Restricted items on Amazon - How to effectively manage them

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Restricted items on Amazon - How to effectively manage them
9 Apr 2015
You've been on Amazon for years, doing everything right - you think! Then you receive the following email:

"We have removed your selling privileges, cancelled your listings, and placed a temporary hold on any funds in your seller account. We took these actions because you have listed items that are not permitted on"

Banned?! What the ...! You sell beauty items. Things to make people look good!

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident. Over the past year, hundreds of online merchants got the boot for offering restricted items on Amazon, mostly health and beauty products which contain specific outlawed ingredients.

In the Seller Central forum, one seller whose account was suspended had been selling on Amazon for 6 years and was in the top 10% in 2012! $35k worth of his inventory was frozen in Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and he couldn't make a loan payment because tens of thousands were on hold. His employees were about to lose their jobs if Amazon didn't quickly reinstate his account.

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