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eBay About Me Page Templates NEEDED

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eBay About Me Page Templates NEEDED
2 Jan 2006
eBay's About Me Page System Needs Help

I want to enhance our About Me page. Some of the features I would like to have are:

  • Universal Browser Support

  • Any browser with 800x600 or better resolution should see the entire width of the page, without the need for horizontal scrolling and all content should be positioned correctly on the page.

  • Content organized into sections with a menu system that sends users to the appropriate section. Ideally the menu would be persistent at the top of the page.
  • Borders, Backgrounds and Color choices
  • CMS (Content Management System) to make updating easy.
  • Intelligent links to Verification Services like: Square Trade, Reliable Merchants, etc.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) features that allow the page to be found, indexed and ranked higher by search engines.
  • Based on Cascading Style Sheets

  • I am really looking for a Template-based solution. I'm not interested in paying for this as part of a image hosting or auction management plan. Ideally this would be a PC or Web-based program with templates that could also be shared among users.

    I would be willing to pay $50 - $100 for a good solution that included all or more of the features I have listed.

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    Re: eBay About Me Page Templates NEEDED
    2 Jan 2006

    as far as I am aware, what you are looking for is some quality html authoring... the about me page and other pages associated with ebay store are just html code. To get a unique look and feel you need someone who works with both graphic arts, and html design.... then they need to have some knowledge of eBay so what ever it is you are looking for you get.

    Do you intend to change the about me information regularly?

    United States United States
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    Re: eBay About Me Page Templates NEEDED
    2 Jan 2006
    One other thing.... your resolution request is at the mercy of eBay. Whatever you put together will still be shown inside of an eBay page.... regardless of the design you provide, if the eBay page it resides in has a horizontal scroll bar you will be limited by it.... make sense?
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    Re: eBay About Me Page Templates NEEDED
    7 Jan 2006
    A good web designer should be able to do this for you.

    BidBoosters are specialists, or you could put it out as a project on a freelancing marketplace like or
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