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Cons - huge rate hikes

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stardim stardim stardim stardim star
Cons - huge rate hikes
1 Oct 2012
I've used this software since the original person created it. It was free and you could send in donations. Then they continued the free version but created a ?better version you could pay $10./year for. I paid for 3 years and it just ran out. Now they want $5./month which is $60/year.

No way. It's a big rip off for a program that has gone through fix after fix, usually not well done. Often issued logging in after fixes came out. I'd have to contact them to set it up again.

It's criminal what the new owners did to this. I searched around and wasn't sure where to find something secure and cheaper. After lots of checking and searching for security, I found a free program that so far seems okay, although I've only tried a bid once, it was right on. It's called
JBidWatcher. If others know of something better, I'd love to know, but for free it's good. Much like Auction Sentry.

It was a little difficult getting it started, with error message and help didn't really explain, but looking around I figured it out and it put in the bid exactly when I wanted it to.

I vented with Auction Sentry and their support staff only know how to give canned responses, not to address your concerns. I closed my case with them and rated them poor, and will spend extra time posting everywhere to warn people against the incredible greed for something that is not a "fixed" program.

My kudos to the original programmer who would actually answer your questions. Too bad when it was sold greed took over.
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Kudos: 87
Joined: Oct 1, 2012
Update on prices - addition to my post
1 Oct 2012
This forum shows:
One Year License: $12.95
Two Year License: $21.95
Three Year License: $28.95

None of this is current. This is what I paid 3 years ago. Now your only option is $5.00 per month.
Period..... No other options. Total greed.
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Dan Hite
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In the interests of accuracy...
5 Jan 2013
I am the person that created Auction Sentry (in October of 2001) and Auction Sentry Deluxe (in June of 2004. Neither product was ever free and I never solicited or received donations. I sold the business to the new owners at the end of 2007 and have not had anything to do with the product since.

Thanks for the kudos!
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