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Re: Introduce yourself here I am DANIEL
14 Feb 2016
I love doing online bussiness but i have zero knowledge about internet marketing. I need your help please
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Re: Introduce yourself here
14 Feb 2016
@momohdanielm I am not an expert but i give your my little knowledge, tell what is your basic problem? Any body is welcome to help us.
Thank you
Live longer and prosperous
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Re: Introduce yourself here
18 Feb 2016

This is Steve from Clotho Productions. My background is in brand development with heavy emphasis in the Apparel category.

We have run white label programs for major licensed properties, our own websites, ebay and Amazon.

We currently get a large percentage of our business from Amazon, and as such we are focused on getting as much product online (quality listings, not just quantity) onto Amazon as fast as we can.

We also have developed a UI which makes filling out the Amazon flat file much easier and faster while eliminating a lot of potential human error. We are now testing offering other vendors to sell in our Amazon store.

We have also recently dipped our toes into Amazon Japan and Amazon Germany.

I am here to learn best practices in all areas of online selling and to make connections to learn more about automating my business and staying ahead of the curve.

I am happy to offer knowledge that I have to anyone who asks.


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Re: Introduce yourself here- TPSynergy EDI for Ecommerce
18 Feb 2016
I am Srini - Co founder for TPSynergy ( We provide a web based app for doing EDI with Big Box retailers like Amazon,Target, WayFair etc. Our app is a Omni Channel order management solution that will process all the orders in one place.

We would like to hear from Web Retail members their challenges in managing their orders, fulfillment, shipments, system etc.

My specialization is systems and can help members in this forum on any questions on Systems, Integration, Compliance Requirements from customers etc
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Mark Burch
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Re: Introduce yourself here
20 Feb 2016

I'm Mark and I have been involved in in on line retail for 17 years and have run a couple of other businesses too.

Having sold my last e commerce business in 2015 I now offer a service to on line sellers to handle their international returns through my new business Ezi Returns. We also provide consulting and advice services to retailers on a number of areas.

I hope to use the forum to learn more and help others.
Mark Burch
Ezi Returns - International Returns Services
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Re: Introduce yourself here
21 Feb 2016
Hi everyone,

My Name is Deniz Olmez, I am an Amazon Consultant and Amazon SEO Expert.

Me and my team , we are providing amazon consulting services. We are a small team that can offer a range of skills for small / medium and big size Amazon Sellers . Skills we can offer are

* eCommerce and Amazon Seller Central, eBay Consultant, Multi-channel Sales System Integration (eBay, Amazon, Rakuten., Etsy, Sears) Expert.

* Amazon Business & Process Development, Training & Consulting for Small / Medium size companies as well as Internet Start-ups Operations.

* Studying and adjusting data to best match the amazon ranking algorithms (signals) used by marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay,, Etys, Sears, Overstock to select preferred vendors.

* Using Amazon Marketplace Optimization Technics to identify and improve signal performance a company will receive preference, resulting in increased exposure (sales) on a marketplace.

* Creating the best position of the product pages in relation to their competitors on a specific search terms.

* SKU Optimization, Competitor Analysis, New Product Scouting, Catalog Maintenance, Product Purchasing, Importing (China, Taiwan, Europe, Turkey, S. America).

* Amazon Product Page Search Engine Optimization & Managing Sponsored Ads Campaigns

* Amazon Product Listing, Uploading, Repricing, Shipping Management, Creating Amazon FBA Fulfillment, Amazon US, UK, CA, Germany, France shipments.

And More...

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Deniz Olmez
eCommerce / Amazon Seller Central Consultant
Brooklyn, NY
M: +1 (646) 431-0151
Skype: do.shhirth
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Re: Introduce yourself here
24 Feb 2016
Hi there,

I'm Lucie and I'm currently working for an eCommerce company as International Development Manager. I've just finished working on our annual eCommerce eBook and I thought you might be interested in getting tips and recommendations from real experts to boost your activity. I hope you'll like it and if you want to discuss about it, I'm here to answer to all your questions

37 Expert Tips to Succeed in eCommerce in 2016
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Re: Introduce yourself here
26 Feb 2016
Hello everyone,

I'm Sonia. I love online shopping and am now the Director of Marketing at Kyozou (a multi-channel inventory and e-commerce management tool for online sellers).

I've recently joined the team on the heels of a rebrand and we're getting ready to share major updates.

