Great features but can't justify the cost of Implimentation

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Great features but can't justify the cost of Implimentation
23 Jul 2007
When I first saw this solution. I thought I was dreaming. It had everything I ever wanted in a website solution and more. However after signing up for this solution I found that the web site templates supplied are terrible. Although I find their monthly and transactions fees reasonability priced they should include a few good templates. According to the site it is simple to make changes to the templates or to create a new design. I was very disappointed to learn it was not as easy as stated. I found the documentation incomplete and not very helpful. When I inquired about having them design the site I was told it would be $5200.00. Being a small company this was not an option for us. So after a few months of wasting time and money getting this site off the ground we moved on to a different solution.
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