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This service used to be great, now it's almost worthless

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This service used to be great, now it's almost worthless
25 Nov 2008
My initial experiences with StealthBid (for the first couple of years) were awesome. In the last 8 months, however, I'd say 2/3 of my bids are never submitted. I've gotten emails congratulating me on winning auctions where my bid was never submitted, and lately numerous emails telling me that my bid was not submitted and that it was due to Ebay being down (or they'd look into it and get back to me if it was their fault). I appear to not be the only person having unacceptable experiences with StealthBid. My numerous emails requesting some (any) response have never once been returned. My plan is to simply write off the credits I have remaining and find another service. I would not recommend StealthBid to anyone, unless it was a person I knew was going to be attempting to bid on something I wanted to win :-(
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