I think this is a great forum to learn from and share with. I look forward to contributing but mostly I can't wait to learn from this rich network of knowledge and experience.
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Leonard Francis
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Re: Introduce yourself here
2 Mar 2016
Hi Everyone!

My name is Leonard Francis and I am 1 of the 5 people who founded of a new company called Brandbus.

We are a company specializing on delivering Ecom-related services ( especially Amazon) to Online business owners. We aid our clients by taking care of underlying technology and providing expert opinion and services. We allow clients to do business without worrying about underlying technology and provides framework to structure E-com related services and activities.

We all know how E-commerce has changed the way people have shopped, and research has shown that combining E-commerce competence and IT setup could well enhance a company's overall business worth. This is where we can help.

We are the first company of our kind to make our expertise available to Amazon sellers! Please visit our website

That aside, I am very happy to be around competent and very admirable online business owners. I am very very excited to interact and to learn more in your discussions from your forums

Have a great day everyone!

Leonard Francis
BrandBus E-com Services
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Re: Introduce yourself here
8 Mar 2016

Hi Andy and all you successfull web retailers

I am a dentist with over 40 years experience in clinical practice and zero experience in on- line marketing.

I have invented a toothbrush and developed an Oral hygiene technique to restore oral health naturally.

I have spent the last two years developing my product, applying for patents, trademarks, developing animations and designs and making many mistakes along the way.

I am in the process of constructing my website.

My website designers do nice design work but I think that they are lacking in the necessary knowledge for selling on the internet.

Before I complete this website I need somebody with internet sales experience to review the site and tell me what I need to add or change to make the site compelling enough for customers to purchase my toothbrushes in large numbers.

Obviously a toothbrush is a low ticket item and I will need to sell hundreds of thousands to recover my development costs and eventually make a profit.

Any advice that you or your members could give me would be most appreciated.

Best Regards

Derek Golding
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Re: Introduce yourself here
15 Mar 2016
Nice to be involved and connect.

My name is Anthony Fichera from APF.Archway/ and The Private Label Team based out of in Auburn Hills, MI and Shenzhen, China. We offer high level consulting on private label branding, international sourcing, legal and logistics for Amazon and other ecommerce channel sellers.

We generally stay a bit under the radar and do not market aggressively so we can maintain a level of client service and value that is consistent and measurable.

We certainly can share our experiences over the past 10 years as private label brand creators, Amazon 3P and direct to Amazon Retail vendors. Our offices in China are run by partner and attorney, Fei Hu who is also an IP/Intellectual property specialist and a key part in any private brand venture.

Glad to be a part of the group and look forward to participating and networking, Thanks Andy!
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Re: Introduce yourself here
15 Mar 2016
Hi. I'm Cordelia. I have my own Amazon sales business. I mostly do single items and bundles that are new to Amazon, I do very little listing sharing. I acquire my stuff via OA and WS primarily. I make a good income doing that while I also help run the "Chamber of Commerce" for Amazon sellers, Scanner Monkey. We provide an awesome community, weekly webinars, exclusive discounts and more to our members. We don't do any affiliate marketing to our membership.

Anyway, I'm really good at writing listings and researching new ideas and would be happy to help if I can. I also am lucky enough to know lots of awesome professionals, sellers and other so if I can connect you to anyone I would be happy to to.

I'm looking forward to getting more involved here. Thanks. @andy your content is rock solid!

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Re: Introduce yourself here
15 Mar 2016

Will you sell your product on Amazon? It can be a good channel for you to explore. It's easier to get people shopping there rather than getting them to go to your website. You can even use your FBA inventory to fulfill any orders on your own site so that you don't have to do a lot of storage on site and order fulfillment.

Good luck! Inventors and entrepreneurs always inspire me!

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Re: Introduce yourself here
15 Mar 2016

Could you send me more info about your white label clothing?

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16 Mar 2016
My Name is Mike Russo.

I launched my company Russolimited, Inc in 2015, to invest in the
E-commerce Industry marketplaces, such as Amazon, Ebay, and Facebook. Most recently I am increasing investment dollars in biz to biz Liquidation sourcing, and group prep services for E commerce sellers. I am actively seeking solutions/software to internally scale prepping, and shipping for increased purchasing and selling of products in Lots.

My Greatest Reward in Ecommerce

I have been fortunate to develop relationships with like minded entrepreneurs all over the world, which is very helpful with creativity, and exploring and entering into new marketplaces or business models.
Also, I absolutely love the many app extensions that are being created to integrate sourcing, selling data, keyword research, and communication from the chrome browser.

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