Awful service, bugs in software, £199 per hour for support!!!

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Awful service, bugs in software, £199 per hour for support!!!
12 May 2009
Here's our experience:

The Frooition designer assigned to us was happy to make as many changes as we wanted - but his communication with us about the progress of the work / any issues, was non existent. The amount of time we had to spend chasing him up (all on premium rate 0870 number - he didn't bother answering emails within less than 3 or 4 days) well outweighed the discount that we negotiated before work started.

Frooition promised they could code the listing template to work with SpoonFeeder, the uploader software (similar to Turbo Lister) that we use. But, they didn't - Spoonfeeder saved the day (they made changes to Frooition's template for us, for free - thanks, Terry!).

Once we got underway and listing we started getting the odd complaint from buyers that our listings (and shopfront) were taking a long time to load. At first we thought that this was simply down to 'more design' but we've since learned that each time a buyer clicks on a listing, the Frooition design on our listing has to be 'drawn in' from Frooition's servers. This weekend just gone, the Frooition servers were down for hours on end - we lost hundreds of pounds in missed sales and much poorer that normal auction returns.

In January, Frooition launched the advertising for their 'exciting New Shop Experience' promising additional and enhanced features and an improved buyer experience. What they actually delivered turned out to be inferior to the original product and full of bugs. Here's the list of issues that still exist with Frooition's NSE product. By the way, they also called it an upgrade and charged us £100 for the privelige:

Ill-looking, poorly functioning Promotion Boxes - half of the item title is missing and the boxes often fail to display at all

Missing Shop Pages Links in both Storefront and Listings

Poor quality of FrooFlow box

Failure to integrate eBay generated slideshows (which was always the case before NSE, and I've been told should still be achievable)

Incorrect reordering of categories in pre-Freedom generated listings (which the Frooition support team have told me is irreversible)

Poor quality work when embedding header into eBay standard pages

Freedom generated listings do not show correctly in eBay's new version of the listing page

They told me that they are keen to make improvements and 'the sooner the better' - but they could not commit to any timescales.

I gathered from their comments that they didn't have, or wouldn't fund, the additional resource required to carry out the remedial work. Either way, it came across as low priority - after all they've got our money now.

We believe that Frooition's promotional material for their NSE 'upgrade' was misleading and omitted key information and the product they have delivered is materially inferior to the original product and, in several respects, unfit for purpose.

When we've opened up help tickets about these issues we've received 'cut & paste' irrelevant and innaccurate answers. When we've pursued the issues, Frooition support team have simply deleted the help tickets! Now, if we want to report any issues, they tell us that the ticket might not be answered at all - or that we can pay £199 for someone to deal with it as a priority

You won't be surprised to hear that we're planning to move away from Frooition. For a while we did try to convince ourselves that things would settle down after the implementation of NSE and then gradually improve. We've had the Frooition designs in place for less than 10 months, so we're not exactly keen to just write-off the money we spent. But, if anything, things are heading in a much worse direction, at a very fast rate.
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Frooition - Awful company!
11 Jul 2009
Having signed up to Frooition monthly subscription this year, we found this to be the biggest mistake we've ever made….
We have 2 ebay shops, both power seller level with 6K+ pos feedback. We were told that Frooition were the best (at styling ebay pages), and they may increase our sales, making our listings and shop look a lot better.
Months later with Frooition ... our shops are looking bad (CSS errors, unreadable pages on most browsers), our sales are down by over 80%. No amount of support tickets, emails or phone calls to their offices are helping. Their control panel interface (to post listings) doesn’t work. All calls and tickets are being ignored. A couple of times the phone is picked up by a lady, claiming to be in 'accounts dept' and she will pass on the message, but we never get a response of any kind!

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24 Dec 2009
I was just about to give them a go,but after terrible reviews I'll go elsewhere-any suggestions anyone??I need an ebay template jazzed up,powerseller with 10k feedback
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3 Jul 2011
I paid £1750 in advance, after being hounded by their very slick sales person, for 2 Ebay templates and website upgrade/enhancement.
After 3 months of chasing, I was given a pathetic ebay template, that was just copied off a standard template, which had not been designed from scratch as promised. I complained on many occasions but found their communication to be appauling.

After about 5 months I finally got a ful refund and a half hearted apology, but I felt lucky to get this,. I ended up almost having to threaten to come and shake the money out of them personally before I finally got my money back.

I would not recommend these guys, but I would recommend Futurestore in Cornwall, who finally designed my website, and were a joy to work with.

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