This is a life saver! If your not using it your a sucker!

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This is a life saver! If your not using it your a sucker!
3 Jun 2011
Gone are the days of arduously sitting in front of you computer for 15 minutes waiting for an auction to end, with your heart beat racing away, just to be out bid at the last second, even though you would have been happy to pay that extra £2 more. Gixen is an excellent service with is FREE of charge, which I have been using for ages now and feel obliged to review in positive light. It has never let me down in 2 years, and I can safely say I will be using it for quite some time to come.
With Gixen can just find an item I'd like, enter the maximum amount I'd be happy paying and completely forget about it. This means I don't feel compelled checking eBay every day to see how much an item at now, and because it only bids at the last second, then there is no chance of unnecessarily increasing the bid!

Try it now you won't regret it!
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You're correct!
3 Jun 2011
I agree!

Gixen is the best thing that ever happened to sniping!
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12 Jul 2011
Yes, this is the best part, where you don't have to wait up until the early hours of the morning to see if you can enter your bid, no more struggling to complete EBAY protocols with enter ..confirm and turn to next page. and then get jammed up when the browser fails to respond fast enough.. ENTER ..THEN RELAX, AND FEEL SO GREAT !! ALMOST FEELS LIKE, WELL ..WE WON'T TAKE IT THERE !
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