Have you explored Swedish eBay yet ?

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Have you explored Swedish eBay yet ?
29 Dec 2014
I found out UK Retailer Perfume Click selling on Swedish eBay - Tradera

Have you thought of exploring this opportunity in 2015 ?

Perhaps you want to check out this blog post I wrote back in August when I was in Sweden.
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Re: Have you explored Swedish eBay yet ?
30 Dec 2014
With a population of ~9M, it seems like a hefty investment for a small amount of business. In the US, the state of NC is just under ~10M, and we do about $7200 per year without having to worry about any taxes, customs, or language barriers. That revenue is not significant considering the barriers involved in selling in Sweden. This is an issue that many in the US have with selling on native platforms in Europe. True, there is WebInterpret that does this for larger eBay markets but it is expensive and the results are not exactly stunning.

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