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uk United Kingdom
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Joined: Apr 2, 2011
3 Apr 2011
This article Alternatives to eSellerPro by someone who seems to know their stuff, mentions as being an option for a business with sales below £1m.

It boasts "A low fixed price of £50 a month with no contract"

Perhaps another ripe for review?
Seller on and amazon uk. Looking for cart and multichannel solution.
uk United Kingdom
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Joined: Apr 2, 2011
3 Apr 2011
Carification: The author of the article mentioned it wasn't suitable for an operation with sales over £1m.

In this article the Managing Director states: ChannelGrabber is aimed at low to medium volume sellers (Less than £100k revenue a year) and currently supports eBay, Amazon UK, Amazon France and Amazon Germany (although we’ll be adding more platforms in the future).

Note to moderator..... I have just seen that this company is based in Manchester, UK. Which is my hometown although I'm currently in Thailand (hence the wrong flag showing next to my username) . I am in no way affiliated with this co. although I may soon be a customer.
Seller on and amazon uk. Looking for cart and multichannel solution.
Herts, England United Kingdom
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10 Apr 2011
Thanks juice, I'll take a look at

By the way, you can change the flag next to your username. Go to your profile page, look for "Country" then click the Change link to get a list of countries to choose from.
Andy Geldman, Web Retailer
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United Kingdom United Kingdom
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30 Sep 2011
Hey Andy, hey Juice,

My names Chris and I work for

Since the interview with Daniel our MD back in April we've found that our current customers and new customer base are pushing well past the £100k mark and Channelgrabber is continuing to offer the same solid service for our high end users as well as our low to medium business users.

Really exciting times in the Channelgrabber offices at the moment!
Our customers’ needs come first and we always listen to the Channelgrabber community.
With that in mind our customers get what will practically benefit them as opposed to what we think may be of use.

Let me know if I can be of any help Juice.
If you want to have a look at the system and see it in action Andy I’m more than happy to accommodate and we always appreciate any honest review.

Chris Kerr
(44)161 4080688