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Auto Relist with Auto Price Adjustment - Does This Exist???

United States
JD Smith
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Joined: Dec 18, 2011
Auto Relist with Auto Price Adjustment - Does This Exist???
18 Dec 2011
I've been wanting this for quite awhile but have not found it yet. I was wondering if anybody offered anything like this.

Lets say I list something for $10.00 at a fixed price for 30 days (whether I choose a 30 day listing or good til cancelled).

After 30 days, if it doesn't sell, I want the item to auto relist and also the price to decrease by however much I have set the parameters to do so. Let's say 50 cents. So every 30 days that it doesn't sell, it auto-relists for 50 cents less.

I would also want to be able to set a floor price. Let's say, I'm not willing to sell the item for any less than $6.00. So if it gets down to $6.00, it will still auto-relist, but will never auto-relist for less than $6.00

Does this make sense? And if so, is there anything out there like this?

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