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Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2007

Florida United States
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Joined: Jul 28, 2006
Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2007
31 Oct 2006
Has anyone played around with this?
Free download and allows posting to ebay.
Still have to try it out myself, but it does look quite interesting...
Bringing in a Quickbooks feel with eBay integration for posting and tracking sales...
A bit like AuctionWagon I would suppose.
United States United States
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Re: Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2007
31 Oct 2006
I went to the site, it looks like a good option. I know that AuctionSound does all of this as well, but exports to quickbooks.
Herts, England United Kingdom
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Re: Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2007
2 Nov 2006
It's worth mentioning that this is a free product, and its available to the US only.

Here are some reviews.

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Andy Geldman, Web Retailer
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United States United States
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Re: Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2007
6 Nov 2006
In PC World, December 2006, there's an article on page 74 comparing Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2007 and QuickBooks Premier Edition.

Of the MS program, it says this:
the final version will be available as a free trial by the time you read this; early next year it will cost $149.

That's still cheaper than the $400 for QuickBooks...

United States United States
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Re: Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2007
7 Nov 2006
Quickbooks is a must in my opinion. Of course we run quite an operation!
Newcastle upon Tyne United Kingdom
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Re: Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2007
4 Dec 2006
Sage launched a similar 'entry' accounts & business solution called Start Up ( earlier this year. Screen shots are extremely similar. Although Start Up had no connection with eBay when it launched in June, a version of Tradebox has been written to integrate it to eBay which will allow users to download their eBay sales information directly into Start Up and have their financial information automatically compiled. Sage Start Up and Tradebox (Start Up edition) will be available to purchase in the next couple of weeks for £298 for both products. More information on the Sage Line 50 version of Tradebox can be found on the product website or on the eBay UK solutions directory , where it enjoys the highest feedback on the site;
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