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software structure is extremely old, after you give $, there's no support, dead end experience

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Joined: May 13, 2011
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software structure is extremely old, after you give $, there's no support, dead end experience
13 May 2011
Truly, we had a thriving company before joining up with this company. Everything about the company is behind the times. The software infrastructure is from 2001. Employee satisfaction is low and you hear plenty about what's wrong from poorly treated employees who receive mixed messages about how to treat business customers. The system doesn't work once you take it beyond the simplest level. And you will write endless emails asking for help, cases opened up, forgotten, then closed. Later, when you pull out, they are defensive that you never really sought help the right way.

Truly, we threw away money. Read all the cautions voiced on this forum. In my opinion, they are all true. We're paying good money again, no hype, just getting the work done. What's really regrettable is that Infopia took our business back 5 years rather than helping us move forward.

Be forewarned that based on all our experiences, all the promises and great delivery at the front end are smoke and mirrors. And based on our talking with other customers who are still witn Infopia, it took them over a year to get things going. And because they have had no experience beyond eBay, they are clueless how limited what they have really is. It's way more work than you can imagine and it's like riding in a horse and buggy rather than moving at full speed to your next level of goal achievement.

Pay attention to everything you read here in my honest opinion
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