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Software Help Multi-Shop

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Chris Germany
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Joined: Jul 6, 2011
Software Help Multi-Shop
6 Jul 2011
I hope somebody can help me here with the following search for a suitable software.
I currently have an Shop with ebay user name 1
I have set up a second Ebay User name 2 with a separate Ebay shop in Germany.
I sell all my items on Fixed Price GTC format.
I sell a lot of unique "one off" items.

What I am looking for:
A software solution to manage my inventory on multiple Ebay-Shops.
For example
I list a pair of shoes on my Shop on (using my first Ebay user account)
I would also like to list the very same item on my second Shop on (using my second Ebay user account)

The most important feature I need is that if the pair of shoes sells on then it is removed from as it is no longer available.

I do not need any software offering item translations as I do that myself. I also do not need Amazon or separate Webshop listings.

I have looked at Vendio but they only offer support for (US$)

So basically I am looking for some software which will link my listings over 2 Ebay user accounts and 2 ebay shops and update the inventory when an item sells on one of those shops.
I hope somebody can help me on this.
I am not a huge seller, I have a product inventory of about 350 items at any time (with article variations then it is about 500 items)

Thanks for anybody who can help me on this
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Re: Software Help Multi-Shop
6 Jul 2011
I would say have a look at Kyozou and ChannelAdvisor. Also, here is Ebay's list:
Patrick B. - automatic markdown ecommerce
Germany Germany
Chris Germany
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Joined: Jul 6, 2011
Re: Software Help Multi-Shop
7 Jul 2011
Thanks a lot
I have called Kyozou but they dont have an Ebay Sync functionality for example if I am listing one item and if it sells, that is is removed from the other ebay shop.
I also spoke to ChannelAdvisor but they are more geared up to large inventories / sales and it would be a cost of about GBP 500 a month.
I will check the list you had quoted for certified providers, and maybe if anybody else has some input, it would be great to hear
Midlothian, VA United States
Jax Music Supply
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Re: Software Help Multi-Shop
10 Jul 2011
We custom programmed our solution. if you do not have the skillset for it, you can probably hire a freelancer to do it. We hire freelancer's to do certain segments of our IT work.