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how can I list ebay, yahoo,amazon w/

United States United States
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how can I list ebay, yahoo,amazon w/
11 Sep 2006
I have read many posts here. I am looking for a software that can list on ebay, yahoo, amazon, and overstock. In addition to this I would like help process merchant account payments as well as paypal

I am small to midsize seller and mostly sell clothing with avg transactions of 50 dollars and 1000 tranactions per month. I know with the holiday season approaching and would like to increase my productity. I need advice. I learned I dislike Andale but not sure were to turn.
Florida United States
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Re: how can I list ebay, yahoo,amazon w/authorize.
12 Sep 2006
channel advisor pro would proabably be your best bet...
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Re: how can I list ebay, yahoo,amazon w/authorize.
24 Sep 2006
Hi Rond100, the question has been asked before.

Take a look here for compatible products:

Zoovy is the only one there that lists to all the sites you want, although Andale is close, missing only Overstock
Andy Geldman, Web Retailer
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