How do I select the right php auction website developer?

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How do I select the right php auction website developer?
29 Jul 2012
Hi - I need to recruit a programmer to develop an auction website for me, but I am not a programmer myself so need some guidance in recruiting the right sort of person.

I don't mind using an off the shelf software package as the foundation of the website, but it will need to be modified as I have special requirements for the descriptors for products being sold - most of which need to be part of an advanced search function. I also want an email alert feature for buyers based on selected triggers (defined by a fairly comprehensive list of criteria) when a new product is listed that fits there needs (price, product name, and / or product specification item).

Given my current hosting arrangements, I want a php programmer.

My question: When recruiting such a programmer, what are the key areas of expertise must I ensure they have to a) develop the functionality I want and b) ensure a secure system.

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