Not the cheapest option, but it's transformed my business

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Not the cheapest option, but it's transformed my business
16 Aug 2015
When I signed on with RetailOps I was fulfilling around 1,000 orders a day from two warehouses with another 200 going out via dropship or JIT. It was a pain finding an WMS and OMS with efficient workflows that automated order routing following our complex rule set. Depending on inventory levels and customer location, we'd need fulfillment instructions sent to one of many possible fulfillment locations, and we needed it done automatically because manual order routing was killing us.

BIG gains on accuracy of order fulfillment - automated a 3 person job - in large part due to the ability to track inventory better through warehouses and vendors while adding rules to replace what we were doing by eye.

Their WMS rocks and has improved warehouse efficiency. RetailOps allowed us to scale and manage our dropship catalog and refocus on growth rather than operations. Happy with the product. Would recommend.
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Re: Not the cheapest option, but it's transformed my busines
26 Jul 2016
@bagohgoods you pay 2500$ a month?
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