Skuvault, does anyone have any experience with them?

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Skuvault, does anyone have any experience with them?
1 Jun 2015
I'm interested in SkuVault but unfortunately can't find many reviews online for it. I find this odd because for companies like ShipStation that I know are awesome, I can find lots of reviews. But really nothing for SkuVault. Does anyone have any experience with SkuVault?
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Re: Skuvault, does anyone have any experience with them?
4 Jun 2015
Hey cs_cs272,

Overall the thing you have to note with SkuVault is it covers a partial aspect of your e-commerce.

So let's say you implement Skuvault you then need another software to manage your customers, vendors, and shipping like ShipWorks or ShipStation.

Price and dev time are also a huge factor when considering any software to implement. Skuvault has launch fees that are dependent on your situation. These fees are for creating your account, training, importing etc.

Overall when you're choosing a software to run your business look for these factors:

  • Enterprise Grade Tech: So no matter how many orders you fulfill the system can handle it

  • Versatility: Whether you fulfill in-house, 3PL, FBA, or Dropship your software needs to cover the way you run your business

  • Low-Cost: Avoid implementation fees, contracts, high monthly costs and losing a percentage of revenue

  • Unification: You're going to want a software thats going to do the most for your business. The more facets of your e-commerce that a single software runs the less you have to piece together and implement

  • If you're looking for other options to consider and compare I'd be happy to talk to you about choosing the right software for your company.

    Feel free to message me I'd love to hear more about your business and any pain points you may have.


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