Do you have a backup plan when things go wrong ?

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Do you have a backup plan when things go wrong ?
2 Jul 2015
The current problem with Linnworks (they seem to have misplaced eBay !) got me thinking.

As we rely more and more on third party software suppliers for inventory control, invoicing and dispatching do you have a backup plan and is it really workable by your staff ?

Would your staff realise that there is a problem and be able to do something about it or would they stare blankly at their screens waiting for something to happen ?

Maybe it would just not be workable to do anything other than what you do and the way you do it at this time.

Just a thought.

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Re: Do you have a backup plan when things go wrong ?
3 Jul 2015
That's a good point. Luckily I wrote most of my own software have and have alternatives (or can get by without) most everything else we do. To be honest, I'm mostly a one man show, so I am a very weak link. My daughter can back myself up if really needed but she is a college student and has a job of her own. I'm going to have to add staff at some point - if for a vacation if nothing else.

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