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Simple question for international sellers

Nottingham United Kingdom
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Joined: Feb 21, 2014
Simple question for international sellers
26 Jun 2014
Simple question, why do you sell internationally and how do you do it ?
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Artemis Greece
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Re: Simple question for international sellers
26 Jun 2014
I sell internationally because there is a wider range of buyers, as for your second question what do you mean how do I do it? Its not hard I sell on eBay and Bonanza internationally you just need to find the good Dropshippers, Wholesalers, Liquidators, Manufacturers to do so witch usually I find through SaleHoo or Worldwide Brands.
Shenzen China Australia
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Re: Simple question for international sellers
26 Jun 2014
I sell internationally because of the huge pricing advantage my company can make on our products from China - we can crush local retail pricing and still make decent profit even if we supply to middle buyers. In terms of how, for me, it comes down to logistics, controlling the supply chain from China to the countries we sell in - if we control the product, the stock and the logistics we can be a one stop shop for partners that meet our requirements (and where we meet theirs )
UK United Kingdom
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Re: Simple question for international sellers
26 Jun 2014
Simple reason: To extend audience reach.

We may of stock which are available exclusive to us or cheaper to us compared to the destined country. i.e. Some UK brands are cheaper here compared to Germany and we will get better return selling to Germany.
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Manila Philippines
2nd Office
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Re: Simple question for international sellers
26 Jun 2014
If you aren't selling internationally, then you are missing out on a lot of $$$. Cross border trade is huge and it isn't getting any smaller! If you have the resources to sell internationally, I would definitely start looking into it. There are a number of ways you can do this, depending on what country you're from.

For example, in the US, eBay has a program called "Global Shipping" If you're an eBay seller in the US, you can activate this program on your US eBay listings and basically ship your product to pitney bowes in Kentucky, and eBay will handle the global shipment for you. If the item gets lost, they will even cover it!

More info here:

If you're from the US, and you're planning to sell in the UK. You have 3 options.

1. List onto the UK marketplace, and say you're shipping from the US
2. List onto the UK marketplace and ship your products to Amazon FBA and have them fulfill your orders on your behalf
3. List onto the UK marketplace and hire a 3rd party logistics company. Make sure they are a bonded warehouse, so you only pay VAT once the item ships to your customer. I know of a good 3rd party logistics center, which is cheaper then using Amazon me for details.

The markets you would want to concentrate on, are the markets where your products would sell the best. It doesn't necessarily have to be a big market, if your product has a demand in that market, then it will do well.
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