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Run my own auction site like eBay...

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Run my own auction site like eBay...
13 Sep 2004
I own a car dealership in Ohio. I would like to start a local auction site where people can bid on my cars like they would at ebay. I would like them to enter my aution through my domain name and have it go directly in as if they were going into ebay.

Can you assist me with this?
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Re: Run my own auction site like eBay...
13 Sep 2004
Try or other auction providers are listed in DMOZ

Andy Geldman, Web Retailer
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Re: Run my own auction site like eBay...
6 Jun 2005
We can build you one a bit cheaper contact us
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Re: Run my own auction site like eBay...
3 Oct 2007
Rainworx is good

take a look at my site

it would be good to have a users forum though - the green, free alternative to ebay - sustianable living book and ebook shop

Please pop along and we would love to see you there!
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Re: Run my own auction site like eBay...
6 Oct 2007
I am selling my license for the latest version of Rainworx for half the cost of a new license. I sold the site I bought it for without this program and have no plans to build another site.

Contact Steve at Rainworx to verify for yourself this is the latest version and comes with complete support with the exception of a free install. He knows I am selling it and that I have offered it here before.

If you decide to go with my license you can contact me at

(LMAO, nothing like a topic drug up from 3 years ago!!)

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