Found a great tool for creating designs easily - Canva

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Found a great tool for creating designs easily - Canva
25 Sep 2014
As a software developer with terrible design skills, I dread having to do any kind of layout for ads and social media images like Facebook covers.

So I am happy to say that I recently found a great new service called Canva (in beta) that makes it easy for me to whip up a design that will fit any sized spot. Canva has professionally designed layouts and backgrounds images plus great fonts. There are three elements: templates, backgrounds and text. Most backgrounds cost 1$ but text and templates seem to be free.And you can upload your own images.

The editing is drag and drop. To create a design you pick the template, change the background and text and you're done! I did my first Facebook cover page in about 5 minutes.

I have no affiliation or interest in Canva other than the fact that I like it. Its a really well designed useful tool and the price is right!

If you need great looking designs with minimal effort check out Canva

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