Best auction management software for eBay

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Best auction management software for eBay
15 Dec 2011
I hope to start selling on Ebay soon. There are so many auction / selling management packages for selling on ebay, it's confusing. Is there any information on which of these is not only the most effective but also relatively easy to use. Has anyone produced a survey on this? Thanks
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Re: Best auction management software for eBay
18 Dec 2011
If you are just worried about eBay I'd recommend starting with Turbo Lister. It is free and pretty easy to use. If you need a complete management system for eBay there is Blackthorne ($40 a month I believe) that handles invoicing and such. Until you get volume I don't think it is worth it. If you are doing mult-channel (which I don't recommend until you have eBay under control) it gets more complicated. Best of luck.
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Re: Best auction management software for eBay
18 Dec 2011
I would offer as a good alternative to desktop based tools like TurboLister. Our service is quite affordable at 6.95 per month and does provide end to end solution from Inventory Management to Post Sales Management. I would like you to try us out via our 2 weeks Free Trial.
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Re: Best auction management software for eBay
29 Feb 2012
I have used 'etope' very successfully. It automatates sending the emails like payment received, parcel shipped etc. My customers often said "Seller was very professional".

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Re: Best auction management software for eBay
2 Mar 2012

Have you considered SellerExpress? We are due to launch our inventory and order processing module for eBay UK this month which could be perfect for you, especially if you are already active on Amazon and We already support 7 marketplaces which would allow you to expand your business quickly and easily.

If you'd be interested in more information or to sign up for our free 30 day trial please visit
SellerExpress helps you manage your inventory,
sales, pricing and orders on eBay, Amazon,
Rakuten and webstores.
Demo available
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Re: Best auction management software for eBay
12 Mar 2012
I like inkFrog. Have been using them for years
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Re: Best auction management software for eBay
18 Mar 2012
Hi, if you are just starting to use eBay I would recommend using Turbo Lister at first. Once you start growing I would look into eBay Blackthorne.
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