyone,

I'm looking to start an auction host site that allows me to create my own brand and store that connects buyers and sellers. That is, I won't be handling merchandise myself but sellers can post and price their merchandise, and buyers can bid. Sellers would ship directly to buyers.

Is there a hosting site that provides this? I've contact a few that only support selling--that is, the site owner posts merchandise and fulfills orders themselves.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Herts, England United Kingdom
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Re: Looking for host that supports connecting buyers and sel
24 Aug 2009
Hi George,

Yes there are several solutions to run your own auction site.

I would start with the auction software itself rather than the hosting, as the software will have requirements which your hosting company will have to satisfy - and the software company may be able to recommend a suitable host or even provide a hosting service themselves.

Try or other auction providers are listed in DMOZ

There is a new system called CloudBidder which is free.
Andy Geldman, Web Retailer
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