Don't Use Wise Pricer (Wiser)

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Don't Use Wise Pricer (Wiser)
2 Jun 2015
The theory of this program is what everyone wants...the reality is a program that does what you want it to...for about 1/1000th of your inventory, specifically on eBay....there is just not enough data on eBay from each seller to accurately reprice against someone. Want a repricer for Amazon? Well there about 1000 options for you there. Wiser, as a company, is not great to work with either. They will push stuff through without your permission, unless you catch it first, and they lock you into contracts, which for a small company probably isn't the greatest idea...
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Re: Don't Use Wise Pricer (Wiser)
16 Jun 2015

I just wanted to jump in this thread, because lately we had the chance to help all small teams like you who could not get what they were looking for with Wiser.
Although Wiser is a nice basic tool to reprice vs. marketplace competitors in Amazon or Ebay, it eventually fails to compare prices vs. independent retail webshops, which require further abilities, and thanks to our work at the back-end, with, we are able to deliver pricing intelligence for all sizes of e-commerce markets from more than 30 countries already.

I, personally will like to welcome you at, if you want to give us a chance by trying for free.

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