Don't use inkfrog

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Don't use inkfrog
26 Mar 2007
I have been using the service for awhile and was ok with it. Recently I had a problem with the software not working as it was supposed to. I opened a support ticket. They emailed me back not answering my question. I tried again.


hello.. hmm.. so changes you've done to these listings are not showing at eBay? like best offer and 10% price discount?

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Ticket Details
Ticket ID: SBQ-701302
Department: all support
Priority: Medium
Status: Closed

NOTICE THE STATUS "CLOSED". Obviously I am in the market for a new management service. Don't use them!
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A note on status closed
22 Apr 2009
When a support ticket is generated in most customer service industries, the ticket is closed until revisited after it has been responded to. It is re-opened every time you reply with information. inkFrog had an email response time under 2 hours when i contacted them regarding payment questions. I am still trying to find a service that compares to all of the features of inkfrog and am running out of luck!
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Maybe it was your fault?
10 Jun 2009
Sometimes tech's are confused for whayever reason and they HAVE to ask you questions to get more info before they can properly answer you. I used inkFrog for several years - support was never a problem. One of the fastest email support folks I have ever seen. It is all email though but they are good at it. And yes, their tickets work just like that it shows closed but its easy to respond and keep the thread going....
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