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Be aware that the status of Poster Toaster support is unknown.

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Be aware that the status of Poster Toaster support is unknown.
2 Jun 2008
For about a week now all of FooDog's websites (Shooting Star, Poster Toaster, support fourms) are unavailable. They once regularly updated their Shooting Star and Poster Toaster programs, but Shooting Star hasn't been undated since August of 2007, and there have been no recent Poster Toaster updates. I was once a faithful Shooting Star and Poster Toaster user, but with these products apparently not being supported any longer (remember that Poster Toaster was free, meaning no income to support changes) I highly recommend looking elsewhere. I actually had a problem using Poster Toaster a couple of weeks ago but couldn't get any support from FooDog. So I had no choice but to use eBay's listing software. I will not be using Poster Toaster any longer. I'd rather use a program with a support option. A real shame FooDog has not kept us this product, or with Shooting Star. Looks like the "Star" is dimming and disappearing. Sad.
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