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9 Apr 2015
Many of you List Media Online via Amazon or - This Question is for you!

As Amazon is working its way away form used sellers, others will rise up. It seems that is the best option.

I Sell an amount that requires a third party listing software. Now I am in search of one that can FULLY support

There are some that Kinda support but not Fully. Im looking to find out what others are doing and how others have handled this situation.

I have moved to FillZ as they said they list on as well as Amazon, however in reality there are some major problems:

Problem 1. Fillz gets product data from Amazon. So when I scan a UPC, Fills creates a listing with the information provided by Amazon. Amazon uses ASIN to list, Half and eBay use a UPC. Amazon only stores UPC data for about 25% of their cataloge. So thus Fillz only has UPC data for 25% of my listings. So when Fillz Tries to list these on, they cannot and it just gives an error. So right now, I have 500inventory items in Fillz, but only 128 are active on And only 334 active on Amazon as amazon kicks out the over $25 MSRP listings.

Problem 2. Fillz Prices from amazon prices. So when it reprices my listings, it checks for the lowest price on Amazon and then changes the price to that on all platforms. However, since Amazon has kicked off all over $25 MSRP items, the Price is artificially high and no longer competitive. Beauty and the Beast Platinum on DVD is a good example. Only available from 11 sellers on amazon and the lowest price is $75.00. Available on half and ebay from 300-600 sellers and the average price is $8.00.
So Fillz is pricing my copy on at $75.00. It will never sell.

So My Question is does any one have a solution, is there a third party listing software that can do this, not just say they can but is anyone actually having it happen? Im asking because im hitting dead ends..

Here are the Companies I have tried:

Monsoon - Lists form amazon Data to ebay - Same problems, can only list 25% and will price based on amazon prices. The tech guy I talked to told me he could make it price against But Im not sure I believe him based on monsoon reviews I have read. Also, the only way to find out is to pay $2000.00 to start. There is no free trial.

Solid Commerce - Lists form Amazon data to Same problem lists 25% and prices from amazon.

Fillz - Lists from amazon data - Same problem, 25% list rate prices from amazon price.

A Man Pro - No support for (I used AMan for years with amazon and Loved it)

Any others? What is everyone else doing?

BTW, single and bulk listing is very time consuming and would make it non worthwhile. every address input individually, etc...

Thanks for any help, sorry for the long message..

P.S. Am wanting to try Monsoon but they wont give me a trail, I would love to hear from someone who uses Monsoon for

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