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Amazon - How to get paid within 24h

London United Kingdom
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Amazon - How to get paid within 24h
22 May 2015
Hi Guys

We all know how long Amazon tends to take before paying invoices. While some get paid on demand, vendors having to wait for 60 or even 90 days before getting paid are not uncommon. This can seriously impact growth ambitions and cash flow and have a dramatic effect especially when vendors want to scale their operation.

MarketInvoice has come up with a unique solution to this acute problem. We help Amazon Vendors boost sales by enabling them to access funds much faster - in 24 hours instead of 30-90 days.

Our service allows you to upload your Amazon invoices or purchase orders to our platform and receive the outstanding funds directly to your bank account.

We provide this service in partnership with the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills and it's free to register an account with us (we're 100% pays you use).

Please drop me an e-mail or simply comment here to find out more.

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