Works only to find possible shill bidders

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Works only to find possible shill bidders
7 Feb 2005
After I downloaded this software and got it running, it wouldn't do the feedback analysis it promises. I dug around on the cricketsniper Web site and found on the software bulletin board that it hasn't been able to perform this function since 3/04: "Safe2Bid: Changes on the Ebay site continue to affect Safe2Bid with 2 out of 3 features. I continue to work on modifying the Cricket Sniper engine to over-come the blocking of Safe2Bid feedback submissions by Ebay and the recent Ebay changes to the feedback format." That's almost a year before the time of this review--and it's the last mention of Safe2Bid. They still advertise Safe2Bid as a feedback analysis tool, however.

If you uncheck the feedback analysis options, it will perform a shill check, but that's it. It doesn't seem like the company is really interested in developing this product. Too bad. It would have been very useful.
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