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10 Jul 2017

My name is Ryan Dewitt, I work for a company called We specialize in contact enrichment for Amazon affiliates who have partial customer contact information. If you have a list of addresses in a CSV or Excel format you can upload it through our self serve tool and we will append back email, phone and contact name.

This allows affiliates to take control and market to their clients through multiple channels!
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Re: Introduce yourself here
14 Jul 2017

My name is Alex, I am CEO for E-PickPack Ltd, a company specialised in Internet Fulfilment.

We help small to medium sized businesses succeed in E-Commerce fast pace Business. E-Pick Pack specializes in worldwide fulfillment providing a seamless service from order processing and management of inventory through to pick, pack, distribution, Customer Service and return shipping solutions including Amazon International Returns.

Located in central UK, the E-Pick Pack team have been established in fulfillment and warehousing for over 20 years. This commercial experience underpins our service philosophy to eCommerce clients who have taken the major decision to outsource their web order fulfillment and warehousing.

We can take delivery of your stock, securely store it, receive your orders electronically, process those orders, package and dispatch them. This leaves you to concentrate on what you do best - running your business, sourcing products and generating sales.
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Re: Introduce yourself here
14 Jul 2017

I am Full Stack Developer with 8+ years experience in web applications building and management, which includes quite varied expertise – creating e-commerce platforms, SMS/Email applications, Chat Apps, affiliate systems, custom CRM applications, Accounting applications etc

My Sites


- Inventory Management
- Orders Management
- Shipping Integration like Ship Station
- Return Orders Management
- Price & Inventory Update

Any many more, feel free to ask me questions if you have any
- Regards
Naveed Metlo
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Re: Introduce yourself here
20 Jul 2017
I like you Andy, you strike me as someone I could talk to on an earthly level.

I cut grass for a living, what I sell are mostly small engine and related equipment and parts... It started out around the time of the Great Recession, as a way to save money I'd order parts in bulk... Didn't take long, nothing insane and I got most of my orders right but I had gone overboard with a few things so as a way to cut the losses I started putting up small wholesale lots on ebay.
I started by putting up one item a day, everyday, one item.
I built up to 30...
Then 40...
Selling along the way, I saw the money in it.

Today ebay matches my *LCO income, this year it may even exceed it... Unfortunately, agriculturally the take home is a lot better than retail.

Right now I have 125 active BIN's and one auction.
And probably close to 600 spark plugs I'll never sell.

* Sorry I couldn't help the little ego trip.

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InterCultural Elements_JL
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Re: Introduce yourself here
21 Jul 2017
@ Andy, thanks for creating the forum, you've done a wonderful job and it's a great community here!

This is InterCultural Elements and it’s great to emeet everyone here??
We are a Germany based service provider offering customised A-Z solutions to expand your e-commerce sales both internationally and domestically. Since 2007, we have led cross border trade offered customizable solutions to:

• translate, localise and launch your items on international marketplaces and websites
• provide multilingual email customer service and returns
• identify the right countries & marketplaces to target
• write an appeal for Amazon suspension and get you back selling again

If you’re thinking about expanding your online business internationally, feel free to reach out and PM us! We’ll also be sharing our experience and knowledge here by answering questions relating to ecommerce global expansion~

For more information:
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Re: Introduce yourself here
Yesterday at 11:00pm
Hi everyone! I'm new here and it's nice to virtually meet you all (lol). I've been reading some amazing things and I thank you all for your advice. I hope I can help out too.

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